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Playpen: 50 photos and usage rules

Playpen: 50 photos and usage rules

Playpen can be a useful accessory and law for mom to find at least some free time. But does he really need it? And how to choose it? This is worth figuring out.

Do I need a playpen?

Arena is a fenced and conditionally closed play space of the child. This accessory appeared quite a long time ago and continues to actively use modern moms. But, as practice shows, it is far from always necessary and turns out to be really useful.

If you doubt that the arena is useful, analyze the features of your child. If he literally doesn’t get off your hands and requires constant attention, he is unlikely to agree to be alone. If a baby can safely do without you, or at least be near you, but without close physical contact, then in the arena he is likely to stay for some time, especially if he can keep you in sight (such the possibility of the subject of almost all modern models).

When can I use the playpen?

If desired, the arena can be used almost from birth, if it is intended for such a small age and has a hard bottom that will provide support for the undead spine. But a particularly useful or even necessary item is when the crumb learns to roll over and tries to get up. Thus, helping to master the skills of walking.

As for the age to which you can use the arena, then everything is purely individual. As practice shows, this accessory becomes unnecessary when the crumb begins to walk well, sometimes earlier. But some kids are happy to spend time in the arena and in a year and a half, especially if the mother offers new toys, and the child is calm.

What are arenas?

Children’s playpens are different. For example, they may vary in configuration and design. There are the following types:

  1. The stationary arena is a single fixed construction consisting of a frame, bottom, side walls, and sometimes legs. On the one hand, this option is reliable and durable, but, on the other hand, such an item is difficult to transport and in most cases there is no place to store.
  2. Folding playpen. Such a model can be folded, which makes it easy to transport and store, because when folded it takes up little space. But if you transform an accessory too often, it may become unstable or break.
  3. The arena-bed, in fact, performs the functions of two objects at once: the bed and the arena. As a rule, it has rather high legs, as well as a hard bottom, suitable not only for waking the child, but also for sleeping. This model is worth choosing if you often travel with the baby. Manege allows you to limit the space and make your stay anywhere safer, as well as replace a full bed.
  4. Manege-screen — not really a playpen, but just some fences that limit the space and are placed directly on the floor. This is not the best option, especially for active and large kids. A child can simply break the integrity of the structure and easily go beyond it. Also, the screen can fall on the crumb and cause him, though minor, but still injury (or rather scared, which is no less unpleasant).

If the basis of the classification to take the form, then we can distinguish the following varieties:

  • Round. There are no corners in them, so some kids inside feel much more comfortable. In such an arena it is more convenient to walk, because it is more interesting to move around in a circle than from one corner to another. But the round playpen is not always stable, so an active child can knock it over. In addition, this form limits the placement of the accessory and increases the space it occupies, since it cannot be moved close to the wall or placed in the corner.
  • Square or rectangular arenas are more popular as they take up less space. Such models fit into any interiors.
  • On sale can be found and corner arenas. This option is suitable for a small apartment, in which there is a little free space. By placing the accessory in a corner, you can save space. But such placement is not always possible, and the child may not feel very comfortable due to the proximity of the walls and limited view.

Materials used

For the manufacture of playpens are used different materials, and each has both advantages and disadvantages. Consider several options:

  • Wooden playpen will be the most environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, safe and durable. But such material will increase the dimensions of the accessory and eliminate the possibility of its folding. In addition, if a tree is not processed, it can deform, delaminate, or rot, which will adversely affect health: when rotting, dangerous mold forms, and deformation can lead to delamination and ingress of hard particles under the skin or in the mouth.
  • The most popular are mesh arenas. The frame is made of metal and covered with mesh. The sides usually have soft oilcloth. On the one hand, such models are safe, practical and easier to operate. But the mesh walls can distort the visual perception of reality and negatively affect the vision of the child, if he stays in the arena for a long time.
  • Plastic playpens are practical and light, but low weight can be considered a disadvantage, since it causes instability of structures. A low-quality plastic is harmful to the health of the baby.
  • You can also find on sale inflatable playpens. Such an accessory resembles a pool with soft sides, so it can hardly be called stable and durable.

Optimal size

Of course, the bigger the playpen, the better, because a small and limited space may not please the crumbs. But the overall accessory will take up a lot of space and may simply not fit in a small room. In addition, the sale of standard models are more common, the dimensions of which are 100×100 cm or 80×100 (round diameter is 1 meter). But you can find more spacious arenas, the length of which will be 1.2 m, and the width — 1 m.

How to make the right choice?

To make the right choice and provide comfort to your baby, when choosing a playpen, be guided by the following criteria:

How and where to use the playpen?

Many mothers use a playpen at home, for example, if you need to do household chores, and the baby is actively moving and is curious about potentially dangerous items. Also, the accessory is useful when traveling, because it will not only replace the bed, but will also play the role of a familiar space for games (unfamiliar surroundings may frighten the baby). The arena can be taken with you to the dacha, to the beach or to the park, so that the child can get new emotions and breathe fresh air, but it does not crawl on the ground and pull beetles or cigarette butts into her mouth.

Playpen on a trip

Important operating rules

And finally, important rules for the use of the arena, which allow you to maintain not only comfort, but also the safety of the child, as well as its harmonious development.

  1. If you have recently purchased a playpen, then do not rush to put a child in it and even more so for a long time to leave inside. The crumb has to get used, so act gradually. First show the new unfamiliar object, then put the baby inside for a while and hold the hand, then try to move away a little, but so that the child can see you.
  2. You should not use the accessory for a long time, it can negatively affect the psyche and development of the baby: he will feel lonely, abandoned, unprotected and useless. The maximum daily total length of stay in the arena should not exceed two hours. And do not leave the crumbs inside for more than 30-40 minutes in a row.
  3. Do not leave the baby alone in the room, because the playpen is not a guarantee of security, but only a way to reduce risks. So the baby should always be in your field of vision.
  4. Keep the constructions in good condition and regularly check all its elements and fixtures to avoid breakages and injuries.
  5. Move the playpen away from all potentially dangerous items that could cause injury if the crumb reaches them. These include flowers on the table, sockets, knives, and so on.
  6. Wash and disinfect the entire arena regularly using safe and approved products. This allows you to destroy all pathogens that can get into the baby’s mouth and cause an infection.

Choose a suitable playpen so that both you and the child feel comfortable.

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