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Aries and Leo: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, sex, family life

Aries and Leo belong to the fiery trine. They have the same temperament and similar desires.

But they treat love a little differently. Leo feels lonely and lost without the second half, needs a man who will admire and praise him.

Aries is a self-sufficient person, he feels comfortable alone. But he is always ready to fall in love, plunge into feelings with all his fervor and selflessness.

When they meet, they attract each other, but their successful compatibility depends on the gender of the mark.

One of the best examples of compatibility in astrology. The pair is strong, bright and strong.

For the Lion guy, the Aries girl personifies all the qualities that he is looking for in a woman. She has such traits as:

  • willpower;
  • self-sufficiency;
  • courage;
  • pride;
  • optimism;
  • energy.

To conquer the heart of Leo, she does not need to pretend. It is enough to be yourself and sincerely rejoice when meeting with him.

It is easy to understand, as she is honest in her words and deeds. He likes her frankness and direct approach to everything. She never pretends, boldly speaks her mind and shares her desires.

It is hot and emotional, it starts up quickly and does not allow the relationship to pass into a passive channel.

This is a girl tats, who turned into a princess, but has not lost her hooliganism. With her close reliably, but restless. The guy is waiting for her next emotional outburst, which keeps him in good shape and does not allow to relax.

And he likes such a relationship, as well as a woman who can fill everyday life with bright emotions.

For a woman, Aries, a man-Leo is of interest because of his generosity and ability to care for her beautifully. He has a creative temperament.

His theatricality helps to organize interesting dates, and the girl — to feel like a queen. She likes his voice, care and attention.

She is ready to trust him and listen to interesting stories that he tells with great acting talent. Women are attracted to such qualities:

  • nobility;
  • self-esteem;
  • kindness;
  • care;
  • Attention;
  • good sense of humour.

She feels that she has found her soul mate and like-minded person who will not fail and will not deceive, since she is distinguished by constancy and loyalty.

Aries and Leo: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, sex, family life

Aries and Leo converge very quickly and immediately become inseparable. They have the same hot temperament and bright emotion.

But similar character traits make them rivals in the struggle for leadership and become a stumbling block. Their hot love relationships alternate with emotional outbursts and do not let lovers get bored. A woman who is unable to take offense for a long time goes away faster, so they always put up with it.

They are never bored, because they are eager for change and are ready for a new experience.

In a love relationship a lot of romance and adventure, as both need new experiences and active pastime (especially Aries). They like to meet friends and visit them. They are more interesting to visit somewhere than to take friends at home.

In love, they find happiness and are willing to give each other all their free time. The Lion Man is gentle and caring, and Aries Woman is open and cheerful.

They know how to please the partner and give him maximum pleasure.

They have good psychological and sexual compatibility. Intimate relationships play an important role in their lives. Aries woman is very sexy and temperamental.

She never refuses, because she does not want to deprive herself of pleasure. The lion-man treasures her and tries to give his beloved pleasure.

In sex reigns harmony and understanding. In bed, they make peace, discuss important issues and make plans for the future.

Their bedroom is a place where all life moments are planned and the fire of love is maintained.

Aries and Leo: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, sex, family life

In family life is not so smooth as intimate. His wife is annoyed by her husband’s laziness and his leisurelyness in solving everyday issues.

She scolds him for his carelessness and carelessness, but he is offended and does not feel guilty. If he goes into another room, quickly "cooled down" the wife follows him and they reconcile in their style.

Family quarrels do not last long, and idyll again occurs in the family.

Another problem is the domineering nature of his wife. It is difficult for her husband to give up the main role, but for the sake of love and the preservation of the family, he makes such a big sacrifice for himself.

Lev Man is very family and loves children. He is ready to take the habit of his wife to command and will listen with dignity to her notation, while maintaining his male pride.

Children love him and he gets along well with them. Can spend with the kids more time than their mother.

It suits them, so the family is quite harmonious and happy.

In marriage, there is respect and stability, despite the emotional outbursts. Conflicts are quickly resolved and spouses do not remember them.

Aries and Leo do not get bored, as they spend a lot of time outside the house, walking and talking with friends.

Aries and Leo: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, sex, family life

Male Leo does not know how to be friends with women. He sees himself as a defender, knight and romantic gentleman, but not a friend. But if one thing unites him with a woman-Aries, they have to be friends.

Due to the same temperament Aries and Leo find a common language and work in the same rhythm.

Friendly communication is good, they respect each other’s opinions and do not cross the boundaries of personal space. Among the friends of this sign of their most in tourist clubs and sports clubs.

They get along fine, without crossing the line, their half should not worry about treason. Fire signs are honest and will not turn the secret novels.

But if the friendship grows into something more, they will break the old ties and create a new union, having gone through a divorce or separation, without falling and not insulting the former partners.

In this alliance there are more contradictions and distinctive properties, since the man is distinguished by an aggressive character, and the woman prefers to keep calm and dignity. In a man fire is more pronounced and unpredictable.

But the Lioness liked his martial qualities as a conqueror, with the help of which he achieved her position.

