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Rustic style in landscape design: distinctive features

Rustic style in landscape design: distinctive features

The style that will allow you to create a country house with an authentic and truly relaxing atmosphere is rustic, which is also called country style. This design direction has always been and will be popular, as it allows you to achieve an atmosphere that everyone comes for — coziness, tranquility, comfort and peace.

True, the rustic style in landscape design is very tricky. This is especially true of those whose house is built with the latest technology and is replete with modern materials. After all, the site, designed in the spirit of country, next to the construction of high-tech will seem to be «cottage», because it too simplifies the architecture and the creator of the atmosphere is not a cozy village, and tasteless cottage. So let’s start thinking out the landscape design in the country style with the look of the house.

What is it — «rustic» home decoration

So, the first thing we will look at — finish your home. If we want to achieve a homely simplicity, the atmosphere of a grandmother’s house, you need to look at the building — whether it will not seem alien in the background of the rural landscape.

  • If the house is made of wood (timber, logs) or sheathed with wood — great, because country is realized primarily in natural materials. If there is an opportunity to sheathe the construction of a tree — it is worth using it.
  • Brick houses and buildings that are trimmed with stone will also be an ideal symbol of rustic style. That’s just the color of a brick or stone should be as close to natural.
  • If the layout revet the house with plaster, remember that the rural style «like» only one option — snow-white walls, which resemble the mud hut. Ideal evenness can not be achieved.

5 distinctive features of the site

Landscaping in the spirit of country has its own characteristics. Sometimes they seem ridiculous or painfully simple. But all together they created the necessary rural atmosphere.

  1. A riot of colors. The plot should be buried in the abundance of plants, flowers, trees, and all of them should differ in their colors — orange pumpkins, flowering fruit trees, variegated flower beds and beds with strawberries — every corner should be saturated with color.
  2. Naturalness and environmental friendliness — this will be based on the design of landscape design. No plastic, decorative tiles and other modern materials. The best material is wood, stone, vine. , Lay out the tracks from the wooden boards or stones. Perfectly fit into the landscape and wooden swings.
  3. Freedom to old things. In the designers you can safely use the details and things that inherited or from previous owners of the house. Wooden benches, old buckets, children’s watering cans, a cart — all this will harmoniously fit into the landscape design.
  4. «Flower chaos.» In a rustic style, there is no such thing as «right.» You should not plant flower beds, trees, bushes strictly according to the varieties or clearly divide the territory of each plant. The design should resemble the site, which is still untouched by human hands.
  5. Forgotten designs. The landscape design should contain elements that are rarely seen in modern areas. For example, an old wooden bridge or an artificial stream.

Rustic style embodies the elements that were once present at each site and today cause us a sense of nostalgia. Of course, these things can be new, but carefully selected.

Garden plants

What is the main feature of the village garden? The fact that our grandmothers planted those plants that later became food. About any «overseas» orchids and out of the question. According to this principle it is worth picking up plants for the landscape.

  • The main «resident» of each village garden — the sunflower will look good against the background of the fence of the vine.
  • Watermelons, zucchini and pumpkins are another inalienable «tenants» of the site who decorated the territory.
  • Peonies, asters and dahlias — these flowers were planted by our grandmothers. Choose different varieties and do not try for the correct location — let these plants mix with each other.

Fences, fences and wickets — achieve primitiveness

Yes, exactly, in order to achieve success with the help of fencing. If there is no fence and wickets yet, do not install new fences made of concrete or metal profiles. Everything should be simple and simple again. What to do if the concrete fence is already worth it? Of course, we will not demolish it, but from the inside we will close it with trees and lush bushes. Also in the rustic style, you can use the braiding plants and create from them a hedge, letting the top of the concrete.

  • An ideal fence for a rural landscape is a fence or wattle fence. Hang on such a fence can be clay pots or colored pails.
  • The gate must be wooden. It can have metal plates and a carved top edge — this will decorate the landscape. But the gate of the metal only spoil the design of the site.

Add details

We have already said that old things can “live” on the site — wheels from a cart, an abandoned well. You can add to the rural landscape any details that you associate with a trip to your grandmother.

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