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White bedroom design: comfortable, clean and airy interior

White bedroom design: comfortable, clean and airy interior

It is pleasant to relax in the bedroom after work, and it is in this room that most of the time is spent. Therefore, I want it to be as comfortable as possible and cause only pleasant emotions. The interior design of the white bedroom will help to realize all the ideas and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Should I make a bedroom in white: for and against

White bedroom is a fairly common solution, which is not surprising, because this color has many advantages. Firstly, it is associated with airiness and cleanliness, sets up relaxation, helps to forget about problems, to distract and put thoughts in order. Secondly, white is universal, because it harmoniously fits into many styles. In addition, it can be supplemented with absolutely any shades. Thirdly, the room will definitely be bright, even if there is not enough light. Fourth, this range is ideal for decorating small rooms, as it allows you to visually increase the space due to the reflection and scattering of light. And, finally, you will have the opportunity to experiment, because if the interior is suddenly bored, you can easily upgrade it.

Now the disadvantages. The first and most obvious is the martika of white surfaces. But the bedroom is not the most polluted room, unlike, for example, from the kitchen or living room. So keep clean will be relatively easy. The second minus is the probability of an excess amount of color. And if the bedroom is completely white, it can be perceived as not the most comfortable (this situation reminds many of the hospital). The third disadvantage is that the color «exposes» the irregularities and other shortcomings, if any.

50 shades of white

Each primary color has many shades, and white is no exception. Any gamma is divided into cold and warm tones. The first is appropriate if the bedroom is filled with natural light, and you want to smooth out a little and reduce the brightness of the sun’s rays. And if, on the contrary, there is a shortage of the sun, and because of this the room seems uncomfortable and cold, then give preference to warm shades.

The cold tones include porcelain, snow, frosty white, snow white. And warm shades are alabaster, creamy, cream, milk, ivory, pearl.

What colors can be added white?

So that the design of the white bedroom does not seem uncomfortable and monotonous, the white range should be complemented and diluted with other tones that appear in the interior of the highlight and make it more fresh and interesting. But still it is not recommended to use screaming and “acidic” paints in this room, as they can irritate and have a stimulating effect on the psyche.

For the design of the bedroom and the addition of a white background, such colors as pale blue, pale green, pistachio, sand, beige, lilac, pink, light yellow are suitable. For example, blue, burgundy, purple, chocolate, emerald.

Tip: do not strive for multicolor, it is often perceived as unnecessary diversity and overloads the interior, especially when it comes to the design of the bedroom. It is advisable to use no more than three or four shades. For example, you can create a monochrome gamut, right tone of the same color. And you can use harmonious classic combinations.

White bedroom finish

There are no difficulties with the choice of finishing materials, as many are presented in white. And yet, when you buy it is worth being careful, as the main property should be to ensure comfort. Therefore, give preference to environmentally friendly and harmless materials.

Walls can be painted white. An interesting texture can be created using plaster and a roller, or even your own hands, causing the composition to be creative and chaotic. More simple and affordable option — white wallpaper. And if you choose a variant with original effects, such as three-dimensional drawings, embossing or silk-screen printing, transform the walls and add new features to the seemingly simple white color.

Variants of floor design is also a lot, and the choice will depend on your budget and preferences. So, if you want to make the bedroom truly gorgeous, then use a stone. Replace it can decorative floor tiles. But in either case, consider heating the coating to make it comfortable to walk even barefoot. And instead of such materials it is possible to use a more practical laminate or high-quality linoleum.

And finally, the ceiling trim. White is the traditional and familiar color for this surface, but this does not mean that the design should be banal. Although if you do not want to pay attention to the ceiling, then just paint it. But you can do differently and choose to finish the original suspension or tensioning structure, including a multi-level, which has unusual shapes.


When choosing furniture, you may prefer light items, including white ones, this is allowed if the interior is diluted with bright accessories. But it is better to choose soft pastel colors, for example, beige, sand. And you can go with the path and try to play on the contrast, furnishing the bedroom with dark or bright furniture. But do not forget that overly flashy shades, firstly, annoy, and secondly, increase the size of objects.

With regard to the choice of specific furniture and its arrangement, then focus on your own needs and feelings, as well as the purpose of the bedroom. Get everything you need, but do not clutter up the space, because the white gamma should be associated with freedom and airiness.

The important role of lighting

At first glance it may seem that the white bedroom does not need complex lighting. But this is absolutely not the case, because a properly organized light creates wonders: it changes and expands the boundaries of space, changing zones, creates comfort, in the end.

The central source in the form of a chandelier in the bedroom is optional, since bright light is not needed in most cases. But if in this room you work or practice a hobby, then such a device may be useful. But you can arrange it not in the center, but where it is needed more, for example, above the dressing table or the closet.

Convenient will be multi-level lighting, so distribute it on different planes. So, put a floor lamp near the bed, a wall-mounted appliance would be appropriate over the headboard, a table lamp could stand on the dressing table.

Tip: if you have equipped a suspended or suspended ceiling, then you can mount a halogen spotlight in it. And the function of directional light, which is equipped with most modern devices, allows you to change the illumination, the zot of space and direct the rays to where they are needed most.

We decorate the white bedroom

Without a decor in the interior of a white bedroom can not do, because without it the room will be empty.

  • Textile. And you can and should experiment with it, because in the bedroom it does not happen much. Cover the bed with a fluffy or textured bedspread, lay out cute little pillows on it, for example, multi-colored. Spread a soft carpet before bed. Also use original curtains.
  • Live cut flowers or indoor plants will harmoniously fit into the white bedroom.
  • Family or romantic photos within the frames on the walls will remind you of your own people and pleasant moments of life.
  • Dilute the monotony of the white walls of paintings that should fit into the style.

A few final recommendations:

  1. Keep the design in one style so that it is complete and harmonious. White perfectly fits in such directions as romantic Provence, chic Empire, elegant and discreet classicism, cozy Scandinavian style, cutting-edge hi-tech, laconic minimalism and some others.
  2. To make the room seem more interesting and multifaceted, use different shades of white and don’t be afraid to mix them, in any case they will be combined with each other.
  3. Take care of protection from bright sunlight in the early morning time. For this window, it is better to hang thick curtains of fabric that does not transmit light. And in order to be able to mute and scatter rays a day, use light curtains.

Let the white bedroom become your favorite territory!

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