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Aries and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in family life and love relationships

Aries and Pisces: compatibility in love relationships, family, friendship

Aries and Pisces are the first and last signs of the zodiacal circle, their parity does not match. Constellations are under the auspices of the fire and water elements, which are considered opposite and are not well combined with each other.

In this union, the principle of attraction of people with different temperaments and life priorities.

The fiery quick-tempered Aries lacks calm and flexibility, so Pisces’s moral support is simply necessary for him. Fish are unsure of themselves, too impressionable and receptive, they lack determination and courage in actions.

Practical advice from an enterprising partner will help ensure results in the most complex projects. Contrast morals and mutual support contribute to the spiritual growth of both representatives of the signs of the zodiac. They are able to overcome many life obstacles.

Difficulties arise only in love relationships.

Aries and Pisces are 35% compatible. These percentages are too small for the union to be happy. Relationships should be continuously worked, filling each other with positive emotions.

People with different temperaments and views on life can hardly find mutual understanding, so they should give strong arguments for the partner to hear and listen. This requires a constant constructive dialogue between two strong personalities who wish to keep the situation under control.

This is possible only if the partners do not try to redo each other, but simply make the necessary adjustments to the construction of relationships.

Advantages and disadvantages of the union:



  • partners complement each other with necessary qualities;
  • man becomes more courageous and more confident;
  • a woman receives the tenderness and care she needs;
  • the guy becomes more active and enterprising;
  • the girl feels stable support;
  • Pisces will open before the beloved a world of romance and sensuality;
  • Aries will help realize the most courageous creative ideas of the guy;
  • the couple has good prospects for joint activities;
  • Both partners are interested in the duration of the marriage;
  • spouses know how to be faithful to each other;
  • Union promotes mutual development of personal growth
  • partners have different life rhythms;
  • the girl is annoyed by the boy’s spinelessness;
  • a man is not able to tolerate pressure from his chosen one;
  • Fish does not have time for an energetic fiery companion;
  • domestic issues become a big problem;
  • Aries bluntness offends Pisces;
  • the man withdraws into himself and ceases to make contact;
  • the guy starts to manipulate the companion;
  • the girl is irritated by the passivity and closure of the partner; mismatch in temperaments leads to problems in sexual life

The peculiarity of Pisces is the ability to “get out of the water” sooner or later. Everything related to personal interests gives them the strength to fight (hidden, veiled). Aries in this fight will be the losers.

Trying to rehabilitate a man, a woman will lose a lot of strength and will not get the expected result.

Aries and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in family life and love relationships

Aries woman will have to conquer a Pisces man in the literal sense of the word, because the guy will not make a single step for the sake of dating. He gives the impression of a jovial person who easily communicates with people around him. But these people are his friends.

For an unfamiliar girl, Pisces will look for a long time and will approach only if they are fully confident in her positive attitude towards building relationships. Fiery representative does not cost anything to initiate an acquaintance, so it will be easy for her.

But this should be done correctly.

To conquer the heart of the girl-Aries Pisces must retreat from its principles. Do not be afraid to take the first step, despite the fear of failure. Even if a woman did not immediately make contact, she would definitely appreciate the determination of the young man.

She likes to win men herself, but intelligent initiative will be received positively by her. The representative of a watermark is precisely the one who needs it so much for moral support. His tenderness and gallantry will be the complete opposite of her categorical.

Aries will immediately feel like a real woman.

Compatibility in the love relationship of a pair of women Aries and men Pisces is ambiguous. It is impossible to say with confidence that the partners do not match each other because of the difference in character.

Often their interests and views overlap, and this can serve as a guarantee of long-term love relationships.

In the initial stages of a relationship, or in cases where lovers live separately, their feelings can strengthen day by day. Pisces have amazing creative abilities, their vision of the world is completely different from the perception of representatives of other signs.

The girl is also characterized by originality and originality of tastes. Such an approach to the world around us is the main prerequisite for lovers to feel "on the same wave", had a need for communication, enjoyed a joint pastime.

Everyday life can «bring people down from heaven to earth» and destroy the idyll. If the immediate problems are solved, the love of the guy-Pisces and the girl-Aries can last forever.

