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Making original Christmas socks with your own hands

Making Christmas socks with your own hands

There are many festive attributes that help to create a special atmosphere. For example, Christmas socks are used in many countries. How did this tradition come about? And how to make this accessory with your own hands?

In many countries of America and Europe, it is customary on the eve of the most important Catholic holiday of the Nativity of Christ to hang Christmas socks in houses. They usually put sweets in them, which the children find early in the morning and start to taste with joy. At first glance it may seem that this accessory is intended only to be interesting to beat the presentation of gifts. And partly this is true, but still this attribute did not appear therefore.

The story of the appearance of Christmas socks

Initially, Christmas socks appeared in Western Europe and America. In most countries, Catholic Orthodoxy is preached, and Santa Claus, who usually gives gifts to obedient children, was originally a saint. But how are socks associated with it, which have become an essential attribute of the holiday?

According to one of the most famous legends, there lived a man in a small English town who, after the death of his beloved wife, raised three daughters alone. And he was very worried about his poverty, believing that girls without a dowry were not needed by anyone and simply could not get married. He shared his thoughts with a friend, but he was heard by Santa Claus himself. He decided to give the girls gifts and reassure the widower. But, going down the chimney to the family house, Santa Claus did not see the Christmas tree. But over the fireplace were washed and dried socks. And then he decided to put gold coins prepared for daughters there.

Sutra girls found money in socks and shared such good news with other residents of the city. Naturally, the people believed in a miracle and decided that if on Christmas Eve to hang socks around the house, then the sutra in them you can find something pleasant and valuable. Since then, such a tradition has taken root and has become an integral part of the celebration of the Nativity of Christ.

What can be socks?

Christmas socks can be very different, no rules for their manufacture or restrictions associated with such species, such as an attribute, do not exist. But since Christmas is a bright family holiday, it has long been customary to decorate such an accessory in an original way, to decorate it abundantly and make it bright, so that Santa Claus will certainly notice it and put it inside the treat.

The colors can be very different, but bright colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue and others, associated with fun and a festive atmosphere are especially welcome. But it is not necessary to make socks monotonous, they can be multi-colored, decorated with themed Christmas or other patterns.

Special attention is paid to the decor, it is desirable not to get round. As a rule, the upper part of the sock is decorated, that is, its gum. In various photographs and illustrations, socks decorated with fur edges are often found, but you can use any other materials or details, such as satin ribbons, beads, fir branches or cones, artificial berries or fruits, glitter, beads, rhinestones and much more. But the basis of the product can also be bright, you can create a whole appliqué on it, it will only benefit from this appearance of the accessory.

How to make socks for Christmas do it yourself?

Christmas socks are quite possible to make their own hands, and there are a lot of options. The most interesting are discussed in detail below.

Sweater socks

To make the original socks, use any old sweater. In addition to the basic material, you also need tracing paper, felt, braid, scissors, thread, sewing machine, buttons, yarn and crochet hook, as well as glue or glue gun.

  1. Make a pattern on the tracing paper by drawing the details of the sock (the simplest one will consist of two identical parts, but the cuffs (elastic) and the base can be divided).
  2. Now cut the front and back parts from the old sweater and sew them with the front ones, using a needle and thread, and a sewing machine, if there is one, is better. Sew the details along the edge twice so that the threads do not break (otherwise it didn’t work out for a long time and it will look messy).
  3. Sew tape around the edge of the cuff.
  4. Remove the sock and proceed to the decor. You can make an interesting fringe out of yarn: cut it into small pieces of the same length and thread it with a crochet hook along the bottom edge of the ribbon.
  5. Any application can be cut out of felt and glued to the toe with a glue gun. Add it with buttons, attaching them in the same way.

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Snowman Socks

Socks can be easily sewn, it’s simple. For the manufacture will need:

  • any material, for example, cotton, knitwear, felt, fleece (it is better to use soft, but dense, so that the finished product is voluminous and keeps the shape well);
  • needle and thread;
  • paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • material of a contrasting color, ribbon or strip of fur for decoration of the upper part;
  • white polyester or felt;
  • beads.

  1. First you need to make a paper blank, drawing and cutting a sock.
  2. Using the workpiece, cut the front and back of the parts from the material. Keep them in facial terms and sew around the edge, then turn out. The base is ready.
  3. Then you can go to the most interesting — to the decor. On the edge of the cuff, you can sew a strip of fur or other material (preferably white or contrasting with the main color).
  4. Now proceed to the manufacture of applications in the form of a snowman. Roll one ball out of felt or sintepon, flatten it to make it flatter, and then fix it on the toe with glue. Thus, attach the second ball, but it should be smaller than the first and above it. Next, make a head of a snowman, attach and her.
  5. Make eyes, a nose and a mouth from beads, having sewed them.
  6. Embroider the snowman’s hands.
  7. Done!

Quilted socks with a Christmas tree branch and cones

To make original quilted socks with an interesting decor, prepare:

  • material for the manufacture of the outer part of the sock;
  • soft material for a lining, for example, a synthetic winterizer;
  • spruce branch;
  • cone;
  • threads;
  • sewing machine;
  • wide braid;
  • scissors, paper and pencil.

Description of the manufacturing process:

  1. First draw a sock on paper and cut it.
  2. Cut the four parts of the future sock on the paper blank: two face and two purl.
  3. Pair up the parts in order to end up with two parts: the reverse and the front. Between them, lay a layer of lining, all together sew around the edge of a sewing machine, and then quilted.
  4. Sodru two quilted pieces, sew them together. Sew a wide band around the edge to completely close the seams.
  5. Also decorate the upper part of the product with braid.
  6. Sew a spruce twig and a cone to the cuff.


Some useful tips:

  • If the family is large, then you can sign all the socks by attaching pieces of paper or cloth with names to them.
  • Usually socks are hung over the mantelpiece, but not every home has a fireplace, and certainly not every apartment. But there are no clear rules and places, so hang such accessories anywhere, for example, above the bed, on the closet, on the door or in any other areas of the room. In addition, the sock can be an interesting Christmas decoration.
  • It will be great if every member of the family will make a sock with his own hands and give it to someone from his family. Such gifts are especially appreciated and uplifting.
  • If you know how to knit, then just knit Christmas socks.
  • Show your imagination! Perhaps you will get something more interesting than the options described above.

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