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White kitchen design: interior tenderness

White kitchen design: interior tenderness

The value of white in creating a stylish interior is hard to underestimate, it is so popular. Some styles are based precisely on the purity and neutrality of this color, so that all white shades for finishing a stylish room can be used without fear. White kitchen is a combination of luxury and attractiveness with surprising impracticality, only truly interested and enthusiastic people will agree to such a design. At the same time, the design in white is a stylish solution for a room of any size and style.

White color in the kitchen: features of use

White walls and sets, snow-white ceiling and dazzling towels — such a kitchen would be envied by any hostess. In addition to visual appeal and aristocracy, this interior is attractive and its ability to expand the space. That is why designers recommend choosing such color solutions for small or complex in shape rooms with insufficient lighting.

TIP! White colors in the decoration of the kitchen should be used only with the proper care of all surfaces: whatever one may say, no light floor or cabinets require regular washing.

Kitchen design in the style of total white is not always a good solution, because the abundance of this color makes the room too clean and neutral. But in a well-chosen frame, this color takes on special significance. In addition, the designers welcome the use of not only the basic shade, but also those like it: creamy, creamy, beige. Adding delicate shades of mother-of-pearl or pearls to the most light monochrome interior allows for freshness and accentuates the style.

Stylish details

Kitchen design, which is based on white tone, should be based not only on the color play, but also on the competent performance of details. It is such light and optional, but stylish solutions that make the interior of a snow-white kitchen attractive.

  • Instead of the usual cabinets for the kitchen of this color, open shelves or glazed sideboards are more suitable. It is the open space that allows unlocking as fully as possible, and the space of the room is not overloaded with the monotonous doors of extensive cabinets.
  • Chrome parts and the same technique can make a gentle interior serious and solid. And if you use a combination of clarity of lines and straightness of the facades with the play of shades, then you can turn a standard typical kitchen into a modern corner.

FACT! White is a versatile color that fits all styles: from classical baroque to modern loft.

Color game: how to liven up the space

To keep the white kitchen from looking dull, white parts are taken to be generously diluted with additional colors. At the same time it is important to use blotches of other shades so as to keep a clean kitchen design unchanged. Designers suggest using such options for refreshing the white interior:

  • Bright colours. The combination of white and bright is one of the favorite designers’ solutions. This is due to how well the juicy and colorful details look on a snow — white background. This technique requires attention and care in the following options for bright details, so that color accents do not concentrate in one place and do not look meaninglessly scattered spots. Among the most likely additions for white are green, yellow, blue, orange, red, blue and other bright colors with which the kitchen design becomes spring-like cheerful.

TIP! Bright color spots can be not only furniture, textiles or dishes, but also household appliances: for example, a red refrigerator and a yellow microwave will look juicy and original.

  • Dark shades. No less attractive kitchen design in a native contrast, when in companions a black, graphite, ebony, dark blue or chocolate is offered to the snow-white shade. The complexity of the analogs of the combination in the need to choose dominance and a clear definition of the boundaries of «possession» of both colors.

TIP! White details are no less juicy and beautiful when combined with wood — light or dark. The legs and backs of the chairs, the tabletop and the wooden dishes — all this gives the interior a natural and natural look.

  • Pastel shades. White, pistachio, lilac or pale blue.

TIP! The use of several semitones of the same pastel color, complete with white, allows achieving a subtle play of shades.

Stylish and thoughtful kitchen design in white can transform a room on its size. The use of light shades in a harmonious combination with dark or bright colors turns a typical interior into a sample of refined style.

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