Relationships in different areas will evolve as follows:

  1. one. Leisure. Two intellectual strengths will always find a way to have fun. Mutual love for art allows lovers to spend time at original exhibitions and opening days, attend concerts of popular performers, listen to classical works within the walls of the conservatory. Camping, meeting with close friends, dinner by candlelight at home or in a restaurant like both partners. A woman and a man can appreciate the beautiful, they subtly perceive the bright moments of their lives.
  2. 2 Intimate life. Mutual satisfaction depends on the presence of coincidences in the preferences of men and women. A fiery woman needs passion and activity, a watery man emphasizes tenderness, sensuality and romance. For Aries, sex is a physical pleasure; for Pisces, intimacy will become an emotional discharge. If a man is not against women’s activity, and the girl is ready to experience the pleasure of an erotic nature, everything will be fine with them. Frank communication will achieve mutual understanding.

Aries and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in family life and love relationships

The number of family unions of Aries women and Pisces men is extremely small, but they exist, and people feel quite happy. The secret of this harmony is the presence of joint projects, in addition to love. If everything is based only on feelings for each other, the relationship will be doomed to failure.

It will happen quite quickly, because this love «breaks about life.» Partners simply can not agree, Fire and Water is difficult to reach an understanding.

But in the family life of the perfect pair of Aries woman and Pisces man, everything goes perfectly. The main advantage is the mutual desire to save the family to a great old age.

Spouses are not prone to adultery. A girl who has entered into a marriage for love will never allow herself such a behavior. The guy also adheres to the traditional views on the family, he gets used to his companion, to the living conditions.

He rarely wants to change something in his life, especially personal.

Competent distribution of duties will eliminate all problems. Leadership qualities of women will be useful for solving problems related to the outside world. She is assertive, decisive and energetic, a similar approach to life brings satisfaction to the girl.

The guy is her moral support in all aspects of life. He will find the right words in order to console, praise, make a compliment.

The fiery woman needs confidence that she is loved and worthily appreciated by her husband.

Partners do not try to remake each other (especially Aries). They pay attention only to the positive qualities of their chosen one.

The spouses can successfully run a joint business and raise children. Any relationship model is allowed between partners: it doesn’t matter who will work or manage the household.

Aries and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in family life and love relationships

The main problem of relationships will be the desire of a woman to re-educate her chosen one. In the manner characteristic of Aries, the girl will openly show her indignation, make comments and scoff at her passive husband.

But the guy is not as weak as she thinks, there is a hardness of character and incredible pride. Not being able to openly resist, Pisces will become self-contained, but will find ways to manipulate his chosen one.

A man will never admit himself defeated, will act hidden and cunning.

When Aries sees the real state of things, it will be too late. A lot of hidden insults in the soul of a guy, his unworthy actions and manipulations will be an unexpected discovery for a woman, which will lead to pain and disappointment.

All this is due to the fact that she was not able to understand her sensitive man in time. To avoid a critical situation, a girl needs to learn loyalty, stop acting assertively, try to focus on the merits of her husband.

One should never forget about tact and correctness; all misunderstandings should be pronounced out loud.

Other problems and solutions are possible:


Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

Different life rhythms

It is not recommended to customize a man, you must allow him to perform any process at his own pace.

Do not panic and try to catch up with the chosen one, you need to focus on your tasks

Preliminary assignment of responsibilities will lead to order and no misunderstanding.

Avoid laziness and actively perform the functions of the host

Different perception of reality

A woman is recommended to consistently and correctly return a man to real life.

Dreams can not be filled, you must act

It is necessary to accept this fact, not to require those qualities that are not a priori characteristic of man.

It is important to assess the directness and quickness of his wife. Under all circumstances, she is honest and open.

Disappointment in each other

It is recommended to tactfully develop in her husband the qualities that a woman wants to see in him.

Invented image is not able to materialize in reality, you need to evaluate the real advantages of his wife

It is important to stop the dialogue on high voices, tactlessly lead and roughly command

Insults and silence are bad helpers, you need to voice your demands

In fun companies, Pisces is active and fun, which allows Aries to take him for his soul mate. But in fact, these people do not connect much. Pisces will not be interested with a rectilinear hot-tempered girl who does not have enough time to listen and understand him.

She is constantly busy and even with her friends spends a minimum amount of time. The woman also will not be able to catch the meaning of this friendship, because the guy does not possess business qualities.

His passivity and isolation scares sociable girl.

Partners buddies do not worry, the girl-Aries and the guy-Pisces do not represent for each other sexual interest.

Colleagues have almost no chance of fruitful work. Aries is energetic, purposeful and persistent.

She was not accustomed to retreat before difficulties and is ready to work tirelessly for a long time before getting a result.

Fish are the exact opposite. A man will think over the situation for a long time, try to shift his duties to others.

Employees have different rhythms and styles of work, their joint activities will become uncomfortable for both.

