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Decor room teenager: different options and original ideas

Decor room teenager: different options and original ideas

Any teenager dreams of a personal territory, and it should be not only isolated and functional, but also stylish. Let me make it just so interesting ideas for your own teen room.

What is considered in the decoration of the teenage room?

So that the design of the room is not only attractive and stylish, but also satisfying the requirements

  • The sex of the child. If a teenage girl will certainly appreciate the cute and romantic accessories, then the boy’s preferences will be completely different, and it is worth taking into account.
  • The overall style of the room. If it is framed in a certain direction, then all decorative elements should correspond to it in order for the interior to look uniform, harmonious and stylish.
  • Surely the owner of the room has his own taste, and he will become a fundamental criterion, because the design should like, first of all, the one who will spend in the room most of his time.
  • Interests of a teenager. If he is interested in music, he will certainly appreciate the stylized musical accessories and attributes, such notes, various instruments. A novice athlete will be happy thematic sports decor.
  • Budget. If it is limited, then you should not despair, because costs can be minimal, and sometimes they are not needed at all. But you have to show imagination and master creative skills, which is very exciting.

Wall decor

Walls are a huge space for decoration and flight of fancy, that is why they are used for such purposes most often. And you can decorate them in different ways:

  • Photo. They can capture the most memorable, important or amusing moments of life, and this will allow you to create a special atmosphere in space, filled with pleasant memories and emotions. And the photo can be interesting to issue: print in black and white or in another brighter scale, enclose it in a creative frame, work out unusual, create interesting effects, or make a photo collage.
  • Pictures Moreover, the classical landscapes and still lifes are unlikely to be appreciated by the modern teenager, but he will definitely like the creative, bright and stylized images. So, you can choose an image in the style of pop art, and if the child draws and enjoys creativity, he can create a “masterpiece” on his own: all that remains is to put him in a frame and choose a decent place on the wall.
  • Panno. They can be made by hand and from a variety of materials, including improvised or even completely unnecessary. Use stones, broken glass, ribbons, pieces of cloth, buttons, artificial flowers, shells, sand, dishes and much more. The base will be a sheet of plywood, and all elements can be fixed on it with a universal glue.
  • ZD or photo wallpaper. One of the walls can be distinguished in this way. And this area will easily turn into a sunny seashore, impassable jungle, some landmark or cityscape.
  • Wall painting. If the walls are neutral and monochromatic, then the painting will surely revive them. Want something close to or a work of art? Then use the services of a professional artist. A simpler and more accessible way — drawing patterns or simple drawings using stencils. And if you or your child have artistic skills and talents, then take paints and brushes, catch inspiration and start creating.
  • Vinyl stickers. This modern decor allows you to decorate the walls without any extra effort and transform them, changing beyond recognition. So, against the background of neutral calm wallpapers, contrasting images will look especially organic and stylish.
  • An original accessory can become an independent accessory. And if you already have them, then you can try to change them a little, pasting with rhinestones or painting the dial.
  • Posters and posters. Surely a teenager has idols, favorite characters or movies, and visual reminders about them will be pleasant to the child, as well as decorate his territory and express personal preferences.
  • Flowers Floristic motifs will appeal to girls, and they can be used: in the form of bouquets, compositions, individual elements, plants in pots.
  • Hang a large mirror on the wall (especially by the way it will be in the girl’s room).

Ceiling and floor

The surface of the ceiling and floor, too, can and should be decorated. For example, on the floor in the center of the room or near the bed, lay a bright carpet with inscriptions or an original image. And it is interesting to decorate the ceiling with the help of unusual chandeliers or fixed and hanging cardboard or paper figures, old disks.

Window decoration

The window opening can also be used for decoration. And start with an integral part of its design — curtains. If they are boring and ordinary, replace them with bright and stylish, made in rich colors or augmented images. But two more lives can be resolved: scars: widen them with beads or bright threads, supplement with appliqués, decorate with the help of grabs or finished decorative figures.

White frame seems too ordinary? Color her! And if you do not know how to work with paints or are afraid to stain the wall and glass, then use self-adhesive film used for the restoration of furniture for transformation.

Glass can also be a field for creative work. Using acrylic paints, you can paint the window so that it pleases not only the owner, but also passersby or residents of the neighboring house.

We supplement and decorate furniture

The furniture in the room of a teenager should not remain boring, therefore, think over its decor. And it is worth starting with the biggest and, as a rule, occupying the central place of the object — the bed. The simplest version of the decoration — textiles. Replace the old bedspread with a new, brighter and more interesting. Lay out small pillows on the bed, and products of unusual shapes, for example, in the form of letters or animals, will look especially stylish. But it is best to decorate a wide headboard, because it can become a bright accent of the room. Try to make it soft, pasted over foam and wrapped in a cloth. You can also use artificial flowers, garlands, lanterns, soft toys and much more. And over the sleeping place can flaunt a stunning canopy, which will give the room a special charm and make the bed the most secluded place.

The rest of the furniture also deserve attention. For example, the cabinet can be supplemented with a mirror or contrasting slats. A chair or a pouf will look completely different if it is supplemented with a cover. In addition, figurines, photographs, vases can be placed on pieces of furniture. Also try to repaint or paint an old chest of drawers or chest.

Tip: for the decoration of furniture, you can use various techniques, such as decoupage, patination, crackle and many others.

We transform jewelry accessories

Surely there are already some accessories in the teen room. If it is not necessary to replace them, you can give such things a second life. And the decor can be subjected to absolutely all items, including those carrying a functional load.

  • Regular hangers can be painted in bright colors or wrapped with ribbons.
  • If there is an organizer on the desktop, decorate it: paint or animate it with stickers.
  • Nowhere to store pencils? Roomy and bright organizer can be made from a regular glass or plastic bottle, cutting off its upper part. Then just decorate the blank.
  • Try to make a bright box for storing jewelry. The basis may be taken from the usual packaging from under the shoe, made from cardboard. And then everything will depend only on fantasy. For example, you can glue the box with a cloth or leather, decorate with ribbons and beads.
  • If the room has flowers, you can decorate pots or coasters.


Some useful recommendations to parents who decide to do the decor of a teenager’s room:

  1. If the child’s tastes are radically different from yours or even frightening, you should not impose your opinion and ignore the wishes of the room owner. You can find a suitable course, suggest several alternative options, or try to come to a compromise that will suit everyone.
  2. No need to overload the room with decorative elements. Firstly, it is better to leave free space for flights of fantasy and further creative ideas, secondly, with an abundance of accessories, the interior can become ridiculous and motley, and the room itself looks like a warehouse.
  3. If a teenager often changes preferences, then you should choose accessories that are easy to update or replace.
  4. It is undesirable to choose expensive decorative items, because they can quickly get bored, which will make wasting. In addition, a lot of interesting things you can make yourself. Also in full-fledged accessories it is quite possible to transform almost any objects, and without extra expenses.
  5. A teenager should take an active part in decorating his room, so give him the opportunity to realize his ideas, show imagination and experiment. If a child puts his soul into the design, he will love and appreciate his “possessions” even more, because they become his personal, comfortable and stylish territory.
  6. Well, if all the elements will relate to one common theme. It could be a favorite character, a movie or a book, a living natural corner, a sports club or something else.

Thanks to the stimulating decor, the teenage room will be transformed, becoming modern, bright and stylish.

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