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1968 — the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope, the characteristic of men and women, compatibility

1968 Yellow Earth Monkey: a characteristic of men and women, astrological compatibility

The year 1968, according to the eastern calendar, is the year of the Yellow Earth Monkey. It began on January 30, 1968 and ended on February 16, 1969. Totem animal monkey is characterized by high self-esteem, yellow color symbolizes openness, goodwill towards people, Earth — wisdom, prudence, mutual understanding.

People born this year are considered darlings of fate. They are lucky in all areas of life, can achieve high well-being.

Representatives of the sign are intelligent, educated, quickly find mutual understanding with others. Friends and relatives appreciate them for honesty, openness, justice, hard work.

Earth mutes the bright nature of the Monkey. People born in the 68th year do not want to shock — they prefer balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

The year 1968 gave the world people with a beautiful character: they are fairly sociable, not selfish, inquisitive. Monkeys love to learn, quickly learn new information, have the ability to science.

A distinctive feature of people born in this year is a certain phlegm. This is a somewhat slowed-down person who likes to interpret all the details, convey to the people around him his point of view, pronouncing every detail for hours.

Surrounding people respect and love Earth Monkeys for their compassion, willingness to come to the rescue, the desire to warm all the disadvantaged with their warmth. Every year, representatives of the sign gain positive experience, becoming old sages by old age.

1968 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope, the characteristic of men and women, compatibility

The earth element is symbolized by a yellow quadrangle or a space tortoise, whose paws are on four cardinal points. It is a stabilizing force acting powerfully and slowly. Its distinguishing qualities are:

"Earthworks" People usually have a dense physique and a deep timbre of voice. They focus on material things, are entrepreneurial and practical, have clear thoughts and specific goals, which are achieved by methodical and hard work.

Representatives of this element do not like to rush, they do everything thoroughly and efficiently. The earth is able to improve the characteristics of any animal of 12 characters according to the eastern calendar. A cunning ungrateful Monkey in combination with this element becomes a cute, good-natured animal.

People are distinguished by mercy and altruism, they care about the welfare of others.

1968 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope, the characteristic of men and women, compatibility

The magic talismans and symbols of people born in the year of the Yellow Earth Monkey include:

  • Happy colors — blue, white, gold.
  • Unlucky colors — gray, black, red.
  • Lucky numbers — 1, 7, 8.
  • Unlucky numbers — 2, 5, 9.
  • Happy flowers — chrysanthemum.

Among the famous Monkey people are:

  • Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci;
  • British poet George Gordon Byron;
  • English writer Charles Dickens;
  • American actresses Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Cattrall, Christina Ricci, Halle Berry, Will Smith;
  • American actors Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas;
  • Canadian singer Celine Dion;
  • musician Mick Jagger;
  • singer Christina Aguilera.

1968 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope, the characteristic of men and women, compatibility

People of the sign of the Earth Monkey highly appreciate stability, therefore from an early youth they try to take care of their future. Comfortable life in all its aspects is the sole purpose of the representatives of the mark.

The Chinese horoscope assumes that the Monkey has the most enterprising traits of character in comparison with other animals. But, unlike other elements, the Earth Monkey is distinguished by conscientious methods of achieving material well-being.

She is hardworking, has a developed intuition and the ability to foresee the outcome of the situation.

The man of 1968 loves and appreciates his loved ones, strangers always remain for him in the background. This character trait distinguishes the Earth from representatives of other elements who are struggling to impress the crowd.

Yellow Monkey does not seek to stand out, it is not so ambitious and extravagant to attract attention to itself.

A person will gladly help those in need so that no one will know about it. But people still see this kindness and try to make friends with the Monkey.

Often, the representatives of the mark fall under the influence of others, remain deceived and offended. A monkey poorly versed in people, therefore, prefers to limit their communication only with the closest.

Character traits of the representatives of the Yellow Monkey:



  • Kindness;
  • generosity;
  • compassion;
  • practicality;
  • purposefulness;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • sense of humor;
  • dexterity;
  • hard work;
  • enterprise;
  • reliability;
  • the ability to win over people;
  • honesty;
  • flexibility;
  • a responsibility;
  • curiosity;
  • readiness to help
  • Naivety;
  • inability to understand people;
  • quick temper;
  • stubbornness;
  • self-righteousness;
  • superficiality;
  • conflict;
  • inability to control one’s emotions;
  • impulsiveness;
  • frequent mood swings

The representative of the sign of the Yellow Earth Monkey is distinguished by its special sociability. He knows how to give the impression of a man who knows all the secrets of life. Even with superficial knowledge of some issues, he creates the appearance of an experienced professional.

