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Aries in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, compatibility, suitable names, stones for women and men

Aries born in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, love compatibility, suitable names and stones

People born under the sign of Aries in the Year of the Rooster are strong, strong-willed, resolute and active personalities. They are endowed with oratorical and organizational talents, so the masses can easily lead.

By virtue of dedication and self-reliance, they always know what they want to achieve in this life. Attract those around them with firmness of character and integrity that inspires universal respect and trust.

In such an astrological combination, positive qualities are collected, which are manifested in all aspects: friendship, love, professional activity.

Aries, born in the year of the Rooster, have a rather complex and ambiguous character. They have the following features:

  • stubbornness;
  • selfishness;
  • self-love;
  • willfulness;
  • charm;
  • sociability;
  • sympathy;
  • justice;
  • sharpness;
  • impulsiveness.

Such characteristics allow people to achieve their goals, in spite of any obstacles. Aries-Roosters do not know despondency, always full of energy and the desire to move up. Due to natural magnetism and charm, they have many friends and acquaintances.

They are interesting conversationalists.

The significant shortcomings in the nature of Aries-Petukhov are hot temper and obstinacy. In moments of angry outbursts, it is better not to touch them and let them calm down.

These disadvantages overlap with the ability to listen and understand each, providing all possible assistance.

Aries are talented and authoritarian leaders, ready for decisive action. Never and do not obey anyone, relying solely on their own opinion.

Leadership is inherent in them from birth.

Aries in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, compatibility, suitable names, stones for women and men

Baby Aries-Rooster always attracts the attention of others, to which it makes a lot of effort. Ways to stand out may be different, far from harmless.

If the baby is deprived of parental care and participation, as he grows up, his egocentrism and demandingness increase.

Aries children, who receive parental attention in abundance, feel happy, easy to contact, friendly to communicate. Quickly find a common language not only with their peers, but also with adults.

Aries in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, compatibility, suitable names, stones for women and men

Men born under the sign of Aries in the Year of the Rooster face many difficulties and obstacles in life, but due to their strong willed qualities and firmness of character they easily cope with them. Aries-Roosters are well versed in people and correctly form their social circle.

As a result, they do not lack faithful friends and friends who are ready to come to the rescue in any situation.

Guy-Aries, despite his young age, demonstrates a sharp mind, pragmatic and decisiveness in any undertakings. This contributes to the rapid advancement of the career ladder and the implementation of plans conceived.

Due to their advanced organizational skills, ambitiousness and responsible approach to Aries-Roosters, they quickly achieve success in their professional activities and occupy leadership positions. The ability to deftly avoid serious miscalculations is due to an analytical mindset and intuition.

For all their waywardness, people are ready to admit their own mistakes, but they do not tolerate criticism.

These qualities, combined with external charm and grace, help men in their personal lives. They are very popular with the female.

However, the problem of men Aries-Petukhov is that they are too hung up on current work affairs and can not switch to something else. In terms of career it is not bad, but in family life it can provoke conflicts.

Aries in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, compatibility, suitable names, stones for women and men

In describing the nature of girls and women born in the Year of the Rooster, it is necessary to highlight realistic views of life and innovative thinking. They consider any situation from different perspectives, so it takes a long time to make a final decision.

As a result, they may miss the right moment.

Thanks to the sobriety of judgments, Aries women are able to gain a foothold in high positions in society. Prefer to plan everything in advance and in detail.

Go to the goals, in spite of any obstacles, but sometimes the end result is not worth it.

The qualities inherent in these ladies, help in quickly building a successful career, but for this they should choose the right profession. The most suitable activity is narrowly focused, which contributes to unlocking the full potential of Aries. Since they are not authoritarian and adequately perceive the opinions of other people, it is easier for them to avoid mistakes in business.

Aries-Roosters often become role models because of diligence and zeal.

Weaknesses of Aries women:

  • obstinacy;
  • uncontrolled aggression;
  • severity.