Aries man does not like to waste time and tries to solve problems instantly. If he wants something, but does not hesitate, but acts.

It conquers the Lioness as well as his hot temperament, which he does not hide during courtship. The girl is attracted by such qualities of Aries:

  • courage;
  • honesty;
  • ability to answer for their words;
  • optimistic attitude;
  • inexhaustible energy.

Aries is resolute and not afraid of obstacles. Next to him, the girl feels confident and is not afraid that he will deceive her. The guy is flattered by the sympathy of a girl with a royal posture and proud beauty.

He is ready to protect and carry it on his hands. Guy-Aries like her qualities that distinguish her from others. He sees that she:

She knows how to make the best of herself and knows how to make the right impression on her people. She has good manners and a magnificent posture. The lioness is confident and surrounded by fans.

They cause anxiety to her male Aries, but she never crosses the line, remaining a loyal friend and beloved woman to him.

The love of Aries Men and Lion Women reminds of a romance of chivalry. A man tries to be a protector and savior for his lady.

He likes to show strength and perform bold actions. The guy puts a lot of energy into love relationships, but he also expects recoil from the girl.

He needs emotion and gratitude to maintain the fire in their relationship.

The lioness accepts his love and looks at her knight with admiration. They look like the perfect pair, until Aries starts to be jealous of her.

For a woman of this sign, this is tantamount to insult, which can cause a break.

Intimate life is not as good as I would like a man-Aries. He is very sexy, and Lioness is cool about the intimate side of relationships, considering her an ugly theatrical act. She concedes to a man more for the love of him than for her pleasure.

There is a misunderstanding in sex, but the woman’s pliability softens the incompatibility of sexual preferences.

The pair is harmonious, while not facing recognition of their mistakes. They find it difficult to find a compromise, both are proud and implacable.

Aries is easily appeased, and the Lioness can take offense for a long time. She doesn’t like being led and told what to do.

In family life, they lack compromise, but they understand each other well and are not afraid to express their discontent. This helps the marriage and allows you not to accumulate resentment.

Children in their marriage are surrounded by attention and have everything that is necessary, including the support of parents. They grow up in a family where parents strive to make life more interesting, arrange forays into nature and long trips. Their family is strong and very friendly.

They protect each other and support in difficult times.

If Aries and Leo work as a team and are not competitors, it is easy to be friends. They always find topics for conversation and understand each other perfectly.

In friendship, as in business, lack of rivalry is important for them. If they have one goal, they unite in a solid team and cope with the matter quickly and with maximum profit.

Joint business recharges them and they work with renewed vigor. Aries and Leo in general business achieve high results and are excellent partners. Sometimes problems arise because of their quick temper, but they quickly move away and do not hold on to each other when everything is going as they planned.

Frequent disputes and reconciliations unite their small team and have a positive effect on friendship and work.

To understand what the perfect pair of Aries and Leo looks like, you need to look at how they cope with difficulties. This alliance is not afraid of any difficulties, they easily overcome obstacles. Partners are not a burden for each other, but on the contrary, feed a loved one with energy and support him with faith in their strength.

Usually a couple looks nice from the side, looks successful and happy. Many envy them and do not realize that Aries and Leo have difficulties, as well as advantages and disadvantages in their fiery compatibility:

Same temperamentBoth active, purposeful and energetic. They do not have to push each other when they are engaged in joint activities.Unable to restrain emotionsPossessing an explosive temper, Aries and Leo easily lose their temper, they are able to say unpleasant words to the heat of the moment. They need to learn to restrain their emotions and stop in time. If Aries quickly departs, then Leo remains in anger for a long time. It is he who needs to become more flexible.
Similar goalsAries and Leo want to be loved, have a family, and money for entertainment and travel. They like to make a good impression, win respect and admiration.Jealous of their partnerThis is especially true of Aries. They are often jealous of their Lions, who like to be the center of attention and have fans. Being paired with Aries, Lions need to reduce to a minimum communication with the opposite sex. And Aries will be more attentive to the partner when they are in public or away
UnderstandingThey have excellent psychological compatibility, which helps to smooth out conflicts, since one partner is well aware of what the other feels.They can not live without problems, if they are not, then they will definitely come upTo direct your indefatigable energy not at each other, but in one direction. Choose a goal and dump accumulated negative and desire on it "to blow an elephant out of a fly"
The desire to have a strong familyBoth want a strong and friendly family and try to make family life interesting and eventful.Compete with each otherTwo strong personalities are not easy to agree with the decision of the other. But for the sake of love and the preservation of the family they need to stop proving which one of them is the main one. If they want to be together, they need to give in to each other more often and show respect for the opinion of the partner.

These zodiac signs have high percentage compatibility. As a percentage, she proves that the union has very high chances to build an ideal relationship. Their compatibility horoscope is one of the best among the fire signs:

CompatibilityAries man and Leo womanLeo Man and Aries Woman
In love100%100%
In sex90%100%
In friendship80%80%
In business90%80%

As can be seen from the percentage of compatibility, the couple — a male Leo and a female Aries are stronger, and their compatibility is almost perfect.

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