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Wooden floor in the bathroom (38 photos): how to make a wooden, vinyl floor in a private house

Wooden floor in the bathroom (38 photos): modern technologies allow it!

The most important characteristic, which should have a finishing floor covering in the bathroom or bathroom — is the maximum resistance to moisture objects. Therefore, traditional ceramic tiles. However, modern technologies allow to lay the wooden floor in the bathroom.

Advantages of wood flooring

  • Wood is a natural building material. It is alive, therefore it has absolute environmental safety, warmth and comfort.
  • Being in the room, we have wood trim, we all feel comfortable and calm.
  • Wooden flooring has a low thermal conductivity, so you can save on special heating systems for floors.
  • In addition, the tree has the highest aesthetics.
  • It can also be combined with any finishing materials, without limiting your imagination and create exclusive interior designs.

How to choose wood for bathroom floors

Teak bathroom floors

How long you can operate wooden floors in the bathroom mainly depends on the type of wood you choose.

As already mentioned, the main requirement for this is the stability of the coating to moisture. The most reliable, in this case, all experts recognize wood teak.

It has been used in shipbuilding since ancient times. The tic is not afraid of moisture at all, being, after high density, waterproof.

If you competently seal up the joints between the boards with a special composition (for example, ship sealant), you will make the plank floor in the bathroom in a wooden house no less reliable than the one assembled from ceramic tiles.

If you have to follow all the recommendations and instructions when installing a teak floor in a bathroom, then it will serve you for several decades, while maintaining the original aesthetic appearance.

Cheaper, but not less reliable floor material for a bathroom can be larch wood. It is also the oldest material for the construction of wooden ships and has a unique moisture resistance, the sequence of the structure.

For the bathroom and the bathroom are also suitable such wood species as ash, oak and elm. Their cost is much lower compared to teak lumber.

Equipping the bathroom in a wooden house, you can use the latest technology.

It is about the «thermotree», rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. In fact, it is wood treated with steam, at a temperature of about + 240º, without oxygen.

This material has a ten-fold decrease in the quality of deformation at high humidity and 5 times less water absorption. «Thermotree» is several times more stable, compared to conventional counterparts, to rot and fungi objects.

Preparation for the finish coating

Laying the base for the floor in the bathroom of moisture-resistant plywood

All finishing flooring should be laid on a solid, even and stable geometrically base. Its role can be played by overlapping directly on the foundation or on wooden lags.

In the first case, wooden logs, supported through a layer of waterproofing on the plate. The main element with which you can level the floor in the bathroom, is screed.

Basic requirements for it below.

  1. A well-filled place should have a flat surface — horizontal deviations, and at the same time, should not be more than 2 mm per 2 meters of area.
  2. The screed should provide dynamic and static strength of the entire «cake».
  3. It should have the same density throughout its depth and not have cracks and chips.
  4. The base should ensure the most uniform distribution of all loads on the lower layers.

Sand-cement screed is the most common, but not the only basis by which you can level the floor in the bathroom.

GVLV, moisture resistant plywood, OSB, magnesite or cement particle boards.

To insulate the finish coating, we use materials that can not exceed the thermal conductivity, zero water absorption and cellular activity of the closed type.

For example: technical cork, polyethylene foam, polystyrene foam, as well as hydrophobic backfill — expanded clay, rubber crumb, etc.

Laying the floor in the bathroom in a private house, you can use foil types of insulation, the output base foam.

Waterproofing wood flooring in the bathroom

To protect the floors from seeping water and capillary moisture, use roll, cast or spray waterproofing.

When choosing a roll insulator, give preference to a material made from modified bitumen, based on durable fibrous fiberglass or non-woven polyester.

Painting waterproofing in a bathroom

  • waterproofing;
  • hydroglass insol;
  • glass elast;
  • technoelast;
  • isoplast;
  • uniflex;
  • filizol;
  • rubitex;
  • biplast.

A layer of waterproofing for the bathroom floor is spread over the floor joists and placed on the walls just above the level of the future floor finish.

Often used and molten moisture insulation of hot bitumen mastic with additives. GVL bases, as well as concrete, can be protected from water with the help of penetrating waterproofing of the bathroom.

In a wooden house the floor in the bathroom is laid on the same wooden floors.

In this case, it is better to use waxed paper or glassine for waterproofing. They serve as a barrier to moisture, however, give the wood to breathe.

In this case, the separating layer on the walls is not filled. In order to lay the moisture from the bottom is not damp, the vapor barrier is laid on it.

Of course, ceramic tile and wood are not the only possible flooring option for a bathroom. Modern materials are very diverse: you can make vinyl flooring in the bathroom and polymeric self-leveling and even rubber.

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