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Aries-Dog: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

Aries-Dog: characteristic, horoscope for men and women

People born under the sign of Aries in the year of the Dog have a strong character. They easily meet new people because they are very sociable.

Such individuals are completely disinterested, not envious and not greedy.

Aries woman is distinguished by goodwill, has a well-developed intuition and high insight, making it difficult to deceive her. Aries man, who was born in the year of the Dog, has such traits as honesty and friendliness.

He will always help the person in trouble.

According to the eastern calendar, the Dogs years are 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018. According to the horoscope, he fully enters the law in mid-February. A person born in the “dog” year under the zodiac sign Aries has such characteristics as friendliness, kindness and diligence.

Despite this, he observed unreasonable anxiety and tactlessness.

Aries-Dogs are not too eager for comfort, but having lost something, they begin to make claims. Such people do not like being treated unfairly and can get angry for a long time.

Character in Aries Dogs is not easy. They give advice and teach life, and this behavior often annoys other people.

When they make a comment, they usually do not pay attention to it.

Aries-Dog: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

The dog is considered a symbol of loyalty, honesty, openness and friendliness. A person born in the year of this animal is open to other people and presents the truth only in a mild form. It may seem to many that Aries-Dog is an unreasonable and naive person, but he is fully capable of standing up for himself.

Such people have a sixth sense, which allows them not to deal with ill-wishers.

Aries Dog is a friendly sign. He easily finds a common language with others, but he never enters the conversation first.

Such a person has few friends, but he trusts all of them. Aries Dog tends to knowledge, so a lot of time is spent on self-development. He can answer almost any question.

If something is unknown to such a person, he will direct all his strength to search for an answer.

People born under such signs will always come to the aid of a person who is in trouble, and will rightly resolve a controversial issue. Such individuals calmly endure failures and never give up on achieving their goals when the first problems appear.

Aries-Dog: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

Aries Dogs attach too much importance to their own intuition. When meeting they often underestimate or overestimate people, which is why they are greatly disappointed in the future.

A person born under such signs is completely fearless. But before each of his actions he carefully considers everything that many take for cowardice and indecision.

Aries-Dogs never risk and by all means avoid unpleasant situations, but others are constantly pushed to take decisive action. These are contradictory natures who in one situation behave uncertainly and indecisively, and in the other — too aggressively.

Another disadvantage of a person born under such signs is his desire to interfere in the affairs of others. He is sure that he knows everything, therefore he is seeking to impose his point of view exclusively.

Aries-Dog: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

Aries Dogs are extremely demanding in matters of love and are too pushy. Both girl and boy can be scared away by their desire to demonstrate their own superiority.

They are not able to put up with the shortcomings of a partner and directly express to him about it.

Having matured, Aries-Dogs change a little. They are already trying to control all their words and deeds, thanks to which their personal life is getting better.

People born under such signs do not like inconstancy and sudden changes in relationships. Both men and women choose their chosen one for a long time, and if they marry, then for life.

In the family, such a person needs comfort and personal space. Aries Dogs prefer to command, they often find fault with their family members and read moralizing to them.

Because of this, conflicts often occur.

Representatives of these signs love children. They make responsible and loving parents who are ready to devote all their free time to raising children.

Aries-dogs achieve success both as heads and as subordinates. Often they reach great heights in professional activity, but only if they do not try to criticize the leadership and express their opinions about it.

The representative of such signs, becoming the head, is very harsh and grieves the subordinates with his harsh statements. Having learned to restrain himself, he is able to win over the whole team.

Best of all, Aries-Dog manifests itself in the following professions:

This is a sociable and cheerful person, ready to give others a great mood. A boy born under such signs has a cheerful disposition. Having matured, he will always come to the aid of a person and will donate to many to help him.

However, it is characterized by excessive caution and categorical.

The man has a well-developed intuition, which he constantly focuses on. This is a balanced and calm person, able to keep his emotions under control.

But sometimes he is unreasonably cruel and aggressive.

A girl born under such signs does not know how to keep quiet in those cases when it is necessary. Because of her straightforwardness and the categorical nature of her friends, she has very little. But she always quickly draws the right conclusions and makes the right decisions.

A representative of such signs has a stable psyche, self-confidence and never listens to other people’s advice.

If a woman tames her temper and ceases to seek justice, then she can build a brilliant career. She will succeed if she learns to treat everything responsibly and will not always rely on her intuition.

According to astrologers, a child born in the year of the Dog under the sign of Aries is an egoist. However, he is very honest and conscientious.

If he needs to achieve something, then he will go forward to the desired goal, not paying attention to any obstacles.

Parents feel proud when they appear with their baby in society. Children Aries Dogs are open and correct.

They can not be forced to lie, even if it is done for good.

Aries Dogs are careful in choosing partners. Compatibility with other signs of the eastern and western horoscopes is presented in the table:

CriterionFully compatiblePoor compatibleCompletely incompatible
Zodiac signCapricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, AriesScales, Fish, Gemini, Leo, AquariusCancer, Taurus, Virgo
Year of birth according to the eastern calendarHorse, Tiger, DogRooster, Pig, Cat (Rabbit), GoatBull, Snake, Monkey, Dragon, Rat

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