The development of business relationships will depend on the role of the zodiac signs in question:

  1. one. Aries woman — the head. This tandem will be successful only if people have little contact. The woman leads the process, and the man does his part at his own pace. Otherwise, the requirements of the boss will be impossible for the subordinate, with all his desire to cooperate. The guy will have to look for a new job.
  2. 2 The Pisces man is the boss. This situation will be disastrous for the production process. Straightness of the subordinate will turn into tactlessness and even rudeness. The girl does not respect her boss, she is not ready to carry out the tasks that can not be formulated clearly and clearly.

Horoscope This pair assumes 35% compatibility in relationships. This is a low figure in order to argue about the happy long life of partners.

But if you want both lovers, with their constant steps towards, there is an opportunity to create a perfect union.

People with different temperaments are able to make their relationship unbearable or to find the necessary qualities in the character of the partner. They will have to constantly work on themselves, otherwise quarrels and scandals will prevail in communication.

A woman will be the first to suffer from such a connection, since she is very vulnerable and receptive. A man needs to look at and evaluate his luck, because Pisces is one of the best candidates for a fire representative.

And the guy, in turn, is able to make a water darling happy and stable life.

Advantages and disadvantages of the union:



  • a woman gains stability and confidence in the future;
  • the man feels constant support;
  • the girl has the right to choose work;
  • the guy is proud of the meek and gentle chosen one;
  • Pisces remains young all its life, gladly recognizing the status of a “daughter”;
  • Aries makes his dreams of becoming a brave knight-savior;
  • the conflict-free girl appeals to the guy;
  • man will be able to provide the family financially
  • different rhythms of life and temperaments do not allow to reach mutual understanding;
  • rudeness and tactlessness Aries hurts Pisces;
  • a man is annoyed by the passivity of his wife;
  • the girl is difficult to obey the requirements of the guy;
  • Aries’s authoritarianism is incorrigible;
  • the partner’s closeness causes misunderstanding in a man;
  • the egoism and egocentrism of a man offends a receptive woman; Aries is a realist, his darling is living with illusions

According to statistics, the best wives are representatives of the sign of Pisces. To get such a spouse for a guy-Aries will be a real victory, which he is ready to be proud of.

To attract the attention of the male Aries to the Pisces woman will be easy. She is gentle, intelligent and defenseless. These are exactly the character traits that a guy needs to see in his chosen one.

He wants to take care, protect, protect, the instinct of the leader is the dominant feature of his character. When meeting with such a gentle girl, the guy will understand that he has found his only happiness.

She needs only to remain herself, without resorting to active actions. It is enough just to seem a man in the eye.

The Aries man can win the heart of the girl by demonstrating his character traits, such as strength, courage, self-confidence and a desire to care for others. All this is necessary for a woman who dreams all her life to hide behind a strong male shoulder.

Brutality and independence of the guy will immediately have her taste, because Pisces are intuitive and able to see the potential of their future partners. But a man is required to watch his speech.

Roughness and tactlessness are characteristic of Aries, the chosen one will not tolerate it.

Love between representatives of the signs of Fire and Water arises from the first minutes of communication and is able to survive for many years.

Lovers remind characters from fairy tales about a gallant prince and a beautiful princess. All the best qualities with which the bride and groom are endowed are embodied in the girl-Pisces and the boy-Aries. So they perceive each other for some time, especially in "candy bouquet period".

As long as people do not live together, they are in a state of euphoria and do not think about the problems that may arise in a relationship.

Each of these zodiac signs tends to idealize the partner. A woman is a dreamer, she sees only what she wants to see, and stubbornly does not want to notice anything bad. Aries so quickly lights up with love that all thoughts and doubts are far behind (but the guy can cool off quickly).

He takes care of his beloved completely. Gives her expensive gifts, carries on vacation at exotic resorts, says a lot of compliments and affectionate words.

Relationships in various areas of life together will evolve as follows:

  1. one. Leisure. Joint pastime of lovers brings pleasure to both of them. They attend cultural events, expensive restaurants, relax in resorts, visit themselves and invite friends to their place. In this union, undoubted leadership belongs to the man, and it is he who chooses the program of leisure activities. This is not because the girl’s preferences are ignored, she just admires everything that a boyfriend offers. Aries can make an impression, especially if he has enough material resources.
  2. 2 Intimate life. Each of the partners has their own preferences in bed, since the temperaments are radically different. The guy is full of passion, loves bright physical sensations, prefers to dominate at every stage. The girl does not accept sex without spiritual unity, she enjoys tenderness, affection, romance. If everyone makes their own "zest", intimate life will be bright and unique. A woman should talk about their desires and not be afraid to hurt a man with revelations.