The downside is that the ladies of such an astrological tandem are not able to hide their shortcomings. This is due to the over-idealization of one’s own persona.

Nevertheless, such negative flashes in behavior do not physically harm the offenders: everything ends with verbal sparks.

Men born in the Year of the Rooster under the constellation Aries, able to ardently and passionately love. In relation to women who attract them sexually, they show enviable activity, assertiveness, perseverance. In a relationship prone to rudeness and harshness in words, when you should show restraint.

Despite such impulsiveness, they are not deprived of women’s attention.

In their younger years, Aries men choose a love partner, which usually leads to disappointment. Aries-Roosters quickly addicted, but just as rapidly lose interest in the darling, having learned about her shortcomings. In adulthood, wealthy women prefer, which sometimes does not agree with their feelings.

But for happiness they have enough one-sided love from the woman. If there is mutual love and understanding, the chosen one finds in the face of a man a passionate and tender lover.

Marriage with a powerful and narcissist Rooster is strong and happy, subject to the patience and care of the spouse. In gratitude, she receives attention and condescension of her husband, who periodically allows her to take part in solving economic issues.

Aries women in love try to rely on their ideal and act according to the outlined pattern. Reality does not always coincide with their dreams. They are looking for a life partner in a very legible manner, which takes a lot of time.

Because of this, the risk of being alone, despite the fact that they are bright and charming. When choosing, they rely not on personal feelings, but on the financial reliability of the chosen one.

Sexually, ladies, Aries are passionate and passionate, capable of folly.

The key problem preventing Aries women born in the Year of the Rooster from building strong and long-lasting relationships with men is the desire to dominate. They are overly categorical and uncompromising that not everyone will survive. In this case, the ladies do not notice their despotic inclinations.

To be happy in love and get married, such women should develop patience, flexibility and tolerance towards their partner.

Married Aries women do not change and continue to put pressure on the household with their authority. It is important for them that everything happens solely according to their scenario.

Categorically do not accept the opinion of the spouse and children, all decisions are made independently. Their excessive demands often repels loved ones. Otherwise, they are wonderful housewives, doing quite well with household chores.

Children brought up in severity.

Representatives of this astrological combination can find happiness with many signs of the zodiac. Compatibility horoscope for Aries-Petukhov is presented in the table:

The calendarHigh compatibilityAverage compatibilityLow compatibility
OrientalTiger, Horse, Rat, MonkeyRooster, Rabbit (Cat), Pig, GoatBull, Snake, Dog, Dragon
WestCapricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, AriesScorpio, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, GeminiTaurus, Cancer, Virgo

The most suitable names for children of the Aries-Rooster combination are presented in the table:

For girlsFor boys
  • Galina.
  • Daria.
  • Hope.
  • Lydia
  • Vasilisa
  • Natalia.
  • Alexandra.
  • Anastasia
  • Yuri.
  • Boris
  • Arkady.
  • Egor.
  • Vladimir.
  • Bogdan.
  • Artem

Stones-talismans suitable for Aries-Petukhov:

  • Ruby — reveals wisdom and instills generosity. It protects against depression, restrains aggressiveness and charges with vital energy. Changing its color warns the owner of the danger. Ruby can not be combined with other stones.
  • Diamond — symbolizes the victory, to which Aries-Roosters are constantly striving. In contact with the skin becomes a strong talisman. It is recommended to wear it on the neck or left hand.
  • Amethyst — relieves nervous and physical stress, protects against recklessness and helps to build relationships with others.
  • Sapphire — tells the owner the correct and prudent way out of difficult situations. Especially useful for young people without life experience. Yellow sapphire is most favorable for Aries.
  • Agate — aims to study and work, promotes the development of self-discipline and diligence. Suitable colors: yellow, orange, red.
  • Rhinestone — instills in its owners patience, endurance and tact.

Ideal Aries-Roosters pomegranate and topaz.

Gems, symbolizing water, are undesirable to wear: this is due to disharmony with the fire element of Aries. You should not choose minerals of dark shades: black, blue, green.

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