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Aries and Aquarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Aries and Aquarius: compatibility in love relationships, friendship, work

Aries and Aquarius are the 1st and 11th signs of the horoscopic circle, their parity coincides. Constellations patronize the elements of Fire and Air, which blend harmoniously together. Representatives of signs are strong, energetic personalities with similar temperaments and life priorities.

Such alliances become strong in the initial stages of relationships and remain so after many years of living together. People tend to spiritual development, prefer an active lifestyle, rarely look back. They have mostly the same goals, but their methods of achievement are somewhat different.

Aries acts in a straightforward manner, he is a “hero” and a “fighter for justice”. Aquarius is a real “genius”, first of all recognized by him.

He is an excellent tactician and strategist, preferring more original forms of achieving the goal.

Aries and Aquarius are a successful, harmonious couple, the compatibility of which reaches 72%. When meeting people, energetic, purposeful people feel attracted to each other, since their life priorities and interests coincide. The element of Fire awarded its wards with explosive temperament, courage and decisiveness, therefore Aries act by trial and error.

These women are impulsive and quick-tempered. They are like Amazons who are ready to fight for a place in the sun on a par with men, but deep down they are meek and vulnerable, needing male support.

Representatives of the air element always act coolly, preferring accurate calculation to violent emotions. Men are not fatalists, they are always positive-minded and philosophically suited to the difficulties of life.

Paired with "fiery" as a girl, the boy performs a calming function: with his restraint, he muffles the passions that rage inside the chosen one. A woman helps her lover not to become phlegmatic and apathetic.

In the relationship creates a balance that allows partners to positively influence each other.

Aries and Aquarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Conquering the heart of a male Aquarius to an Aries woman will be easy: it is fully consistent with his aesthetic idea of ​​the ideal companion. The girl prefers bright and extraordinary images, always trying to stand out with the help of her appearance.

This is what the extravagant guy needs, who loves everything unusual. The freedom-loving Aquarius will appreciate the independence of Aries, its reasonable feminism and the pursuit of equality. A woman does not know how to pretend and always behaves like she used to.

This appeals to a man who encourages his point of view.

Aquarius guy immediately attract the attention of Aries. It is original, extravagant and a bit eccentric.

Despite his friendliness and sociability, he is not inclined to immediately act vigorously towards the fair sex. Aquarius prefers to carry on a casual conversation with everyone at once, without highlighting anyone. This behavior appeals to Aries, because it seeks to choose its own satellite itself.

Independence, optimism and openness in communication from the guy will be perceived by the girl with enthusiasm.

Advantages and disadvantages of the union:

  • The same life rhythm and hobbies;
  • similarity of priorities;
  • opportunity for a guy to become more decisive, for a woman — less quick-tempered;
  • the love of man who does not restrict a woman in anything;
  • everyone has their own space;
  • ease of lifting;
  • intense spiritual growth;
  • professional success: Aries inspires Aquarius;
  • mutual respect;
  • lack of adultery;
  • high sexual compatibility;
  • lack of stagnation and conservatism
  • Rivalry;
  • selfishness of both partners;
  • male egocentrism;
  • the stubbornness of the spouses;
  • woman’s jealousy;
  • man’s composure;
  • lack of mutual understanding in the domestic sphere;
  • Aries’s incontinence and emotionality, which provoke quarrels;
  • the frivolity of Aquarius, who devotes little time to the family;
  • closeness of a guy who annoys a truthful girl;
  • male trick and manipulation of woman

The main characteristics of this alliance are raging energy and cold intelligence. This combination allows partners to complement each other with positive qualities.

In this case, the leadership should belong to the man. The sooner a woman understands this, the sooner their relationship will be perfect.

Aries and Aquarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Compatibility of this couple in a love relationship is at a high level. People fall in love with each other practically at first sight and are able to stay in this state for a long time.

The secret is that both partners try to be unobtrusive. They look in one direction, try to help each other in any affairs, and at the same time do not set any frameworks and restrictions.

Each has its own space in which you can sometimes invite a chosen one.

Aries and Aquarius are faithful in love, they rarely look towards the opposite sex. Their joint pastime gives everyone an indescribable pleasure, so it makes no sense to look for someone better than their chosen one.

The more people have points of contact in affairs and hobbies, the stronger their love.

Besides feelings, partners need to be friends, because two intellectuals cannot ignore the moral aspect of relationships. They should be one spiritually and physically — only then can we talk about full compatibility.

