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Children’s room for Feng Shui: the rules of arrangement and color selection

Children’s room for Feng Shui: the rules of arrangement and color selection

What does every parent dream of? To the baby grew up healthy, harmoniously developed and intelligent. The parents approach the arrangement of the child with incredible maximalism, because it is here that the child will spend his free time, gain strength and do his homework. Ancient Chinese teaching — Feng Shui will help parents to create a space where the baby will feel protected and comfortable. After all, Feng Shui teaches to harmoniously exist with the world, and children are known to be very sensitive to objects, things that they face in everyday life. That is why the children’s room for Feng Shui will create a favorable atmosphere.

We look to the east — the location of the room

According to Feng Shui, the choice of rooms for each person in the house should not be random. We know that in this Chinese philosophy all phenomena and people are divided into Yin and Yang — two opposites. Energy Yang — development, movement, aspiration peculiar to children. So the choice of a room is to subordinate this particular energy

  • Child room should be the one that is closer to the entrance to the apartment or in the center. You should not choose the farthest room for the child — it will mean that the baby is in charge and all the tenants are subordinate to his energy.
  • The room should be located in the eastern part of the apartment, where the windows face the Sunrise. According to Feng Shui, the eastern part is a symbol of new beginnings and aspirations. But in the room itself there should be no more than two windows — otherwise the energy will «slip» out.

Zoned space

Perhaps the most important stage in the arrangement of a nursery is the distribution of zones according to Feng Shui. For accuracy, you can equip with a compass or Bagua mesh. As for the division of space, everything is simple — there should be as little as possible unnecessary things, and you should not use columns for the construction of partitions — this will interfere with energy flows. If you really want zot child choose the most lightweight screens or translucent fabrics. So, we proceed to the arrangement of furniture.

  • In the northeastern part of the nursery it is better to put a desk, because this sector is responsible for feng shui knowledge. Do not place the table in the corner. It is best to have the furniture facing the door and the window to the left of the child. Also, do not place the table in the space between the door and the window, since all the energy will pass by. If you put several stones on the windowsill — this will contribute to a better consolidation of knowledge.
  • Near the door is near the playing area. Since the entrance door of Feng Shui is an energetic part of the room, it is best to put a play mat or place toys here.
  • The bed should be placed on the wall where there are no doors or windows. According to Feng Shui, we do not recommend placing the bed so that the head is in the corner. Do not hang lockers or drawers above the bed — this will interfere with the movement of energy and good sleep. If you put a cabinet near the bed — it should be equal to the bed in height. It is best if both the sleeping place and the bollard are with rounded corners.
  • In the eastern part of the nursery do not place the overall furniture — a wardrobe, sofa, as this sector is responsible for the health of the child. Free space should prevail here. It is best to put an aquarium, a few plants, or just hang posters with landscapes and plants. But artificial reservoirs should not be located — according to Feng Shui, they «take» the health of the baby.

The right color is the right energy.

Since the kids are controlled by active and strong energy Yang, the nursery should be framed in juicy, bright and active colors. But here it is worth adhering to the rule of balance — dilute energy with a calm gamut.

  • In the recreation area — near the bed, preference should be given to soft and pastel colors that Yin loves energy. Blue, cream, pale pink shades will tune the child to a relaxing holiday.
  • The area where the desk stands should be decorated in neutral colors. These include gray, blue, white.
  • The part of the nursery where the playroom will be decorated with the most variegated shades — red, orange, yellow. The same rule applies to the sports corner.
  • According to feng shui, colors should be selected not by gender, but by the temperament of the child. For example, for a hyperactive baby, you should not choose red, orange and lime shades. But for a shy crumbs pick up curtains and textiles rich color, for example, crimson or shade of green foliage.

5 rules for maintaining a favorable atmosphere

Arrange the furniture and choose the right color — this is only half the battle, if you follow the rules of Feng Shui. Further, in the nursery it is necessary to constantly maintain order and cleanliness in order not to block the flow of energy. It is necessary to follow these rules:

  1. Teach your child to keep track of his toys and throw away damaged or broken objects. Teach him cleanliness and order. Chaos, scattered around the room things will impede the flow of Qi energy.
  2. In the room it is better to hang pictures, crafts that are made by a kid or just posters with images that cause a smile. But the posters, which depict anger, scenes of violence will generate negative energy.
  3. It is possible to increase the circulation of favorable energy with the help of “wind music”. This item should be placed in the western part of the room. Remember that in the «music of the wind» should be 7 tubes.
  4. In the southwestern part of the nursery, you can place paired objects, such as cars, figurines, collectible dolls. This sector of the room is responsible for communication.
  5. Accessories are selected on the same principle as the color scheme in the nursery. If a child, then he can hide behind him.

In order not to nullify all efforts, in the nursery it is necessary to keep order and cleanliness. According to feng shui, positive energy circulates well in ventilated, bright rooms, where there is no confusion and constant chaos.

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