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Children’s room for three children: 25 photos

Children’s room for three children: 25 photos

Making the design of the nursery, taking into account all the requirements of the young inhabitant of the room is very difficult. And if you need to organize immediately for three children, then the task is much more complicated, because everyone needs to provide a personal corner. And so that everyone was comfortable and convenient, you will have to try and take into account a lot of important points.

Design Tasks

Making the design of the children’s room for three children, you must set yourself several important tasks:

  • Maximum free space. Yes, it is very, very difficult, especially if the room is small. But if you buy the most necessary compact elements of the interior, everything will turn out.
  • Allocation of personal space for each child. This may also seem almost impossible, but a young resident of a nursery should have his own corner in order to do favorite things, do homework, or simply retire if necessary.
  • Practicality. The space should be organized in such a way that each object has its own place and a certain purpose.
  • Comfort. In the nursery should be as convenient as possible, and each of the three children. To achieve this is not easy, so take care of competent zoning.


The first and most important stage, which should be given special attention, making out the design of the nursery — this is its zoning. And many parents ask themselves this question: are you worth doing for each of the three children? If they are heterosexual, and the age difference is more than 4-5 years, then it is necessary, because tastes, needs and interests will be completely different in this case, and it’s simply impossible to find a compromise and meet the expectations of every young resident.

The second important task of zoning is the selection of individual sections, release of a different purpose. In total, there are several zones:

  • Sleeping It will be located bed. It is desirable, in a place remote from the doors and windows, so that light or noise does not interfere with a good and sound sleep.
  • The game zone is necessary if among the three children there are small ones. And so that they develop fully, you need to allocate as much free space as possible for active games. In addition, it is desirable to equip the site and for quiet activities, for example, for modeling, drawing, reading, and so on.
  • Training area. If there are students among the three children, then they need a place to do their homework. It is most convenient to do this at the table. And if there are two or even three students, then it will be very problematic to put several tables in a small nursery, although this option is still optimal, because every child needs to create conditions for focusing on tasks and maximum concentration of attention.
  • Rest zone. Here you can put a compact sofa and a TV so that children can watch cartoons, as well as educational and educational programs. In addition, in this area, children can receive guests, but for this you should buy a bigger sofa. And in case someone decides to stay overnight, choose a folding model that transforms into a sleeping place.

Finishing work and the difficulties associated with them

The design of the nursery is, above all, decoration. But how to arrange the room to make it stylish and cozy, and at the same time to satisfy the requirements of all three children? Of course, you can allocate each a separate zone and arrange it in accordance with the wishes of the owner. But this option would be appropriate if a separate zone completely occupies one wall. If the area is small and several zones can do on one side of the room, the use of different finishing materials to decorate one surface can make the design excessively complex, which will spoil the interior and reduce the amount of free space.

So how to be? It is best to choose the most calm and simple materials for finishing the nursery for three children. For example, the floor can be covered with linoleum, parquet or laminate. Paint the walls, plaster or wallpaper. The ceiling can be suspended or tensioned, whitened or painted. And so that the design does not seem boring and monotonous, allow everyone to decorate each room for themselves. To do this, you can use paintings, panels, vinyl stickers, as well as drawings and patterns, created using stencils or with his own hand.

Choosing and arranging furniture

Filling the nursery, that is, the furniture used for its arrangement, not only emphasizes, and sometimes sets the overall interior design, but also provides practicality, comfort and functionality of the room.

So, what kind of furniture will you need?

  • The beds. The amount of free space, the design of the room, as well as the comfort of all its occupants will directly depend on which models are chosen and how they are placed. If the area is possible, then it is best to put three ordinary beds, then each child will feel comfortable. If there is not much free space, then you can place a complex of three pull-out beds (such ones are found in kindergartens). It is also possible the model can have two tiers: one in the form of a full-fledged berth, and two, combined in the lower tier and representing the steps (that is, the lowermost compartment will slide out). But such options are suitable for children with a small age difference. If the difference is significant, then you can buy one bunk bed and one regular single bed. And a separate bed should be allocated to the oldest child, it is necessary for its normal development. By the way, it is advisable to purchase beds with storage compartments.
  • Tables. If children attend school and study at home, they will definitely be required. As already mentioned above, you can purchase one table for each child and try to remove them from each other as much as possible so that students do not get distracted by the time of classes and can concentrate. A great option is the purchase for each resident of a children’s room of the complex consisting of a berth, a table and compartments for storage.
  • Cupboard. In it, children can store things. Selecting one cabinet for each child will be problematic, so you can buy one, but big. And it is desirable to choose a built-in coupe model, it is very roomy, but does not take up much space.

In a room especially designed for three children, there must be a lot of light. And one single central source will not provide enough, so either supplement it with a point source, or arrange a more convenient diffused lighting. This option, by the way, is not only practical, but also perfectly complements and refreshes the interior, and can also, if desired, provide conditional zoning.

If the children’s stretch ceiling, then you can place in it a few spotlights: along the perimeter, along the length of the room, in a zigzag or braid over separate zones. But do not forget about the other levels of the room, they should also be sufficiently lit. Use table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, various lamps.


Although the accessories refresh the design and make the room more comfortable, it’s definitely not worth overdoing them. Let every room owner choose something for himself. A small child can decorate with toys, adolescents, for a schoolchild athlete can use sports awards for decoration.

Do everything to make the nursery comfortable and cozy!

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