Aspects of the union:

  • Leisure. This is a fairly active couple, which is constantly in motion. Representatives of signs can rarely be caught at home, as they prefer to receive new impressions. They like to travel, go on long hikes, engage in active sports, find extreme hobbies. Lovers have many friends, so they are welcome in any home. They are hospitable, so close people feel comfortable visiting Aries and Aquarius. The girl has the ability to create the necessary entourage for different events.
  • Intimate life. Partners have an extraordinary sexual attraction to each other. If people have the same temperament, they will be able to stay at the peak of activity for a long time. The girl is distinguished by passion and love for physical pleasures. The guy knows how to supplement sex with original experiments and unusual impressions. Problems in bed may occur due to the characteristic coldness of the man. Since Aquarius is asexual, he is able to divert one of the last places to the intimate side of life. This temperamental girl will not be enough.

Aries and Aquarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

In the family life of the woman-Aries and the man-Aquarius reigns complete harmony. "Fiery" the girl is distinguished by her incredible diligence: she works tirelessly to create comfort and coziness for her household. She takes upon herself all the domestic issues and their solution.

Even if a woman after marriage does not leave her professional activity, her house is in perfect order. Without hiring a housekeeper, Aries has time to do everything herself.

The girl cares for her husband and cherishes.

Aries woman is different loyalty, knows how to be sacrificial. Caring for loved ones gives her real pleasure.

A man highly appreciates such care, as he always gives his soulmate the right to choose. In marriage with Aquarius, a woman is allowed to do anything.

But if Aries herself expresses a desire to make her husband’s life comfortable, he will repay a hundredfold. Wife’s decent behavior will give him inspiration and will achieve high results at a professional level. Even if the guy does not become too rich, there will definitely be enough money for a comfortable life for a family.

Spouses do not attach much importance to the material aspect, therefore they always feel well-off.

One of the main problems in the marriage of Aries and Aquarius is the superficiality of a man and the practicality of a woman. This discrepancy is the cause of quarrels and scandals, which sometimes lead to parting.

The guy perceives life in a global sense. He tends to dream and dream, not paying attention to living conditions and not thinking about the future. Being in illusions, Aquarius is able to completely forget about their domestic and material obligations.

A man always does what he wants. To make him change his behavior is not possible even for his beloved wife.

Aries woman is practical: she immediately seeks to translate her plans into reality. All the worries she lays on herself as long as she has enough patience and strength. At some point, the girl realizes that she is being manipulated.

If she does not receive any help from her husband, then she becomes desperate, which sometimes ends in disappointment. The girl should be frank to talk with a partner, talk about how she is tired, and ask for help.

Aquarius is quite responsive, he never refuses close people. He takes great pleasure to help his beloved.

Other problems and their solutions are described in the table below:


Recommendations for women

Tips for men

The right of superiority must be given to a man, there is no compromise on this issue for Aquarius.

You should not compete with a woman, because in her soul she is vulnerable and sensitive.

Aquarius is the most stubborn of all signs of the zodiac, so it is pointless to fight

Sometimes the opinion of other people is right, you need to take this into account.

In family life, it can not be allowed: a man will not long tolerate these manifestations

Do not think that the world revolves around Aquarius alone

This is the main trait of her husband’s character, you should not be jealous of him. Physical infidelity on his part are extremely rare.

Even if all the people around are good friends, do not forget about your family. Woman is not enough attention

Aquarius can not be forced to engage in farming. He will do it solely of his own free will.

Do not forget who’s boss, and ignore their male functions

Restrictions on freedom

If Aquarius is limited in freedom, he will immediately leave

After marriage, you must become more demanding of yourself.

This is a great tandem for a long relationship. The girl knows how to be friends with complete dedication: she will always come to the rescue and for the sake of a loved one will give the last. They will solve all the problems of a guy together — Aries will spare no effort or time for a friend to be satisfied.

Aquarius is also distinguished by sociability. In each person he tries to find a friend.

A man can be contacted at any time of the day, he will leave all the work and hurry to help.

Representatives of signs love to spend their free time together, because their interests and hobbies are the same. Their second half should not be afraid of adultery: friends will never overstep the unallowed edge.

Friendship for them is the highest manifestation of human loyalty. Aries and Aquarius will be happy if they can make friends with their families.

