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Do-it-yourself bathroom decor (50 photos): decorative bath legs, wall decor in a small bathroom

Bathroom decor (50 photos): the most spectacular ways

If it is too early to do the repairs, and it has long been desirable to diversify the appearance of the bathroom, you can always design and implement a bathroom decor with your own hands.

As in the other rooms of our house, there are enough objects in the bathroom, to which you can put your imagination first and then skillful hands. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to carry out large-scale alterations — as practice shows, several added or modified elements are quite capable of drastically changing the impression of a bathroom.

Where to make the effort?

Such a task as decorating a bathroom gives us a truly unlimited field for experimentation.

It is possible to decorate, improve and optimize almost everything, starting from the bathroom itself and ending with bathroom ceiling lights.

And yet in the work on decorating the bathroom can be divided into several areas:

  • Decoration of the decoration (wall decor in the bathroom, ceiling decor)
  • Work with light (replacement of lamps, changing their location, adding decorative lights)
  • Textiles (rugs, curtains)
  • Bathroom accessories

When developing and implementing a bathroom design project, it is important to consider all these aspects. That is why we consider each of them in detail.

Decoration in the bathroom

The decoration of the bathroom itself is an important part of the decor, as it is the walls, the ceiling and the flooring for all our design exercises.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity, consider the color scheme in advance, because over time to change it (especially for walls, tiled or plastic-sheathed panels).

Bathroom «under the tree»

The decor of a small bathroom will look more advantageous if its walls are finished with materials in bright colors.

The best combination is a dark floor, lighter walls and a practically white ceiling. Such a gradient from dark to light can visually increase the height of a small room.

Bathrooms are large areas represent a larger field for experimentation, in contrast to the design of small bathrooms. A large bathroom is quite possible to decorate in high-tech style, using contrasting combinations of colors and a large number of details made of polished metal.

Different ways:

  • The easiest and most economical way to quickly transform a bathroom is special vinyl stickers designed for use in high humidity conditions.
    Made of waterproof material, such stickers will last a very long time and will not peel off with time.
    The range of these decorative accessories is so wide that you only need to choose — decorate the bathroom with shells and tropical fish. Or on the wall of the whole panel.

Bathroom stickers

Mosaic in the bathroom

Mosaic is more difficult to manufacture (and more expensive). Instead of a part of the tile, you can place a mosaic densely, representing an ornament or a plot picture.
Most often mosaics for the bathroom are made of special vitreous material, but the most expensive types of mosaics in their composition are metallic, imitating gold or silver.
Decorating the walls in the bathroom with a mosaic would be appropriate if the mosaic fits into the overall concept — both stylistically and in plot.

  • High humidity in the bathroom is a factor seriously limiting the flight of fancy, but if you try, you can decorate the walls of the bathroom panels of natural wood. Oak panels are especially appropriate, especially if there are marine motifs in the bathroom design.

However, experiments with finishing Light in the bathroom is not limited.

As practice shows, if you own at least a few hand-made techniques — making stained glass windows, decoupage, craquelurers, weaving from various materials — then you can convert the bathroom fairly quickly and effectively. Fortunately, information about the means for creativity in the stores is enough!

Light in the bathroom

Another important aspect in which the design of the bath can be realized is the lighting decor.

Most often, bathrooms are equipped with standard pendant lights, or fish-eye eyes built into the ceiling.

To dilute this boring lighting, you can:

  • Replacing fish-eye plafonds with tinted and textured glass — so the overall lighting in your bathroom will have an inimitable charm.
  • Pick up lampshades or ceiling lamps for wall-mounted lamps in harmony with the general stylistic solution of the room. For example, sealed lights, made “antique”, or imitations of kerosene lamps will look very good.
  • Add a decorative light by mounting, for example, a mini-flashlight in one of the shelves of the closet that displays an image of moving sea waves on the ceiling.

Naturally, we should not forget about the functionality of the lighting.

For example, a small hanging flashlight near the mirror can quite well fit into the decor of a small bathroom.

Bathroom textiles

Bath screens

The bathroom is a place of high humidity, so there is no place for the lovers of textiles to roam.

However, at a minimum, a bath mat, towels and a curtain can be turned from faceless objects into worthy accessories.

  • Bath mats can be selected a variety of — from the visibility of modern, rubber to imitate antiquity braids made of natural material.
    However, it should be remembered that the main tasks of such a rug are not to allow your feet to slide on the wet floor and freeze.
  • Well, and a curtain for a bathroom is in general a «not plowed field» for a decor. Here you can either dwell on one of the many design options, and create your own, unique picture. The main thing is that the bathroom curtain reliably protects the room from splashing water!


Well, and finally, we will try to “embrace the immense” — consider accessories available for purchase or manufacture that can transform a bathroom.

A mirror is a must-have item in every bathroom. However, without the décor elements, the bathroom mirror does not make the proper impression. — you need to either reverse the mirror with the original frame — or decorate its very plane.

Stained glass translucent colors look very good on the mirror — with their help you can make your mirror unique. Such a mirror, no doubt, will cheer up every morning!

Bathtub with decorative legs

You shouldn’t change the sink or bathroom, but you can easily install the legs for the bath — decorative of polished bronze or chrome-plated steel.

And if you prefer to close the bottom of the bathroom — then it can be made of frosted glass with sandblasted design.

And numerous shelves, hooks and cups are truly a storehouse of work for those who have decided to seriously transform the bathroom. The main thing — do not get carried away, and do not turn the bathroom into a collection of trinkets, because, as you know, the best design is a functional design!

Bathroom decor with their own hands hides a truly great opportunity to transform the room, and turn the standard bathroom into a design room. The main thing is to make an effort, and your bathroom will soon become the bathroom of your dream room!

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