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Aries and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Aries and Sagittarius: compatibility in love relationships, family, friendship, work

Aries and Sagittarius are the 1st and 9th signs of the horoscopic circle, which indicates the coincidence of their oddness. The element of Fire protects both constellations, such people have the same temperaments and understand each other well.

This is a union of two strong, active individuals who are always ready to move forward towards happiness.

While other signs doubt and reflect, fire representatives conquer new horizons. They are together easily and at the same time difficult. It is easy because Aries and Sagittarius live in the same rhythm of life, actively react to the world around them, fight for truth and justice.

Difficulties arise for the same reason. People are impulsive, quick-tempered, eager for leadership. Each of them wants his other half to share his point of view 100 percent.

The wiser Sagittarius turns out to be, Aries is stubborn.

Aries and Sagittarius are a harmonious pair, the compatibility of which is more than 60 percent. This alliance is bright and unpredictable: people can flare up and begin to quarrel so that sparks of anger will fly.

Then comes a tumultuous truce with declarations of love and unsurpassed sex. Such fluctuations are typical for representatives of fire signs.

Their life is filled with bright emotions that change dramatically depending on the mood.

Partners are never boring together, but in some cases, violent emotions lead to fatigue and burnout of feelings. For this reason, people should constantly monitor their relationships and work tirelessly on them. If representatives of these signs manage to reach an understanding, they will have an interesting, full of positive emotions, long and happy life together.

If everyone stays with his principles, the partners will part as enemies.

Aries and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Winning the heart of a male Sagittarius for an Aries woman is not difficult. She just needs to come first (the girl already likes to choose her own partners). Aries is bright, beautiful and extravagant.

These qualities are very impressed fiery man. Also, the advantages of a woman are in the ability to keep herself in society, to be sociable, cheerful, to shine with her erudition.

The guy will certainly appreciate the lady who can be proud of in front of friends.

It is very easy to seduce an Aries girl-Sagittarius. He knows his worth, looks great, immediately becomes the soul of the company.

These guys and prefers a fiery girl. She is not seduced by shy young men who silently sigh aside.

She is by nature a conqueror. The girl is interesting to come up and meet herself, or respond to the attention of an independent guy with self-esteem. Sagittarius often become successful because they are the darlings of fate.

The girl will intuitively feel the potential that is present in a man.

Advantages and disadvantages of the union:



  • partners have one native element;
  • people live in the same rhythm;
  • spouses understand each other perfectly;
  • Sagittarius will learn decisiveness in action;
  • Aries will become less quick-tempered and impulsive;
  • a man will learn to base himself on his opinion, and not rely on the opinions of others;
  • the girl will control the situation, rationally plan expenses;
  • the man will understand that family (and not friends) should be in the first place;
  • people fit together in bed;
  • partners are able to achieve a high material level;
  • a couple of many common hobbies;
  • the same principles of parenting
  • short temper of the characters of both representatives;
  • struggle for leadership;
  • woman’s jealousy;
  • the love of both partners;
  • lack of ability to compromise;
  • inability to stop before temptations;
  • inability to bring to the end

The guy is committed to a serious relationship, because fleeting novels he was tired. But he is afraid of losing his freedom and is not in a hurry to register a union.

Another danger lies in the fact that Sagittarius is able to quickly cool down from love. A girl should take the initiative and encourage a man to enter into marriage.

Aries and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

In the love relationship of this couple is constantly boiling stormy passion. People enjoy communication wherever they are.

Representatives of fire signs self-improve, strive for personal growth and do not forget about the partner.

Lovers are often invited to visit. Sagittarius knows how to organize and cheer the whole company.

Aries will demonstrate such qualities of hospitality that each of those present will feel comfortable. Being surrounded by other people, partners do not forget about each other. They exchange looks, joke, original ways to demonstrate their tender feelings.

Immediately, the impression is created of an ideal couple, when the lovers are practically made for each other.

  • Spirituality. In this aspect, representatives of the signs of the fire zodiac never have problems. They are so active, energetic and original that they never get bored. People prefer active forms of recreation. This is a long journey, hiking, extreme sports, expeditions. They are happy to attend theaters, concert halls, expensive restaurants, elite receptions, do some shopping. Even at home or in the country partners are not just lying on the couch. They find time for a hobby, lead enthusiastic disputes.
  • Sex. Sexual relationships are full of love and passion. Both partners belong to the most temperamental signs, which devote a significant part of their lives to the intimate sphere. Lovers love rough regular and original sex. Their preferences completely coincide, the complexes are absent. People experiment in bed, get new sensations. The passion for physical pleasures in bed does not disappear over time.