Aries and Aquarius work in the same rhythm, their methods are quite similar, so this tandem will be promising. The man is an innovator, author of ideas and their developer. A woman picks up the project and fully embodies the idea into reality.

The professionalism of colleagues is top notch, which allows to achieve significant results in any industry.

Possible roles:

  • Aries woman — the head. This is a good distribution, which gives positive results. The only problem will be the unwillingness of a man to strictly follow the prescribed rules. If the boss allows a subordinate to act in free mode, the results of work will be much higher.
  • The Aquarius man is the chief. Aquarius is one of the most democratic bosses who allow their subordinates to choose the most acceptable style and mode of operation. The girl is quite satisfied. She is hardworking and executive, under such leadership her productivity will improve significantly.

In astrology, the horoscope of compatibility of this pair is estimated at 91%. This indicator indicates an excellent mutual understanding of partners and the possibility of creating an ideal union.

People have common views on life, they are attracted by activity and risk, they are energetic and tireless. A man is distinguished by his strength, courage and determination.

He is honest and fair, open in communication, straightforward in his statements. A woman is educated and intelligent and will not trade her freedom even for all the riches of the world.

She is caring and compassionate, loves communication and does not look back.

The presence of high levels of compatibility does not guarantee partners cloudless relationships. This is quite an original couple, which gives the impression of instability in relationships.

People have to constantly encounter contradictions, but such phenomena only strengthen their union. If the power of love is great, and partners unites a large number of points of contact, you can count on the constancy of the union.

Aquarius and Aries should spend more time together: this will allow you to get to know each other better and strengthen relationships.

Aquarius girl to win a guy-Aries will be quite easy. She prefers originality in the image (clothing, hair, accessories), is not afraid to shock and attract attention. This appeals to Aries, who loves bright and extravagant women.

Her characteristic restraint will seem to the guy inaccessibility. He will be glad of the opportunity to conquer the impregnable beauty, because the hunter’s instinct is actively expressed in the character of the man.

The sincerity, naturalness and sexual charm of the girl will be key moments in the desire of the guy to meet.

Aquarius woman is also not difficult to fall in love with Aries man. His appearance is always attractive, because the guy prefers expensive things and has excellent taste.

The style of his behavior expresses strength, self-esteem and independence. The girl appreciates the inner freedom and straightforwardness in the statements.

She wants to meet a man who can guarantee her stability and protection. The guy should restrain himself in the manifestation of tactlessness.

In the case of the Aquarius girl, she must be excluded because she will not tolerate familiarity.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Aquarius-Aries relationship:



  • Same life rhythms;
  • presence of common interests;
  • female confidence in the future;
  • lack of reproaches and morals on the part of Aquarius;
  • stable material support for the family Aries;
  • effective joint activities;
  • practical advice girls who will help the personal growth of the guy;
  • unanimity of partners;
  • sexual compatibility
  • Inconsistency in interest;
  • lack of practicality for both partners;
  • the authoritarianism of a man who suppresses a woman;
  • excessive jealousy of Aries;
  • the irresponsibility of Aquarius, annoying partner;
  • the desire of the girl to solve other people’s problems, which is why there is not enough time left for the family;
  • a man’s temper, which leads to conflicts;
  • the mismanagement of women, annoying a man;
  • excessive love of both partners, which leads to a lack of understanding

Often, a pair of Aquarius women and Aries men have a lack of children. The girl does not seek to acquire offspring, because she does not like to do household chores and feel like a housewife.

The guy fully supports her point of view — he likes to be the center of attention of the chosen one and to feel himself as a child.

The love of a pair of Aquarius and Aries appears on the physical and energetic level. They feel the mood of a partner and understand each other perfectly.

Lovers are quite charismatic, prefer to be in the company of people. The girl has many friends of different sexes, she gladly introduces her chosen one to them. Aries love to be the center of attention and impress.

In the circle of friends of his companion, he feels quite comfortable.

Partners are incredibly proud to be a couple. It enhances tender feelings and enhances the self-esteem of each of them.

This is especially felt in youth or in the initial stages of relationships.

Aspects of love:

  • Leisure. Young people are rarely at home. Exceptions are those days when lovers invite guests to themselves (usually a large number of them). The rest of the time, partners prefer active rest. It can consist in traveling, hiking, hobbies, extreme sports or sports. People love to take risks, get adrenaline and enjoy their feelings. Aquarius and Aries strive for novelty, they are ready to try all possible means to get bright impressions. Among such couples are many bikers, climbers, stuntmen, etc.
  • Intimate life. Sexual relations of partners are close to harmonious. A man is attracted by the emancipation of a woman, her willingness to experiment, to obtain new sensations. Hot temperament impresses the girl "fiery" guy, his passion and assertiveness. Aquarius is not a bright sexual sign, but she will definitely appreciate the quality of intimate relationships. Love and sex are inseparable for her.

