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Decorative plaster in the bathroom (39 photos): do-it-yourself decoration

Decorative plaster in the bathroom (39 photos): no longer exotic

More recently, decorative plaster in the bathroom (perceived as a rather exotic way of finishing.

However, currently available waterproof materials for plastering walls make it possible to use decorative plaster on a par with traditional ways of finishing the bathroom — wall panels. Paint and tile.

Advantages of decorative plaster in the bathroom

On the advantages of decorative plaster in the bathroom in general, you can talk for a long time, because if it is a question, then select the wall in the bathroom, this type of wall decoration is extremely popular.

Decorative plaster creates beautiful embossed surfaces, well masks small irregularities of the walls, it is possible to decorate the room in almost any color range due to painting.

However, what is good in the bathroom decorative plaster?

  • One of the main advantages of decorative plaster — its vapor permeability. This property of the finishing material is very important, as the high humidity of the bathroom places high demands on the quality of the material.
  • Thanks to its vapor permeability, decorative plaster creates a favorable microclimate in the bathroom and prevents the development of fungus.
  • Well, and the last — though not so significant, but an important advantage.
    When finishing the walls in the bathroom using decorative plaster mirrors and glass — excess water is removed due to the absorbing properties of the finish.

Decorative plaster for the bathroom

The better to plaster?

Redecorating plaster

Decorative plaster for the bathroom can be applied to the concrete base, however, to ensure the correct quality of the surface, the decor should be applied on the plastered wall.

And here a completely natural question arises — what is the plastering of the wall in the bathroom?

The first and rather obvious answer is universal mixes (for example, Rotband plaster), which are designed for virtually any surface.

In any case, as a binder component in such mixtures of the project is cement and not gypsum, therefore, they are quite suitable for plastering a bathroom under moisture resistant decorative plaster.

The second option, which appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, is the so-called sanitizing plaster.

They are more durable than universal blends, with several advantages:

  • Form a waterproofing layer, which is important in the bathroom,
  • Possess high sulphite resistance
  • Adsorb excess moisture and optimize the microclimate in the bathroom
  • Easy to apply on base
  • Nele cracks with time
  • Non-toxic substances

These mixtures are perfect for creating an alignment layer. But for the finishing one should still use a special decorative plaster.

Venetian plaster in the bathroom

The most common type of decorative plaster used in the bathroom is, of course, Venetian plaster.

Imitating the surface of the marble, it will create a truly unforgettable impression in your bathroom.

Decorative plaster is applied as follows:

    On a dry wall, leveled with a sanitizing plaster or cement-based plaster mixture with a wide trowel, apply a thin base layer of decorative plaster.
    When applying it, we try to lay the material in such a way that the lines between the spatula passages are not visible.

Applying a layer of plaster

After the layer dries, apply a second decorating layer.

  • On a decorating layer using a narrower spatula we apply smears of the textured layer. A narrow trowel leaves strips forming a unique pattern.
  • We treat the dried textured layer with emery paper, and in order to protect it from moisture, we still work in the bathroom! — we cover with special wax composition for decorative plasters.
  • Sanding paper

    The decorative plastering performed in this way in the bathroom is very impressive: waxed walls have a texture and luster characteristic of natural polished stone.

    So the result is worth the effort!

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