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The choice of furniture for the kitchen — the case — Ideas interior design, renovation, furniture

The choice of furniture for the kitchen is a delicate matter

The kitchen is the favorite place of the housewife. In a good room with modern equipment it is pleasant to cook, to receive guests, to spend leisure time with a cup of fragrant hot drink. What affects the overall atmosphere of the kitchen? The design of the room and furniture. The future microclimate depends on the choice of owners and design decisions. When finishing the walls, ceilings, floors behind, it is time to go to the furniture store. The range of modern salons is so diverse that the head is spinning. How to choose furniture for the kitchen? What is guided in the analysis of commodity positions? This and much more you will learn after reading the article.

External performance is not a quality indicator.

Furniture sets for kitchen furniture can be radically different from each other. Some of them can not be compared, since they work in opposite styles, the second is implemented at different prices. Classify furniture by:

  • configuration;
  • configurations;
  • type of materials, etc.

Sometimes the design makes the heart beat faster, becomes the reason for the acquisition, but over time, the choice disappoints. Under a beautiful wrapper «hiding» materials of poor quality. Met and other situations where unnoticeable appearance of headsets pleases with a long service life, convenience, ease of care. Cost and design should not be an election criterion.

We buy wisely

Before you choose furniture for the kitchen, you need to put forward the basic requirements for a headset. It is advisable to find on the Internet photos of suitable options. With an unlimited budget, you can order kitchen furniture «dreams» in a specialized company. In the absence of stringent requirements, it is advisable to choose products made from modern materials. Experienced buyers analyze the following details:

  • housing;
  • table top;
  • facade;
  • fittings.

Furniture for the kitchen is created from various materials. The most popular ones are:

  • DSP;
  • MDF;
  • natural array;
  • plastic.

An expensive option is, of course, wood furniture. However, you should not dwell on the «naturalness» of such headsets. Manufacturers have learned how to handle various materials safely. It is reasonable to pay attention not to the type of raw material, but to its class. For example, E1 furniture meets European standards, although it is inexpensive. It is safe, durable, reliable! Body and facade materials may vary. Do not confuse the finish with the base.

What should a tabletop ideally be? Moisture resistant, solid thickness, with a special water-repellent impregnation. The wider the tabletop, the better! Non-moisture-resistant analogs will quickly lose their attractiveness, as water will swell up and become exfoliated after the ingress of water.

Now about the accessories. It makes the kitchen functional. Analyze the need for performance and reliability of the following details:

  • pens;
  • rods;
  • rails.

When choosing a kitchen, many buyers forget about the work area. Wall, near which there will be finishing and cooking activities, to protect with special coatings or tiles. Order aprons, as a rule, it is possible in a furniture manufacturing company. Wall panels in this case will be perfectly combined with the headset. Here contrasts are permissible. The type of wall protection, as well as the type of kitchen equipment, is thought out in advance in order to immediately buy everything you need in one company in order to avoid inconsistencies.

Basics of choosing furniture that is not inconsistent with fashion trends

Each of us wants to acquire not only a durable, convenient to use, but also an attractive, stylish headset. Today, simplicity, restraint, functionality and comfort are valued. What style of kitchen furniture has lost demand? It is difficult to answer this question. As before, many people are interested in modern, country, Provence, etc. However, at the peak of popularity there are modern classical cuisines, including the «notes» of such areas:

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