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Aries and Cancer: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Aries and Cancer: Compatibility in love and marriage, in friendships and working relationships

Aries becomes a reliable and faithful partner to Raku if representatives of these constellations find common interests. The union of these zodiac signs can not be called harmonious, quarrels often flare up here.

But thanks to the pliability of Cancer, relationships can develop quite successfully. The representative of the water element is able to extinguish the ardent impulses of the fiery Aries, only the latter is unlikely to appreciate the methods of the partner.

In conflicts, Cancer retreats a step back, waits for the elect to calm down, and then returns to the topic of disagreement.

Experts say that this union has little chance of a happy future, but representatives of the fire and water constellations, like a magnet, are attracted to each other despite the astrological incompatibility. Sometimes love works wonders, helping Aries and Cancer to change in order to preserve their feelings and create long-term relationships.

Aries and Cancer: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Representatives of the constellations Aries and Cancer get along badly in the same territory, but they have excellent business and friendly relations. Both partners are highly developed intellectually, they do an excellent job with any tasks.

Cancer develops literate and practical strategies, and Aries is the driving force: it energetically leads both to the intended goal.

Their friendship begins immediately, they immediately find a common language and topics for communication. If with many Aries shyly keeps silent on the side, then with Cancer the representative of the fire element does not stop.

They are easy and comfortable together, both support each other’s ideas, because the interests of these partners are very similar. The idyll in this pair persists until Cancer begins to jealously claim the full attention of Aries.

Different elements that control these signs affect their worldview. The fire element gives Aries independence, and the water element of Cancer is reflected in the character of the sign in the form of affection. When one strives for freedom, the second one is offended and tries to stay close all the time.

Cancer does not understand that Aries sometimes needs to be alone, so over time, a representative of the water begins to irritate the partner with his desire to constantly be together.

Astrologers note the following advantages of this union:

  • consistency of partners;
  • honesty and straightforwardness;
  • confidence in each other.

The disadvantages of the relationship between Cancer and Aries include:

  • selfishness of both;
  • wastefulness;
  • unwillingness to listen and hear each other.

Aries and Cancer: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

The representative of the water element is quite selfish, if he comes closer to someone, he expects to occupy a leading place in the life of that person. Aries is flattered by the partner’s attention, but he categorically rejects control on his part.

In a love relationship, this couple is in serious trouble. Aries sincerely does not understand the resentment of his suspicious partner, he is quite independent, therefore he often reports his decisions to Raku without consulting him.

The latter perceives it as disrespect for himself.

Cancer is sure that in a pair all tasks and problems should be discussed, and the impetuous Aries does not see the point. He considers himself a leader in the union, so he simply forgets to consult with a partner.

Representatives of these constellations quickly realize that resolving issues together takes them a lot of time. Aries is stubborn, he defends his position, even if not right.

Cancer likes to argue, but he fails to convince his partner, so he always retreats when conflicts arise. However, he bends his line in other ways. If they do not agree, the dispute ends in the victory of Aries, but in the end Cancer manages to outwit him and make it his own way.

The fire sign falls into a rage when it realizes that it has been deceived.

Astrologers recommend these partners to look for compromise solutions that suit both, otherwise violent quarrels will inevitably separate them. Cancer needs to understand that you can agree on everything with Aries without tricks, but this will require a little more patience than with less stubborn people.

The representative of the fire element is intelligent and reasonable. If you do not push him and calmly explain something, he will definitely listen.

In this alliance, Aries will have to abandon close communication with friends and colleagues, otherwise Cancer will imbue him with his jealousy. The watermark will never accept the presence of rivals.

In order to achieve complete mutual understanding in all spheres of life, representatives of these constellations need to adapt to each other. This couple will certainly break up, if the partners do not fundamentally change their habits and attitudes.

In this union, the gender identity of the signs affects the relationship in a pair: the male-Aries and the female Cancer get along much better than the young Aries and the male Cancer.

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