Aries and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

After marriage the life of the spouses does not become less interesting. They continue their active work in the production sphere, creativity and science. People respect the interests of each other, never allow themselves to forbid the second half to engage in spiritual development.

The man is completely given to work, is responsible for the material support of the family (this is a priority for Sagittarius), presents his wife with expensive gifts and makes compliments.

If a woman wants to work, he will not stand up to her, if not, he will also take it calmly. Aries can not sit back. If she decides to become a housewife, she will definitely come up with an additional hobby for herself that will be useful for the whole family.

The girl is notable for her excellent diligence, she will never allow herself to waste time on long conversations with her friends or visiting beauty salons for hours.

If the couple has a joint business, it will bring tangible material dividends. A woman will be able to come up with an original idea, and a man, with the help of his connections, to bring it to life. Spouses have the same views on the principles of parenting.

Kids will not need anything: neither in material support, nor in the attention of parents.

The main problem is the unpredictable dynamics of each of the partners. Fiery signs act impulsively, they prefer to completely surrender to their momentary desires.

Both a man and a woman can come up with something supernatural and take up its implementation, forgetting to put the partner on notice. For the second half, this behavior will be unexpected, but it will be impossible to stop the process.

An example would be a sudden trip, purchase, participation in an event.

Everyone thinks that his decision will be unequivocally supported by the partner, but in practice most often it looks different. Aries and Sagittarius should pause, think and be sure to consult with someone.

This applies especially to a woman who sometimes allows herself to behave like a demanding and inexperienced child. Aries often makes irreparable mistakes, but rarely learns from them.

Other problems and their solutions:


Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

A man should not see these manifestations, it repels him

Do not provoke Aries, it is very vulnerable and sensitive

You should not change her husband, but it will be useful to make him jealous

Having such a wife, you should not be wasted on others. Better not find anyway

Before flare, you should count to ten. It is better not to bring up a quarrel than to settle it.

Fight for leadership

It must be recognized that it is the man who must be the master of the house.

In some cases, it is necessary to cede leadership to woman.

The degree of risk should be assessed, even if the result seems to be 100% correct.

A man should be more responsible for the results of actions.

If you give Sagittarius freedom, he will choose a family

Wife can not be limited, and yourself — you can

These relationships can last forever and grow stronger every day. Such people have many common hobbies, a lot of topics for conversation, ideas for leisure activities.

The guy will always come to the aid of his girlfriend and will do everything in his power. The girl will give a lot of advice about the new sweetheart or working moments.

Its hallmarks are honesty and sacrifice for a loved one. But even in friendly relations, a woman cannot get rid of jealousy of the rest of her boyfriend’s friends or girlfriends.

The second halves of friends have a reason to worry. If the girl is married, she will be faithful to her husband.

But for the sake of his charismatic friend, Aries is ready to completely sever the previous relationship. Sagittarius does not differ loyalty, so do not miss the opportunity to go with a friend in the status of lovers, even if it will be in a strong happy marriage.

This is a great tandem that can show the best results. Colleagues have the same rhythms and approaches to the production process.

Complementing each other, they are able to reach incredible heights in almost any sphere. If they have a joint business, there is a danger of an obsessive approach to new ideas.

Colleagues are so addicted to the process that they cannot realistically assess the degree of risk. It seems to people that it will be exactly as they intended.

In this case, you must stop, think carefully about everything, or contact a competent person.

  • Aries woman-chief. Excellent distribution, in which everyone is satisfied with their status. A woman will appreciate the potential of her subordinate, will value them and help in every way on all issues. A man respects a woman who has reached such heights in her life. He appreciates her professionalism and values ​​her reputation.
  • Male-Sagittarius-chief. These people are honest and fair, they objectively relate to professional people. A man sees the achievements of a girl, always tries to help her, does not find fault with trifles, encourages for every achievement. The girl values ​​the position of her boss, because she constantly feels the degree of his support.

