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Maritime-style bathroom (42 photos): implementation features

Maritime-style bathroom (42 photos): interior features

A nautical-style bathroom is a way to introduce freshness into the interior of a city apartment, which it sometimes lacks. That is why this method has become one of the most sought after. The maritime style perfectly contributes to relaxation after a busy day of work, creating such an illusion of staying at the resort.

Our article: “Powerful features of the style, indicate the techniques with which the coastal-marine surroundings in the bathroom can be realistically reproduced.

Features marine style in the bathroom

For the bathroom in this style is characterized by the presence of soft contrasts. Limited color gamut and clear lines in the design create the necessary mood.

Natural shades of the sea, sand and the sun usually dominate here, while the decoration should be simple, somewhat romantic, somewhat reminiscent of country.

Express such qualities in color and the original artist of this style.

The color contrast is represented by cold shades of blue — from pale to dark blue, and yellow — from sunny-bright to golden or cream.

The bathroom in the nautical style completely accepts the background in white color.

Different, and most importantly interesting, visual effects can be obtained by mixing colors. For those who prefer bright colors and love emotions, you can find suitable furniture, thereby creating a semblance of the upper deck of the ship, and tile on the walls.

But for those who can’t imagine life without sun-drenched beaches, pale yellow, sand-gray, soft white and subdued blue shades, resembling different beach coverings — pebbles, sand, etc., will do.

Light coastal style

Making a bathroom

Let us consider in more detail how you can recreate the marine style in the bathroom:

  • To create a fresh atmosphere of the coast or sea spaces, the walls are painted with white or other close shade of matt water-based paint.
  • Different textures must necessarily take place in the interior, for example, the lower part of the walls can be paneled with PVC or plain tiles in a darker color.
    This combination with the specified in the previous form. Contrast should be made strong.

Modern nautical style

Depending on personal preferences, more delicate colors can be chosen that can harmoniously result in a soft, almost ethereal composition.

  • And although Maritime style in the bathroom with retro elements, as a rule, cause nostalgic feelings, you can breathe modern features into them.
  • Plumbing equipment can be a classic white or cream color. The furniture in the bathroom is furnished in retro style, the walls are decorated with moisture-resistant pine panels.
    The bath is separated by a beautiful curtain with a sea pattern, or it is mounted a ribbed or smooth glass panel.
  • Flooring in the bathroom is better to build from painted planed wooden planks, but if this is not possible, you should take a different material — for example, vinyl planks in a suitable «sea» color. As a floor covering, natural fiber mats and cork tiles also fit.
    Mosaic and stone tiles also contribute to creating a certain style, albeit a bit closer to country. Such coatings will be more comfortable if you lay cotton mats on them.

Furniture and bathroom fittings in nautical style

Marine style in the bathroom with retro elements

In the absence of a lack of space, simple furniture should be chosen — a wardrobe, side tables, shelves and a small chair — all made of wood with a slightly peeling, as if blurred paint.

To decorate the frames of mirrors, you should use shells, pebbles, shells

Towels in the bathroom should be in yellow and brown tones or in turquoise, blue, sea shades in any case with bright patterns.

Curtains and curtains with a window in the bathroom — a great opportunity to complement the styling. Their design and color must be chosen in marine motifs. Romantic atmosphere will create fluffy tulle and muslin curtains.

Sea-style bath: options

The interior of the bathroom blends harmoniously with the lighting: frosted glass diffusers with metal inserts, a fishing lantern.

On the wall in the bathroom, you can hang a wooden composition in the subject, and fill the room with the aroma of the sea through the provided for this candle.

Bathroom in the style of the sea will not do without small decorative nuances. These can serve as neatly laid out shells, starfishes, wooden boats, as well as other elements of marine themes that can be found in toy stores, in specialized departments of department stores.

The style provides a wide scope for improvisation. For example, various sculptures, towel racks, frames for mirrors and curtain rods for bathrooms can be made from pieces of the fin. Small smooth pebbles can be trimmed table top in the bathroom, it is also possible between the rows of tiles when decorating walls.

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