That is why people are drawn to him who hope to understand the mystery of wisdom.

Thanks to the intuition and efficiency of the guy finds the most promising places to work.

He is not inclined to reveal his soul to strangers, and this quality of character brings a man incredible benefits. Senior people themselves offer him their help.

So the Monkeys appear influential patrons. His laconism and ability to keep other people’s secrets attract people, and they are ready to offer the best conditions for life in exchange for friendship with a guy.

A man enjoys these benefits.

Hardworking and enterprising in professional activities, the guy is lazy in personal relationships. He dreams of a woman who immediately guesses all his desires. Domestic problems and monotonous family life do not suit him, the man prefers a more idle lifestyle.

He believes that after successfully making money, you need to have a good rest and pamper yourself and loved ones with expensive gifts. The constant functions of the husband and father of the family suggest a longing for the guy.

A man is often married several times, because he prefers not to waste time on solving interpersonal problems. If a woman loses her form, begins to demand something, or simply does not support the guy in his ideas, he prefers to part with her right away.

The representative of the sign of the Earth Monkey is constantly in search of its feminine ideal. A girl should fully meet his criteria, which change with age.

After several unsuccessful attempts to create a family, the man remains alone until old age.

A woman born in 1968 is distinguished by her friendliness and charisma. She is educated, able to keep up the conversation on any topic.

Never argues, not prone to criticism, sarcasm and caustic remarks. She prefers to leave her opinion to herself and to behave diplomatically in all circumstances.

This quality of her character to a large extent captivates others, so the woman has a large number of friends of different sexes.

Among the huge number of friends at the Monkey there is not a single useless acquaintance. The representative of the mark derives personal benefit from each connection.

She does not go deep into the problems of people, does not take to heart their sorrows, treats everything superficially and indifferently.

The girl has practically no real friends, only friends, colleagues and acquaintances. This list includes the immediate family, the feelings for which she has not too deep.

The monkey does not do anything bad to anyone, helps as far as possible. This gives her a chance to use friendly relations in order to achieve her goals.

The goals of the Monkey are mainly material in nature, so the girl provides herself with the right connections and high-level patrons. She usually has a good job and a stable income.

With successful circumstances, she makes a brilliant career and achieves significant heights in life.

In a relationship with a strong sex, a woman is superficial to feelings, often changes partners and does not seek to tie the knot.

Early marriages usually end in divorce. Through trial and error Monkey tries to find his ideal partner, but she rarely succeeds. In a girl, stable harmonious relationships are possible only if a man fully obeys her.

He must tolerate her shortcomings and not limit anything.

The personal life of people born in 1968 cannot be unambiguously characterized. On the one hand, they are in love, constantly need the attention of members of the opposite sex, prefer to give preference to feelings, rather than reason.

The search for a lover begins at the dawn of youth, sometimes lasting into extreme old age. But early attempts to create a family often end in separation, formal marriages end in divorce.

Self-sufficient representatives of the sign of the Yellow Earth Monkeys are distinguished by selflessness (unlike other elements) and are ready to immerse themselves in their feelings.

Another category of representatives of the sign builds their personal relationships on a mercantile basis. These people are pragmatic individuals, so they prefer to enter into a marriage of convenience.

Such families can be created at an early age with a more adult partner or in mature — with a young spouse.

Creating a family for love or benefit, the Monkey will always demand attention. Her second half must be prepared for complete obedience.

Even the kindest and loyal representative of this sign can not live without constant admiration.

People born under the sign of the Yellow Earth Monkey have brilliant intellect and curiosity. This gives them the opportunity to learn professions related to literary art and medicine.

They will be successful in all scientific fields, because they have the ability in this direction (institutes, laboratories).

Profitable will be its own business associated with production. Representatives of the sign are enterprising and hardworking, they have a highly developed intuition, which is important for future forecasts and the final result of the case.

The element of the Earth implies success in real estate, property capitalization, agriculture, materials production, the mining and construction industries, and chemical production. Monkeys can trade products and materials of enterprises of these areas.

Professions related to money and material values ​​will be suitable.

The Yellow Earth Monkey will succeed in the following professions:

  • literary figure;
  • architect;
  • doctor;
  • laboratory assistant;
  • builder;
  • realtor;
  • stockbroker;
  • financier;
  • banker;
  • agricultural worker;
  • geologist.

Astrologers and psychologists advise people born in the year of the Earth Monkey to learn how to control their mood in the first place. They are too prone to its drops, and this deprives them of their sequence.

