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Design of 2-room apartment: 50 best solutions

Design of 2-room apartment: 50 best solutions of the year

If you decide to start repairing a 2-room apartment or simply plan to change its appearance, then it is worth taking a responsible approach to the issue of interior design. Having developed a suitable and stylish design, you will transform the house beyond recognition!

How to use the rooms?

The space of a 2-room apartment, in fact, is divided into two parts, but they can be used in different ways. The most common options are:

  • If there is a child in the family, then it is advisable to make one room a nursery, and another — an adult bedroom or a living room-bedroom (the latter option is preferable if you often take guests home).
  • One room can be a full-fledged bedroom (it can accommodate both parents and a small child), and the second one — a living room.
  • If the owner of a 2-room apartment is a lonely business person (for example, a businessman), then one room can be used to accommodate a berth and equipment for a full-fledged office, and the second — to create a cozy and spacious living room in which the owner can hold meetings with clients or partners.

Successful redevelopment

If for some reason you are unhappy with how space is delimited in your apartment (for example, the rooms are too small), then you can start large-scale changes — redevelopment. But before you decide on such an important step, weigh the pros and cons well. First, remember that the process can be very costly, time consuming and time consuming. Secondly, carrying dismantling is not exactly subject. Thirdly, in any case, you need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities.

So, the most common ways of redevelopment:

  • Combining a kitchen with an adjacent territory and turning these two rooms into a living-dining room. But in all cases, firstly, it is better to isolate working areas and hide from prying eyes, and secondly, complete dismantling is prohibited. The current regulations are in force, as gas appliances should not be in a living room.
  • Combining toilet and bathroom. If these rooms are so tight that all the tenants feel extremely uncomfortable in them, then the demolition of the wall will help free up the space and use it rationally. But if the family is large, then such a decision may not be beneficial and create a lot of inconvenience.
  • Demolition of the interior partition, that is, the union of two living rooms. As a result, you get your design and become a spacious studio apartment that has become so popular lately. But this option is suitable only for a lonely person or a couple without children. If a family with children lives in the apartment, then everyone needs a personal isolated space, and when you combine the rooms, this will become almost impossible. If you prefer this option, then take care of zoning. For example, a bed can be separated by a screen, and working space can be hidden behind a rack or closet.
  • Accession to the living room balcony or loggia. The owner of a 2-room apartment, who is dissatisfied with its small area, can take this step. But find out in advance whether it is possible to dismantle the wall, because if it is a carrier, then it is prohibited. And also take care of a complete loggia insulation, otherwise the room will be cold.
  • A less common option is to join part of the corridor to the living room. But still don’t fully sacrifice them. Firstly, in any apartment there should be a space in front of the door used for putting on outerwear and storing it. And be sure to limit this area, otherwise it may become less comfortable in the living room.

Do I need a single style?

To design was complete, and the space — orderly and united, designers recommend for interior design 2-room apartment, choose one style and maintain in it all the rooms, including utilitarian (kitchen and bathroom). And all the tenants should be satisfied, so it is worth taking a very responsible choice. If everyone has different tastes, they will have to try to find a compromise. It is advisable to stay in some neutral and calm direction associated with comfort. It can be Mediterranean, classic, Scandinavian.

Good zoning

To make the room insulated, use the door. And it is desirable to choose the same, so that the design was unified and harmonious. Doors will be required in the bathroom, toilet and bedroom. And the entrance to the living room can be arranged using the original passage, for example, arched. It is not necessary to close the kitchen, although the door in such a room can be very useful, because it will prevent the spread of smells of different dishes throughout the space of a 2-room apartment.

For finishing, you can use a variety of materials, but still when you purchase it is necessary to adhere to the links for style decoration. And if you choose one direction, then the floor may be the same in all living rooms. Use parquet, laminate and so on. For finishing utility rooms, you can choose a different material, more practical and resistant to pollution and moisture (tile or linoleum).
As for the decoration of the walls and the ceiling, it can vary in different rooms, this will make the design more original, as well as take into account the wishes of the owners of the room, giving each area individuality.

If your goal is to save space, that is, modern compact furniture, especially built-in furniture, it can free up enough space for movement and freedom of action. Modular complexes are becoming especially popular, and they are used everywhere: in the bedroom, living room, in the kitchen or even in the toilet. By choosing this option, you can create exclusive compositions and easily change the design and appearance of the premises.

Plan the location of the lighting fixtures, such as installing a suspended or suspended ceiling. More modern and in most cases convenient diffused lighting. And some devices can be original and stylish and used for decoration.
It is desirable that the windows in all rooms of a 2-room apartment are the same, firstly, it is profitable, and secondly, the overall interior design becomes harmonious.
Accessories can be original, functional and useful at the same time, it will make the apartment more practical and comfortable. But from the cute little things should not be abandoned. Now your one-bedroom apartment acquires a stylish and original look, thanks to your efforts.

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