Compatibility of this pair is 56%. People of the same temperament quickly find mutual understanding.

Their interests and life priorities coincide, they are successful in many areas of life. But there are some difficulties, since the two fire signs are extremely emotional and quick-tempered.

They like to be constantly visible and impress others. For such manifestations requires a huge amount of energy, strength and material resources.

People are set to improve their status and forget about a partner who is nearby.

For this reason, Sagittarius and Aries, who want to maintain relationships, must constantly work on themselves. They have many qualities that are categorically not perceived by the second half.

It is necessary to take into account and develop a sense of condescension and loyalty.

Conquering the heart of a man-Aries for Sagittarius is not difficult if the meeting will take place in a place of large concentrations of people. There, the girl will be able to demonstrate all her virtues, which consist in sociability, activity and originality.

At rest, a party, a concert of your favorite band or a stadium, the Sagittarius feels particularly confident. She is bright and attractive, able to communicate freely on various topics.

These qualities appeal to a guy, but he prefers to find something mysterious in a woman. Sagittarius can intrigue Aries.

To please the girl-Sagittarius, the male-Aries does not need to change anything in his behavior. He is used to acting honestly and openly, therefore he is recommended to show all his leadership skills.

The only caution is inherent in some cases tactlessness (if a man is not confident in his abilities or is afraid of failure, he allows himself some familiarity). Sagittarius is not one of those girls who are scared or will appreciate this pressure. The girl will always find the opportunity to respond to any rudeness.

The guy needs to show gallantry and friendliness.

Advantages and disadvantages of the union:



  • partners belong to the same fire element;
  • people are the same in temperament and rhythm of life;
  • the girl will become more determined;
  • the guy will become less self-centered;
  • a woman will pay less attention to useless reflections and doubts;
  • man will significantly expand his horizons;
  • Aries will become less sharp and categorical;
  • Sagittarius will gain confidence in the future;
  • the couple has a huge potential for accumulating material resources;
  • the business started from zero point, the partners will make profitable;
  • excellent sexual compatibility
  • struggle for leadership;
  • egoism and egocentrism of Aries;
  • a woman is prone to drama and exaggeration of negative circumstances;
  • tactlessness of the guy annoys the girl;
  • issues of life become a cause for conflict;
  • short temper and imbalance of both partners;
  • Aries’s stubbornness provokes the making of mistakes;
  • jealousy on the part of a man;
  • the uncompromising nature of Aries;
  • the patriarchal habits of the guy respond to outrage from the girl

Aries man lives momentary impulses. He is able to passionately fall in love with a girl, and after a short time completely cool down to her.

Sagittarius needs to take into account this feature and try to keep the guy’s attention as long as possible. While he is interested, Aries will be there, then he will get used and will remain forever.

In the compatibility horoscope of this pair, the main criterion is love. All other aspects fade into the background, if lovers do not understand life without each other.

The main concern is the ability to turn their relationship into a war zone. Both representatives of the signs are very hot-tempered and stubborn (especially Aries), each waiting for recognition from his second half. But it is not always possible to reach mutual understanding.

Since fire signs are too energetic, they need to reasonably spend their potential.

It is recommended to direct the energy in the right direction, using the methods of outdoor activities or physical work. If this is not, the negative will begin to accumulate, which will later spill over into quarrels and conflicts.

First of all it concerns Aries, but the Sagittarius is also a strong personality with a principled character. The girl-Sagittarius and the boy-Aries categorically can not be re-educated, active partner attempts to do this lead to separation.

Here you need the desire of the person. Astrologers insist that Sagittarius and Aries are simply necessary for each other to fulfill themselves.

Therefore, they need to raise love to the highest rank and try as much as possible to preserve the relationship.

  • Spirituality. Since the representatives of both signs belong to the fire element, they prefer an active pastime. They love to travel, especially on their own transport. They like to go hiking, to learn extreme sports, to get involved in original hobbies. They are always happy with any change of scenery, and the more difficult the conditions, the better for lovers. They are happy to invite this couple to visit them, Aries and Sagittarius are able to create a fascinating unusual atmosphere among friends. Partners are never bored, especially during leisure time.
  • Sex. The lovers have the same sexual preferences. Since these are temperamental people, passionate sex is often practiced among them and leads to mutual satisfaction. The sexual life of partners continues for a long time, while their attraction is becoming stronger with each passing day.

