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Decorative beams on the ceiling — 30 photos

Decorative beams on the ceiling — 30 photos

The wood used in the interior is always associated with comfort and unique warmth. Wonderful setting. There are many simple techniques that bring the charm and warmth of natural wood into the house. One of these elements is decorative beams on the ceiling. Such a solution will wonderfully create a revival and a very cozy atmosphere in your home.

Options for using decorative beams on the ceiling

Do not be mistaken that this element is applicable only in a country house, because in any apartment it will also be a wonderful decoration. Often, for this purpose, use polyurethane falshbalki. This interior decoration has both advantages and disadvantages. Please note that this element may not fit every style of the house, so you need to carefully select it so that it perfectly complements the ceiling design you have created.

The advantages of ceiling beams:

  1. If they are applicable in a room with high ceilings, then it is great to emphasize its free space and volume.
  2. In a rather high room, such a reception will help to visually reduce the level of the ceiling, which will give the room excellent comfort and proportionality.
  3. When using hollow beams, wiring and other communications passing under the ceiling are perfectly hidden. Also, such products can be used for embedding lamps as a box.
  4. The beams on the ceiling are great to create a harmonious interior in the attic and attic rooms. This technique will make the ramp ceiling more complete and orderly.
  5. Simplicity of installation by means of the small weight of such beams.
  6. Excellent job with the task in achieving the originality of the design of the premises.
  7. False felts made of polyurethanes are not amenable to damage to parasites and rotting, and also perfectly imitate the texture of wood.
  8. A wide range of colors will allow you to choose any shade for your interior.
  9. Relatively low cost of the product.

As you can see, only part of the chest. Thanks to it, you can hide a lot of flaws in the room, as well as to emphasize its advantages. But also available in the minus, is that the ceiling beams can not be used in a room with low ceilings. In this case, they visually reduce it.

What color beams should choose?

If you want to pay everyone’s attention to the ceiling, then you should choose beams with different contrasting colors. Ceiling beams that contrast with the overall interior, will attract the views of your guests. The most commonly used combination of white ceiling and dark wood. This solution is very effective, so you will surely be pleased with it.

You can also use beams that completely blend in color with the sign of the background. Do not be mistaken in the fact that they will be completely invisible in this case. In fact, with the help of shadow space, as well as in the presence of additional visual volume, therefore this solution is used quite often in the interior.

Optionally, a contrasting combination of ceiling and beams can be performed only in dark and white colors. In fact, here you can perfectly swing in terms of fantasy. You can use any color spectrum. This may be a yellow ceiling with blue beams or any other combination. The main thing is that your solutions are perfectly supported by other elements of decoration and interior details in the room.

Harmonious use of beams on the ceiling

Due to the fact that the beams have a diverse, decorative design, it is possible to use them for the design of almost any interior. If the room is decorated in ethnic style, then you can use beams made of natural wood, as well as products made of polyurethane with a texture resembling wood. But the beams with a glossy surface, perfectly fit into the interior with a high-tech design.

People who prefer only the classic style in the interior, you can use beams with a decorative coating, such as painting, carving and vignettes. To add room elegance and luxury, you can paint them in silver or a delicate shade to the color of the ceiling. If you prefer a rather modern style, then in such a case, beams with a smooth surface of a dark, white or gray color will suit perfectly. They perfectly emphasize the restraint and severity of the interior.

For the room, made in an expressive or creative style, fit beams, painted in defiantly bright colors. Such solutions can only be matched by the brave ones. They are very uplifting and refresh the room. Often a beam construction with a metallic luster, used in conjunction with brick walls. Such a solution creates an excellent and unique loft style. A special tradition is to use a combination of metal and glass, open wires, lamps without lampshades and bare bricks.

Of course, lovers of rural style also can not do without the use of beams in the interior. In this case, you are recommended to use only wooden beams on the ceiling. As for their color, here you can give free rein to your wide fantasy and use materials of any color. Particularly well suited in this case is the game on color contrasts. You can arrange dark beams on a light background or vice versa. If you prefer Provence style in the interior, here you should use narrow beams of light shades.

Rules for the location of beams on the ceiling

You should know that not only the colors will affect the style and mood of the room. Also on the geometry of the room is greatly affected by the location of the beams on the ceiling. If you stand them by the rules and do not allow mistakes, you can enjoy your work for many years. To do this, just follow some rules.

  • Across the ceiling.
  • If you do not want to change the geometry of the room, then place the beams in a cruciform position. Such a finish will add volume to the room and will resemble a coffered ceiling.
  • If you need to make the room as elongated, then you will need to arrange the elements along the longest side of the room.
  • To select a specific part of the room, you should arrange only a part of the ceiling. You can use the figure arrangement in the form of a lattice or Christmas tree.
  • You can also design the dividing zone in the room with the help of these elements. In this case, only one beam should be located at the junction of these zones. In such an element, you can mount fixtures that give the room an extra style.
  • If the room has a very low ceiling, then you can hide it visually with the help of beams. For this you need to equip structures that will move to the walls.
  • To hide a very high ceiling, you can arrange decorative beams in the interior below the ceiling, fixing them on the wall. Beams floating in the air, visually lower the level of the ceiling.

Wooden ceiling beams

If you plan to use wooden beams in the interior, then you should know exactly about their application. It is possible to use them only in a private house. In addition, the use of this element should be highlighted during the construction of your house. The use of such a heavy construction to decorate the interior is completely unjustified. Such beams are made, mainly from larch.

The advantages of wooden beams:

  • Environmentally friendly and natural material.
  • Very spectacular appearance.
  • Ability to hide communications under the beam, drops in the ceiling and wires.

Disadvantages of wooden beams:

  • Pretty expensive finishing material.
  • Heavy weight.
  • Low moisture resistance.
  • The complexity of installation.
  • Exposure to decay and decay.

Of course, to use elements resembling wood, it is not necessary to purchase beams from real wood. They can be replaced with false beams under the tree. This element perfectly replaces the real tree, while it will have more reliable characteristics. It can also be easily used not only in your house, but also in any apartment.

Polyurethane beams

To replace the natural beams, you can easily choose such items that are made of polyurethane. This material of excellent quality perfectly imitates the surface of wood. They can resemble both a varnished smooth surface and an aged beam. In addition, polyurethane falshbalki are quite affordable material for decoration and property advantages.

Advantages of polyurethane beams:

  • Ease of installation.
  • Low weight.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Do not rot.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • You can choose beams for any interior.
  • Increased moisture resistance.

Video — installation features of decorative wooden false walls

To carry out the installation of beams on the ceiling, you can use various methods. If the materials are heavy enough, then they can be mounted on a crate of metal profiles or wooden slats, which are pre-fixed on the ceiling. But the elements of low weight can be perfectly attached to liquid nails. To provide a more secure attachment of a heavy element, a combination method should be used.

Summing up

As you can see, beams on the ceiling, as a decorative element, can be used in almost any room. In this case, you are not recommended to forget about the properties of this material and the style of your interior. You can not only decorate your wonderful home with their help, but also make it more original. If you dream of a very cozy and beautiful interior design, the ceiling beams will be the perfect solution in this case.

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