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Wooden bathtub (39 photos): wood products in the room — accessories, worktop, seat, stand, rug

Wooden bath (39 photos): modern design

This article will tell you what a Wooden Bathtub is, how to fit it into the interior design of a bathroom and what advantages and disadvantages of a wooden bathtub.

In the design of modern bathrooms and a few years, depending on how they can be used, as well as the original elements without compromising the reliability and comfort of the room. Wooden bath accessories, including the bath itself, are a prime example of such a choice, since wood is considered incompatible with water.

Wooden bath

At the same time, many people forget that many materials that today are considered unusual and exclusive (for example, wood in the bathroom) were important in ancient times when making baths.

Baths were made not only of stone, but also of wood, which could be called “consumer goods”. Over time, to find suitable materials that are better suited for this purpose.

Of course, wood is not the most suitable material for plumbing, but precious woods are still used again in bathrooms in accordance with the tendency to improve the appearance of the premises due to the functionality.

In addition, the role played by the fashion for natural materials. As a result, you can use rare and stylish items in the bathroom, such as, for example, a wooden bathroom table top, which overshadows its impracticality and the difficulty of care.

The aesthetics of wooden baths

Sample wooden bath

For many years, all ships were made of wood, this experience and the use of manufactured wooden bathroom accessories.

Accessories such as the bath itself, wooden worktop for the bathroom, etc. made of wood with natural resistance to moisture:

  • Teak;
  • Wenge;
  • Mahogany;
  • Larch and many others, historically used in the construction of ships.

Wooden bath

Sophisticated and expensive modern technologies to protect the bath from the negative effects of moisture, the development technology of the hulls of yachts and ships. It is important to preserve the original appearance of the tree, making the coating as little as possible visible.

Wooden bathtubs with smooth sleek shapes are created from fragments tightly pressed to each other, smoothly polished and sometimes additionally coated with varnish, which makes them completely solid, and also serves as an additional decorative factor for wood texture.

The wood bath can be made in one of several varieties.

Consider them in more detail:

    Many baths resemble externally yachts or boats. Interestingly, one of the Italian manufacturers of yachts, at one time retrained in the production of baths. The popularity of this form among designers is quite logical.
    Such baths are well suited for such styles of bathroom interior as minimalism, ambien, zen, etc. Such baths are not just an elegant addition to the interior, but also focus on attention, being the main element of the bathroom interior.
    The installation of such baths is often performed in the center of the bathroom, often on a special podium (wooden bath stand) in order to better attract attention.

Bath in the form of a yacht

Rectangular wooden bathtub

A quite popular kind is also a massive rectangular wooden tub, for the manufacture of which an array of natural wood or specially treated plywood is used.
At first glance, such baths do not look very comfortable, but these are false impressions. Depending on how to do this:
Such baths also look quite stylish and are most often performed in the style of hard minimalism.
Usually they are included in designer collections, where in addition to baths, elements such as a wooden sink, wooden bath seat, various pallets, wall panels made of wood, etc. are used, giving the bathroom space a completely finished look.
The most common type of wooden bath is significantly different from the first two. The main difference is that their design is the exact opposite of modern stylish design.
Such a wood bath can be deliberately archaic, rustic, which often attracts attention even more than refined, but cool minimalism.
Such baths are made using both simple and complex technology. These baths in the form of bottom and side, made of separate planks, held together with brass or copper hoops, are direct descendants of the barrel.
The tightness of such an achievement with an exact fit to each other all the smallest details, and protection from moisture in this case is used about the same as for barrels. Baths such designs usually have a round or oval shape, which is associated with manufacturing nuances.

Barrel bath

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden baths

The main advantages of wooden baths are associated primarily with the resulting sensations:

Bathtubs made of wood are able to give incomparable feelings of natural and tender ancestral embrace while taking water procedures, which really justifies certain expenses, efforts and sacrifices;

  • Even touching polished precious wood is an unforgettable pleasure;
  • The high aesthetics of wood in the bathroom, whether it is the bath itself or the wooden bath mat, only enhances the feeling;
  • It is impossible to fake or imitate the aura emanating from the natural living massif.
  • In addition, contrary to the widespread mistaken opinion, wood baths can be equipped with hydro and aero massage systems, as well as chromotherapy.

    Despite this, there are a number of fairly significant limitations:

    • In many homes the use of the bath is not limited to direct appointment. So, many people like not only to wash themselves in the bath, but also to bathe four-legged pets in it, which is absolutely unacceptable in the case of a wooden bath;
    • Care should be taken to choose cosmetics;
    • It is necessary to carefully care for the wooden bath and to clean it only as recommended by the manufacturer.

    Important: It is recommended to use a separate shower for a capital wash, and use a bath only in the soft mode for relaxation and pleasure.

    It sounds paradoxical, but it is too good to be used for its intended purpose, that is, just to wash in it.

    So far, it cannot be said that today wood is a common material for the manufacture of baths, such as cast iron, acrylic or steel. This is a slightly different position, to some extent, refined. Nevertheless, today baths made of wood are no longer exotic, violating all generally accepted rules, as in the recent past.

    A few years ago there were only a few models of wooden bathtubs, each of which could be called an exclusive outlandish, and today, manufacturers of sanitary ware formed a rather large range, designed for different style solutions. A wooden bath is quite expensive, but it should not be an obstacle if you want to have such a way in the bathroom.

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