Aries respects his chosen one and practically worships her. The girl is allowed to do what a man would not allow any of the representatives of other signs.

In marriage with Sagittarius, the guy becomes more docile and gentle. He takes care of his wife, gives her expensive gifts, showers compliments.

The egocentric Aries, who sees no one but himself, becomes tender and caring. He broadens the mind, realizes all his abilities, finds a vocation.

The guy completely provides for his family, trying to work hard.

Doubtful, indecisive girl, who is used to hiding her problems in a pillow, gains confidence in her abilities and feels protection from her husband. Together with her spouse, they plan their future life together, take on the most complex projects and rarely make mistakes with the chosen direction. Aries is an enterprising sign, he knows how to achieve goals.

But his actions are often poorly coordinated, as he first does and then thinks. A woman is his inspiration, finds a reasonable use of his energy and abilities.

The ideal couple is a working husband and an economic wife (Sagittarius does not have a love for domestic work, but for the sake of a loved one, a woman is capable of much).

A significant problem for representatives of fire signs is the idealization of a loved one. When Sagittarius and Aries met, they immediately impressed each other.

Impulsiveness did not allow to consider problems that may be encountered later. The guy saw a friendly, sociable girl with whom it is pleasant and easy to contact.

The woman met a guy, behind whose back you can hide. As time passed, problems in character were revealed.

Each spouse felt cheated.

Since Sagittarius and Aries are honest truth lovers, this discovery plunges them into shock. Both the guy and the girl value their freedom and are in no hurry to get married.

When this happened, people suffer and suffer (typical for fire signs are strong love experiences), thinking that they are deadlocked. Reasonable advice would be to remind partners that each of them is not capable of playing a double game.

Since the meeting, they have not changed.

Lovers tend to close their eyes to the shortcomings of their second half. It is necessary to take problems out and learn to find compromises.

By agreeing on everything and assigning roles to the family, misunderstandings will disappear on their own.

The most common misunderstandings with which the Sagittarius woman and the Aries man have to cope:


Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

It is necessary to reduce the number of male friends, so as not to provoke a husband

The girl is not inclined to lead a double game, the husband learns about the betrayal from her mouth

With the help of love and affection you can easily get the attention of her husband.

Aries is not alone in the universe, households are looking forward to his attention.

Explicit leadership must be given to the husband, while tactfully correcting his actions.

This man will not fight with a woman, he will give her the victory

The presence of business skills will be the key to conflict-free communication

If the wife does not know how to manage the household, you should try to earn a housekeeper.

There are no winners in this dispute, because the forces are equal. If you want to live together, you must give in.

The recommendation is suitable for both spouses

Restriction in freedom

In order not to provoke the husband to prohibit, it is worth to restrict your freedom a little

Sagittarius can not stand imprisonment, she prefers to leave

The friendship of Sagittarius and Aries combines a joint business or creativity. At the first meeting, people will realize that they have found a like-minded person. Emerging dreams and ideas will immediately require implementation.

Friends will understand that they will not find a more suitable, not only friend, but also a colleague. If there is no opportunity to open a joint business, friends will find common passions. Their irrepressible energy requires incarnation in active activities.

Not everyone can understand the desire to go climbing or skydiving. And each of your friends will be happy to make a company to their friend.

The second half of friends should not worry about loyalty. The girl-Sagittarius and the man-Aries are always faithful to their partners, and never change for the sake of pleasure.

The exception will be those cases where friends truly fall in love. They put an end to the previous relationship, and only then begin a new one.

This is a great tandem for getting the highest results. A flexible and sociable girl will take over the current work moments and sociability issues.

The guy is decisive and brave, so he will deal with the final results.

  • Female Sagittarius-chief. This is a difficult tandem, where people feel out of place. The woman is a good boss, but for weaker subordinates. Strong-willed and resolute guy far exceeds her in all working positions. There will be violent disputes between employees, turning into rudeness and even insults (the signs are not tactful and like to tell the truth in the eyes).
  • Aries man-chief. This is a very successful alignment of forces. From the hardworking Aries it turns out a great boss, and the girl feels quite subservient in the role of a subordinate. Despite the quick temper of the boss, she will be pleased. A man will not give anyone an offense and will always encourage her to do a good job.

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