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Decor of a small bathroom: features and possible — Ideas for interior design, renovation, furniture

The decor of a small bathroom: features and options

If the room is small, then this imposes certain restrictions on the design of the design. It should be as simple as possible, but this does not mean that you have to completely abandon accessories. Below are some interesting ideas for decorating a small bathroom.

What should be the decor if the bathroom is small?

The small size of the bathroom is subject to some restrictions regarding the decor of this room. At registration it is necessary to be guided by the following principles:

  • Measure. It certainly needs to be respected, since a rich decor will inevitably overload a small room, it is still more crowded and cluttered with it, which, with a small area, is not only unacceptable but also inappropriate.
  • Conciseness and minimalism. It is not necessary to choose too complex and excessively bright elements, as they will attract attention to themselves and thereby focus on a certain point in space, visually narrowing it even more.
  • Matching room sizes. Since the area of ​​the bathroom is small, then the accessories should not be bulky either. If they are too large, it will create an imbalance and inappropriate contrast, emphasizing the main disadvantage of the room and focusing on its small size.
  • Functionality. Accessories can and should be useful so that every detail has its own purpose and serves to ensure comfort. For this reason, it is desirable to choose the functional elements of the decor that will also be used for decoration.
  • The desire to increase the space. Surprisingly, some elements of the decor not only overload the design, but also create a visual effect of expanding the boundaries, of course, if used correctly.

The decor in the finish

The decor may be present in the decoration, but it must be correct and carefully thought out. It is best to choose the most simple and smooth materials. And the most optimal and popular among them is the tile, which can be the background for accents and experiments.

There are several options for decorating tiles:

  • Using tiles of small sizes (large ones in a small bathroom are inappropriate), litter individual elements in an unusual way, for example, on a diagonal.
  • Complete the walls with an elegant or bright border. By the way, such decorative elements are often attached to the main material and, accordingly, are ideally combined with it.
  • Having chosen a separate area, you can lay it out in a mosaic, creating an ordered image or a chaotic abstract pattern. This kind of picture can be located above the bathroom or in any other area of ​​the room.
  • A single-tiled wall can be diluted with a contrasting horizontal line, which not only decorates the room, but also visually increases its boundaries. And the vertical lines visually raise the ceilings, but do not need to make them too frequent, if you do not want to achieve the effect of variegation.
  • Divide the walls into two planes, connecting tiles of two shades on their surface.

We use furniture and plumbing

Another background option for a decor is plumbing or furniture. And it is worth starting with a bath, because it is the central and often the largest element of the interior.

Interesting ideas for bath decor:

  1. Make a bright screen on your own. Moreover, it can be used not only for decoration, but also to carry a functional load, as well as create a support, as well as bury the space under the bathroom and allow it to be used as a storage area. In addition, so hide the defects of the old bath and avoid replacing it, giving this item plumbing. The basis of the screen can be a frame made of profile metal, lined with drywall. And then you can experiment: lay the surface with tiles or mosaics, paint and paint, decorate with old bat tiles or glass, cover it with textured waterproof plaster and create relief patterns, use mirrors or even improvised materials (stones, shells, pebbles and so on).
  2. An interesting solution would be to highlight the bath or tap.
  3. The role of an independent decorative element can be played by a curtain, if it is bright and stands out against the general background.

Furniture, too, can and should be decorated, especially if it is standard and banal. So, the usual hanging boxes or cabinets can be converted using adhesive strips, which, by the way, are very simple and convenient in operation. You can also update the facades, making them more bright and stylish. And if they are mirrored, then this technique will not only transform the furniture, but also diffuse the light and thereby visually increase the space. Another way to decorate which will bring fresh breath into the interior is vinyl stickers. Moreover, in the bathroom it is best to use stylized, thematic and personifying water elements, for example, figures of fish and other inhabitants of the deep sea, algae, shells.

Tip: the main set of furniture can be supplemented with shelves, and unusual or arranged in an interesting way, for example, on a ladder, in a checkerboard pattern.

Choosing the right accessories

And, finally, it is worth going to accessories, which, as you remember, must meet several requirements, such as functionality, proportionality and brevity. Consider a few separate categories.

Mirrors should be divided into a separate category, as they can be useful, but also functional load. So, with their help, we put in order, while in the bathroom, but they also change and expand the boundaries of space, if properly used.

Mirror panels can be arranged lockers or bath screen. Be sure to hang a large mirror over the sink. And if there is free space, this accessory may take up part of the wall. Moreover, it is best to place the mirrors so that they reflect the light and thereby diffuse it. But to make a fully mirrored one of the parties is not worth it, this technique can create the opposite effect and make the bathroom look like a corridor.

Be sure to use textiles. And the most necessary products in the bathroom are, of course, towels, which can be bright and decorated with images or prints. And you can create a whole composition, hanging several towels in a certain order, laying a special meaning.

Functional accessories

As it was already at the beginning of the article, accessories can be functional, but at the same time they will play the role of full-fledged decorative elements. You can use:

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