Monkeys can do a lot of good deeds, being in a wonderful mood, but overnight everything can change: your favorite work will be abandoned, a close person will be offended, the purpose of life will be ruined.

You should also learn to recognize your mistakes. Monkeys are accustomed to blaming everyone, but not themselves. Even in obvious circumstances, the representative of the mark will find an excuse.

Such behavior, which implies a too lenient attitude toward oneself, leads to undesirable consequences. The person does not make any conclusions and repeats previous mistakes.

It is worth treating yourself more demanding and objectively.

The reason for many failures is the Monkey’s inability to understand people. Representatives of the sign can not control their emotions, so they become victims of fraudsters.

You should avoid casual relationships, do not trust strangers, do not get involved in adventures. Before you accept a dubious proposal, it is recommended to think or consult with relatives.

The sign of the zodiac, under which the man of 1968 was born, is important. The combination of the Yellow Earth Monkey with the corresponding constellation allows to give a complete psychological characteristic of the personality.

This is an ambitious Monkey. A person seeks to attract the attention of others. He cares about how he looks, what he does and how it looks from the outside.

He yearns for leadership, seeks all control, does not tolerate restrictions. Incredible hard work and assertiveness lead a person to success.

The monkey will go to its goal and will achieve positive results.

The representative of the sign becomes the head of production, the owner in the house, the initiator in sex. His dexterity allows you to find a way out of any situation, and a sense of humor — to cope with it with dignity.

Aries is recommended to lower the bar of arrogance and learn to respect the interests of other people.

This is a balanced Monkey. She loves comfort and coziness, enjoys physical and aesthetic pleasures. The representative of the mark is friendly, conflict-free, honest and decent.

People always reach out to him, because they feel his friendly attitude.

Monkey Taurus has a creative approach to any work, has extraordinary skills and practical skills. As a subordinate will be responsible and executive.

As a chief, he will begin to experience discomfort, because he does not like to lead people. In his personal life he will be happy if he finds a like-minded person.

Monkey-Taurus is recommended to become more independent.

This is a fickle Monkey. The representative of the sign is inclined to change the mood and plans several times a day. He needs a constant change of scenery.

Even if you managed to get a profitable business or meet an attractive partner, Monkey would prefer diversity. A man, without regret, will give up everything that has begun and will start on another project.

The big problem is the inability to get along with others and do not value relationships. Remarks and offensive jokes become the norm of behavior and completely overshadow the positive qualities of the Gemini monkey character.

They need to work on themselves, watch their speech and try to become more consistent.

This is a mysterious Monkey. The person is kind and calm, does not like noisy companies, rarely in the center of attention of the public.

He is mysterious and hidden to others. Prefers home comfort, expensive things, romantic atmosphere. This is an extremely thrifty representative of the mark, he always has money.

A person can earn and reasonably spend them.

Cancer — purposeful and unhurried, sooner or later he does what he has in mind. In personal life is selective and cautious.

After marriage, becomes the caring owner of his family. He needs to find a person who will help to cope with the occasional melancholy.

This is a public Monkey. The representative of the mark is doing everything possible to become the center of attention.

He seeks recognition, demands admiration, loves to command and command. The lion is distinguished by extravagant vernal appearance and extraordinary behavior.

For the sake of glory and honor is ready to sacrifice many things.

Being essentially a kind and sympathetic person, he builds a distance between himself and other people, forcing everyone to observe the chain of command. Sometimes it gets into awkward situations and experiences its failures alone.

Leo-Monkey should try to be more natural and not depend on other people’s opinions.

This is a pedantic Monkey. A person born under this combination is distinguished by increased efficiency.

He is constantly working to improve his material and spiritual level, bringing to exhaustion himself and his loved ones. Virgo is looking for an ideal in everything, but her bar is too high.

The representative of the mark tries not to make a single mistake, therefore it calculates all its moves in advance. Despite such a colossal job, he cannot succeed.

Colleagues consider him a loser, loved ones try to stay away from the Virgin.

Excessive demands and constant discontent prevent a person from enjoying life. Virgo should understand that not everything can be calculated in advance.

This is a quirky Monkey. The combination of conflicting Libra and the inconsistent Monkey made the character of the representative of the sign incomprehensible not only to those around him, but also to himself. Scales are impulsive, they are driven by emotions and desires.

The only thing they constantly strive for is material gain.

A person is ready to get involved in any adventure, take a risk, use unfair methods. The monkey has no problems to attract people, enjoys confidence and deftly manipulates them for their own benefit.

A person should objectively evaluate their own strength and not involve others in dubious cases.

