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Children’s room with a balcony: options for planning and design

Children’s room with a balcony: options for planning and design

Children’s room with a balcony is an excellent, although not the most popular option. And if you decide to allocate a child just such a room, then find out the features of its planning and design.

Advantages and disadvantages of a room with a balcony

If there is a balcony in the children’s room, then this has several obvious advantages:

  • There will be a lot of light in the room, since much more sunlight penetrates through the balcony than through a regular window.
  • The balcony provides intensive air circulation, as well as a more efficient ventilation procedure, because the area of ​​the balcony door is more significant compared with the casement window.
  • You have a lot of options for using the space of the balcony, and it does not have to be left empty: in this space you can equip a full-fledged room area.
  • The balcony allows you to increase the useful area of ​​the nursery, if you make it part of the interior of such a room.
  • If the beach is competent and careful, then the child’s room will become comfortable, warm, bright, spacious and stylish.
  • This feature opens up new possibilities, because it can be turned into a bright accent using an interesting design technique.
  • Possible heat loss. Indeed, heat can escape through the balcony, causing the room to become cold. And it is precisely this deficiency that frightens many parents and makes them abandon the idea of ​​using a room for arranging a nursery. But such a minus is completely disposable.
  • Finishing the balcony will certainly lead to additional costs, and significant, because you have to fully insulate and decorate the site.
  • If a child lives in this room, then, in order not to fall into it, you will have to disturb the young master, which is not always appropriate.

Planning: several options

There are several options for planning a children’s room with a balcony:

  1. You can leave everything as it is, that is, save the wall connecting the room with the balcony and the balcony door. In this case, the zone will be completely isolated and hidden most of the time from the eyes. And it is very convenient if the owner of the room wants to retire. And to make it comfortable and warm, you should take care of the insulation and consider heating by installing a mobile heating device. You can also save the main purpose of the balcony, that is, not to warm it, but only to think about the design, if you wish. But in this case, the room, in fact, will become ordinary, and all the advantages will be reduced to zero.
  2. The elimination of the balcony door. Instead, it will lead to the balcony in this case, and it can be designed in an original way, for example, in the form of an arch. In this case, the zone is only partially insulated, but with this layout, heat will penetrate from the room, and additional heating is most likely not required. And if you block the passage, you can achieve almost complete isolation and create an atmosphere of privacy.
  3. Combining a room with a balcony. This option is not always admissible, because if the wall is load-bearing, but it’s strictly forbidden. But even if it is not, it may require permission from the relevant authorities to carry out work and redevelopment. And if you succeed in accomplishing this, you will expand the boundaries of space and increase the area, which will definitely benefit, because the child needs a personal area, and the more spacious it is, the better. With this layout, the balcony will become an integral part of the room, but you can make it conditionally isolated by closing it with a curtain, a partition or a screen. As for the finish, you can both use the same materials throughout the space, and select the zone. And do not forget to insulate the outer wall to minimize heat loss.

How to use the balcony?

Balcony in the nursery can be used for a variety of purposes. Some ideas:

  • Game Zone. It can be arranged by placing a small sofa or chair on the balcony, as well as taking a plot for storing toys. It is advisable to lay a soft carpet on the floor on which the child will be comfortable to play.
  • Corner for creativity or a mini-workshop in which the child can do what he likes. First of all, equip a workplace, the role of which can play a table or even a window sill, enhanced with the help of a tabletop. Materials and fixtures can be stored on shelves or in a chest of drawers.
  • Sports section. If the house is new, then surely the balcony is solid and strong, and in this case, you can agree on this on several sports equipment or the wall of the Swedish.
  • Library. If the owner of the room likes to read, then you should use the zone just for this occupation. Books can be stored on shelves or racks, and the reader will be comfortable in a large chair. And do not forget about high-grade lighting, in such a corner it is extremely necessary.

TV lounge

It is possible to equip a miniature home theater with a flat spectrum on the balcony, seating, speakers and other devices. Here the child will be able to relax after study and relax, meet guests and spend time with them. For comfort, arrange space with a sofa, complemented by a pair of chairs.
The girl will definitely appreciate a separate dressing room in which you can store all your belongings and try on dresses. If a boy lives in a room, then a storage area can also be set up on the balcony.

Another is not the most common option — placing on the balcony of the bed. On the one hand, it is convenient, because the bed is hidden from prying eyes, so the room will not be perceived as a bedroom. But there are some nuances. First, the external walls must be fully insulated. Secondly, you should use noise insulation materials so that sounds coming from the street do not interfere with sleep. Thirdly, the windows will have to close the thick curtains, as the bright light can also distract from sleep.

Finishing features

Finishing a child’s room can be absolutely anyone, depending on the age of her young master, preferences (both the child and his parents), area and other factors. Usually used as safe and practical materials. So, the floor can be covered with laminate or linoleum. For the walls are suitable water-based paint, eco-friendly wallpaper, plaster. The ceiling can be painted.

Special attention should be paid to the design of the balcony area. And there are several ways.

Special attention should be paid to the decor, because it is designed not only to complement the design, but also interesting to beat the balcony areas and make it more comfortable.

To decorate a children’s room with a balcony, you can use:

  1. Curtains. And they can block not only the windows, but also the passage, replacing the door. For the design of the window opening, it is better to use light curtains or modern rolled structures made of translucent materials, because the main places should be a guarantee of natural lighting. But the passage can be closed with a heavy and dense fabric, and this will provide isolation of the zone, as well as creating an atmosphere of privacy.
  2. Flowers They may be present in minimal quantities, but you can easily create a living corner on the balcony with many potted plants.
  3. Pictures and photos. You can select one of the walls or even equip a mini-gallery or photo exhibition on the balcony. And this will definitely appeal to a child engaged in painting or taking a great interest in photography. And for the decor can be used his own work.
  4. Figurines and vases. They can be high, placed on the floor: if they are behind a balcony, including one attached to a room, they will not interfere, overload space and occupy useful space.
  5. Textile. It will not just become an ornament, but also create an atmosphere of comfort and help keep you warm. For example, lay a fluffy carpet on the floor, cover the furniture with covers or add covers, and lay out a few pillows on the sofa or chair.

The balcony in the nursery is not a problem. On the contrary, this feature can be used with advantage, turned into a plus and made an emphasis on design.

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