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Doors for the bathroom (41 photos): how to choose and install the curtains

How to choose and install the door for the bathroom (41 photos)

Our article is a review, because each of us puts its meaning in the concept of “Bathroom doors”. So, the doors can be called as curtains for the bathroom, and sliding panels, as well as hinged casement screen installed under the bathroom.

To make it clearer what you are talking about, see below and read on!

Bathroom Door Curtains

Bath screen with doors

If you are a fan of taking a bath, but without a refreshing shower, you cannot imagine your life, then your ideal option is to fix the shower curtain on the bath.

Door-curtain is a very convenient and very useful accessory that will fit into the decoration of any bathroom, even an extremely small one.

The advantages of curtains for the bathroom:

  • practicality — during showering the water will not be sprayed all over the floor of the bathroom,
  • hygiene — these doors are perfectly washed and cleaned,
  • convenience — while taking bath procedures, you can feel free to restrain yourself in movement, being afraid to spill water on the floor,
  • aesthetics — the doors-curtains refresh the interior of the bathroom, especially if they are properly selected by design,
  • compactness — occupy a minimum of space (especially folding curtains),
  • ease of assembly — if you wish, you can install the bath door yourself,
  • durability — unlike fabric and oilcloth blinds.

In the modern construction market, bath doors are presented in a huge assortment; models of different shapes, colors and sizes are sold.

Depending on the material of manufacture, the door curtain can be made:

Glass doors have a thickness of 4-8 mm. Doors of tempered safety glass, of course, out of competition, they are perfectly washed, better quality, durable, and of course, expensive, and the doors of polyesterol — more popular, as available at the price of any family. Polyester blinds are presented on the market in a rectangular format, on the sides of the valves — a white profile.

When buying curtains for the bathroom, you need to consider the width of the bath or the size of the niche in the wall where the bath is installed.

Bath curtains are of three types:

Depending on the shape of your bath, the curtains are divided into:

  • single-section and three-section — designed specifically for rectangular baths,
  • four-section — ideal for corner baths,
  • two-, five-and seven-section — perfect for all types of baths.

Consider the most popular models of curtains for the bathroom.

Two-section folding doors for the bathroom

Such a curtain consists only of two main parts that are easily folded and then the whole structure turns to the wall. When folded, this door-curtain almost does not take place. In the building stores are models of two-section curtains width of 1045 mm.

Stacked — and order!

Installation dimensions for doors

Two-section semi-folding curtain doors

Such curtains consist of two parts: the first is fixed, the second is folding. The flap folds easily into the bathtub. This model is of two types — for the left and right versions. Usually two-section half-folding doors are made of safety glass. With the help of two holders — short and long curtain securely attached to the wall of the bathroom.

Semi-folding sliding model

Installation dimensions of the two-section door

Three-section doors

Sliding three-element curtains for the bathroom: consist of three parts of equal width: one fixed and two sliding. These doors are perfect for baths in a niche, because the 180-degree rotation of the barrel easily allows access to the bath both on the right and on the left. With the help of the three elements of your bathroom will turn into a cozy shower area.

This model is perfect for standard baths — cast iron or acrylic.

A flick of the wrist gives a shower

Sketchy view of the three-section doors

Tricuspid bath curtain

The model of the three elements of a fully folding type. After taking a shower, she quickly and easily turned back to the wall. The standard dimensions of such a curtain under the bath are 1255 mm (width) and 1330 mm (height). Perfect for rectangular baths.

Fully collapsible design

Installation dimensions «treshki»

Four-section doors

This option — a great symbiosis of the bath and shower. Four-fold curtain doors are ideal for an angular bath. Thanks to them, all the space above the bathroom will be securely closed from prying eyes.

Comfort and warmth during the adoption of hygienic procedures you provided

Schematic representation of a four-fold screen

Five-element «harmonicas»

From the point of view of practicality and space saving, the door for the bathroom in the form of an accordion is the most effective. Usually the total width of this model of the curtain is 1135 mm.

Five in one — interesting design and practicality.

Schematic representation of the «harmonics»

Ravak, Aquaform, Wagnerplast Selena, Happe, Sokolglas, Radawai Treviso, etc.

Options stained glass curtains for the bathroom

Bath doors can be made not only from clear glass or polyester. If you have a combined bathroom, then when choosing curtains, it makes sense to pay attention to models with opaque doors.

As you can see, shower doors-curtains will help to make your bathroom extremely comfortable and hygienic room — they will perfectly protect surrounding furniture and objects from splashes of water. A roller shutter mechanisms are extremely simple and easy to use. So the choice is yours!

Bath screen with doors

Now let’s talk about the screen, but not about blue and liquid crystal, but about plastic, plasterboard, wooden and even glass. Bath screen closes a water and sewer pipes, but the decoration of the bathroom — not his only purpose.

If at its design to provide swing or sliding doors under the bath, then a good half of the bottles and jars of household chemicals can be placed there.

Doors also save you from a long and very undesirable procedure.

Convenient, beautiful and functional

And if you decide to go further, then we bring to your attention a screen-wardrobe. Behind its doors there are special shelves for convenient storage of household items: gloves, brushes, rags and other equipment.

However, the «furniture» is somewhat lower.

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