This is a mutually beneficial union of two people. A beautiful couple, admired by everyone around her, is able to carry their love through many years of living together.

A woman always looks young and happy, she is deprived of the fear of the future. Her faithful spouse completely takes care of the family, protects her from the troubles of life.

Many girls can not even dream of such a life, which the Aries man has managed to give to his chosen one.

Men envy Aries, because his companion is a meek, wise and sympathetic woman. Spouse at any time can count on her understanding and support.

Facing everyday problems and having an uneasy character, the guy finds solace next to his wife. His calling to be a winner does not allow you to relax and appear weak in the eyes of others. He is forced to control the situation everywhere, but not at home.

Pisces is able to build relationships so that Aries will always feel strong.

Such a union allows spouses to look much more beautiful when they are in a pair. Surrounding people are wondering how the boy and the girl, who are not attractive in appearance, have been transformed and become simply beautiful.

The main reason for misunderstanding is the difference in the spiritual level of the partners. If both spouses are at the highest level of personal development, they are able to overcome all difficulties and find reasonable compromises (this is the perfect couple).

If the level of development of both partners is low, everyone demonstrates negative traits of his character. People are not able to agree on any of the issues, so their life is full of scandals and stormy showdown.

For some reason, they cannot break up (general business, credit history, etc.).

The low level of personal development of the girl makes her sly and deceitful. Honest Aries has to endure endless whims, mismanagement, betrayal, manipulation and fantasy of a spouse. If a man degrades, he becomes violent and aggressive.

His authoritarianism sometimes reaches despotism and tyranny. It is extremely difficult for an experienced woman to survive such an attitude, but she does not have enough strength to get rid of her partner’s persecution.

Spouses of a high spiritual level (men or women) who have noticed the unworthy behavior of their chosen one, it is necessary to immediately terminate the relationship. It is impossible to rectify the situation, since no one succeeds in rehabilitating Pisces and Aries.

Additional problems in the relationship of women Pisces and Aries men:


Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

Different life rhythms

Need to learn how to make decisions faster, if the case does not tolerate delay

Aries should understand that Pisces is difficult to restructure, in an urgent matter you should rely on yourself

Quick temper and impulsivity of the husband need to be corrected by tenderness and affection

The spouse needs to be given personal space, she cannot be open and straightforward.

It should talk more with her husband, convey to him your desires and opportunities

Do not make excessive demands, a woman quickly closes in

The difference in the perception of the world

You can live fantasies and illusions in adolescence, you must learn to look at the world really

It is important to understand that, in addition to black and white colors, there are many beautiful shades in the world.

Every woman in love should be able to keep house

The correct decision would be the distribution of responsibilities.

Partner frustration

It is important to understand that the beautiful princes exist only in fairy tales, in real life everyone has flaws

You should accept the shortcomings of the chosen one, there are no perfect people

Friendship is possible if people are related by kinship or have known each other for a long time (school, work). The guy will be impressed with the soulfulness and warmth of the girl.

He will come to her aid with pleasure if physical strength or decisiveness in actions is needed.

In other cases, Aries men do not want to be friends with women, because they consider them incompetent in men’s issues. Girls Pisces prefer more relaxed and balanced comrades with whom they have common interests.

Beloved friends (first of all it concerns the wife of Aries) should be wary of such a connection. The husband is able, without regret, to make a decision to part with his wife forever and unite with his girlfriend.

People will be pleased to work together, because they are useful to each other. A man will help with practical advice, a woman will support and calm him down in difficult times. But as far as productivity is concerned, this tandem has no potential.

Colleagues have different approaches, rhythms and methods of work.

The roles of the considered signs of the zodiac influence the development of business relations:

  1. one. Woman Pisces is the boss. This is not a very good distribution, especially for the subordinate. A man will not be able to work in his own manner (risk, excitement, experiments). The cautious boss will be afraid to give the employee complete freedom, because she does not know how he will dispose of her. The guy will be able to show himself in the power structures or places where his fearlessness will be justified. But only under one condition: Pisces will not bear any responsibility for its actions.
  2. 2 Aries man — the head. An ordinary subordinate does not represent any special value for his superior. He was not used to paying attention to the average, unremarkable, employees. He needs proactive, energetic workers who will keep pace with his pace. The manager and the subordinate will have bad relations (the man will persistently demand results or ignore the presence of Pisces), perhaps in a tactless form. But if the boss is not bound by a bond of love with another woman, a vivid romance and formalizing the relationship is possible.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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