This is a proud Monkey. The representative of the mark is hardworking and purposeful.

He used to independently achieve the goals, while applying all his skills and abilities.

Scorpio acts assertively and openly, does not pay attention to other people and boldly eliminates competitors in its path. His colleagues respect him, despite his merciless actions.

A person loudly declares his intentions and does not play a double game. In the professional field he reaches great heights.

Scorpio’s personal life does not add up due to the lack of tenderness.

Advice to Scorpio Monkeys: the truth does not always have to be so tough, you can be successful with a softer character.

This is a purposeful Monkey. A person sets the most difficult tasks for himself and successfully solves them.

He is hardworking, persistent and pragmatic. His business skills are highly valued by colleagues, friends and relatives. This gives Sagittarius the opportunity to get the necessary protection or to acquire the necessary connections.

He never forgets those who helped him climb to the top of success, and also participates in charity.

With all his kindness, a man looks haughty and unapproachable. This is because he fears the insults and frustrations he has had to face.

This is an atypical Monkey. The uniqueness lies in combining a flighty, irresponsible Monkey with a practical and hardworking Capricorn.

In this case, everything depends entirely on the education and decisions of the representative of the mark. If he chooses the easy road of an idle life, he will become a frivolous, unworthy person who embodies negative character traits.

If he wants to follow the righteous path, he will achieve significant achievements in many areas. In this Monkey Capricorn will help practicality, hard work and adaptability to circumstances.

This is an intelligent Monkey. A person is distinguished by education, diplomacy and conflict-free. It is always pleasant to communicate with him, because he never allows himself to burden strangers with his problems.

Aquarius is constantly striving to improve their intellectual and spiritual level, coming up with new ideas and working on their implementation.

The representative of the mark achieves significant success in the professional field. He prefers the position of chief of a low level, because he does not like to command people.

Diplomacy and restraint can cause mental exhaustion if a person is forced to hide his emotions and hide them within himself. Aquarius is recommended to find at least one person to whom he can trust and tell about urgent problems.

This is the original Monkey. The representative of the sign is different artistry and enterprise.

To solve their material interests, Pisces can use non-trivial paths. The person perfectly owns oratory and the gift of persuasion, he is respected by the most respectable people.

Due to his abilities to have others around him, this Monkey gets the necessary connections.

Fish can achieve success in their business, and co-production will suit them. The representative of the sign will be happy to lay all his functions on the partner, giving him the palm of leadership.

Astrologers advise to be more selective in personal relationships and try to remain faithful to your loved one.

The compatibility of the Yellow Earth Monkey with other signs of the eastern horoscope will become an indicator for determining harmonious relations:

SignCharacteristics of the union with the Monkey
RatPretty good alliance in which partners can reach an understanding. The leader in this pair will be the Rat, which is wiser and more practical than the frivolous Monkey. Such a tandem will easily reach material well-being.
BullIn the business sphere and friendship this union has a great prospect. A short love affair is possible in a love relationship. The bull will be irritated by the impermanence and changeability of the Monkey, he needs a more serious partner.
TigerEach of the partners in this alliance wants to become a leader and does not want to give up their positions. If the Monkey feels the perspective, it will gladly give way to the palm. Partners will have a real chance of success.
Cat (Rabbit)In this pair, each partner seeks leadership. If Rabbit gives up, they will have a strong family. People understand and support each other perfectly.
The DragonThis is one of the most successful alliances for Monkey. The wise Dragon is able to direct the unbridled energy of the partner in the right direction. Tandem will be successful in friendship and business relations
SnakeThis couple has the chance to build a harmonious relationship exclusively in the early stages of living together. In the future, people will no longer understand each other, because they have a different worldview.
HorseIn business and friendship, partners have high prospects, but it is almost impossible to build love relationships. The horse is too serious and responsible to put up with the frivolous Monkey
Goat (Sheep)This union will be harmonious, if the Monkey will not suppress a gullible partner. Otherwise, the Goat will sooner or later cease to endure pressure and break off relations.
A monkeyTwo Monkeys can not do without compromise, as each of them tries to take a dominant position. Otherwise, this union is successful and long-term.
CockThe rooster will be happy for such a cheerful partner, but the fun will pass quickly, and disappointment will come. Partners will not be able to be together for a long time, the exception will be a joint business in the field of entertainment.
DogThis is a fairly successful alliance, in which the partners gladly give each other a palm. They have an excellent mutual understanding and trusting relationship, which over the years only grow stronger
BoarThe union will be unfavorable in all respects. Partners represent two opposites that do not find mutual understanding. Bad combination in love, friendship, business

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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