A young family is distinguished by ineradicable energy and the desire to receive new impressions. Their life is like an exciting series, in which some events happen every day. Over time, life begins to change gradually.

Aries gets tired of its activity, prefers to work hard and fully relax. Rest no longer provides for the presence of a large number of people or long-distance travel.

Aquarius woman over the years also becomes more «home». Her character shows care and sacrifice.

A woman takes care of her husband with pleasure, is engaged in housekeeping and raising children. She is grateful to the partner for the fact that he takes care of all the basic household and family cares. Spouses feel happy together, they do not need strangers and public recognition.

Partners prefer cultural recreation in the form of visits to theaters, concert halls, and creative evenings. A lot of time is spent on summer cottages.

The main cause of problems in relationships is the excessive sociability of the Aquarian woman and the ego-centeredness of the Aries man. The representative of the fire sign wants his darling to belong to him without a trace.

It should be for the wife center of the universe, the only source of her love. But the girl can not fully devote himself to one person.

She has a need to help strangers. In a large society, she feels more meaningful and needed.

The Aquarian woman will always have friends and friends with whom she should communicate regularly.

The air traffic sign is used to solving global problems that relate to the universal struggle for justice. But a woman pays much less attention to her relatives than they would like.

Often on Aquarius, in addition to her husband, children and parents are offended. A woman needs to radically revise her principles, since they are fraught with serious negative consequences in family life. A lack of attention can provoke a manifestation of authoritarianism and despotism in Aries.

The partner will become more aggressive every year.

Other problems that Aquarius and Aries face are reflected in the table:


Recommendations for women

Tips for men

It is impossible to defeat Aries in stubbornness, and the “draw” will end in another quarrel

If the wife offers constructive ideas, it makes sense to listen

This manifestation of a married woman is worth fighting.

Aries should not consider itself the center of the universe, around which everyone should rotate

We must try to eliminate as much as possible all unnecessary links. Preference should be given to family and relatives

Communication is necessary for the wife, jealous of her while not worth it. Woman is not capable of treason

Need to learn how to manage a household

If the wife does not get a great hostess, you should pay attention to her other positive qualities

This manifestation in the behavior of the husband can be eradicated caress

Aquarius never allows himself to be demanding, should take an example from her

It is necessary to analyze the situation and do it yourself.

A woman will never accept such restrictions and would prefer to part.

Friendship of Aries and Aquarius is able to last for years and become stronger. The girl is extremely responsive, always ready to meet her friend at his first call. The guy can trust her with her secrets (especially if it concerns the fair sex) and feel needed (sometimes because of his tactlessness Aries pushes people away from him).

Aquarius will listen, give wise advice, make a company. Never flirts, does not try to apply female tricks.

If a woman needs help, a friend will also do everything that depends on him.

The guy does not recognize female friends, but Aquarius is an exception. Friends love to relax, travel, go to gyms and cheer on your favorite team at the stadium.

Husband of Aquarius do not worry: a woman will never allow herself to commit adultery. Aries’s wife should be careful — the air representative attracts him so sexually and morally that a man can sacrifice for her the strongest family.

This is an ambiguous tandem, whose success depends on the quality of work. If production activity brings people pleasure, they are able to achieve the most significant indicators. Colleagues work in the same mode and use similar methods.

If the work is boring and monotonous, it will be left by both employees. Partners will begin to shirk and shift their functions to others.

Success depends on the roles in the pair:

  • Aquarius woman — the head. From the woman it will turn out not too competent chief as she is too democratic. Aquarius prefers to enjoy freedom itself and give it to others. In a business relationship with Aries, this will be a big mistake. The guy will manipulate the boss and allow himself liberties. A woman simply can not organize the work of the masterful ward.
  • The man-Aries — the head. Aries is an excellent boss who prefers constructive work without further ado. She values ​​professionalism in her subordinates and does not allow mixing personal and business relations. Under his leadership, people become more disciplined, intrigue and gossip are completely excluded. Aquarius gladly obeys these rules and appreciates his boss.

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