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Children’s room for a boy — how to decorate the interior?

Children’s room for a boy — how to decorate the interior?

The design of the bedroom of a teenage boy has several features. This applies not only to the color scheme, but also to the general interior design, choice of furniture and style of the room.

Color spectrum

The photo shows that for the design of the bedroom of a teenage boy cold shades are most suitable, such as blue, lilac, blue, purple, green and so on. But all natural tones would be appropriate: brown, sandy, pistachio, milky, linen, beige, mustard, olive and others. Neutral colors are also suitable: gray, white, metallic and black.

Bright colors may well be used, but if flashy or “acidic” would be large in surface area (for example, ceiling, floor or walls), then this can be very annoying and distract from study, and this, of course, is undesirable. In addition, the room can not be too dark. In this case, it will seem gloomy and boring, and the occupant of the room will experience discomfort and difficulties during the performance of school homework.

Studying the photos of different interiors, we can conclude that the decoration can be almost anything, but a teenage boy will surely choose simple options without frills and romantic and cute “girlish” prints. For wall decoration, you can use vinyl or paper wallpaper, paint or plaster, including decorative (a boy can take part in its application and create an unusual embossed surface on his own). An interesting and unusual solution will be wallpaper, but they can be used to highlight only one wall, and it should be as free as possible. In addition, you can combine materials, but preferably not on one wall.

The ceiling can be whitewashed, and painted, and tension, and suspended. If you choose the last two options, you can create an interesting multi-level design that will allow even more interesting or even luck zones.

Simple and practical materials such as linoleum, parquet or laminate can be used to finish the floor. Various floor panels, tiles, and paint are also suitable. Stylish will look bulk floor. As for the patterns, they should be as neutral as possible. Abstract prints, geometric and neutral stripes will do.

Selection and placement of furniture

Choosing furniture in a teenage bedroom, you should pay special attention to its functionality. The design can be simple and calm.

The most important subjects:

  • A special place should occupy the bed. Choose a simple model with a headboard and with drawers at the bottom.
  • Bedside cabinet should also be as concise and functional as possible.
  • Table. Choose a functional, convenient and not too bulky model with drawers, shelves, as well as a retractable panel for a computer keyboard and a compartment for the processor.
  • Armchair. It is advisable to choose a model with armrests, comfortable back, wheels and functional systems and the backrest angles.
  • Cupboard. The ideal built-in coupe-type model would be ideal.
  • If all things do not fit in the closet, then in addition to the room you can place a chest of drawers.

Suitable stylistic directions

What is the best style to design a teen bedroom? The photo shows that the best will be interesting youth styles, involving the use of the most suitable for the boy tones, materials and objects.

Options and their brief descriptions:

  • Loft. Features: neutral tones, rough untreated surfaces, a combination of modern and old objects, unusual accessories, simple, but durable and functional furniture.
  • Sport style. Such a room may resemble a gym.
  • Techno-style. All items are modern, functional and high-tech. The main tone is gray, but there are bright accents.
  • Fusion is a mixture of styles and combinations of objects similar, for example, in shades, texture or some details.
  • New York is like a loft, but such a room is a single space. For dressing stylish and elegant accessories.
  • Pop art is bright accents on a calm background, stylish accessories, unusual furniture.
  • Minimalism. The colors are simple, the pieces of furniture are few, laconic and functional, the accessories are almost absent.
  • High tech. Features: neutral tones (gray, metallic, white) and bright accents, modern appliances and furniture.

Lighting a teenage boy’s bedroom should be, above all, sufficient. The ideal option would be scattered dot. First, it will provide the optimal amount of light, and second, it will additionally highlight each of the areas of the room. You can use halogen lamps mounted in a suspended or suspended ceiling. Hang a sconce over the bed. Be sure to place a desk lamp on the desktop. Moreover, it is desirable to choose a comfortable model on a long flexible leg, which allows you to change the direction of light.

You should not think that it is not necessary to supplement the design of the bedroom of a teenage boy with decor. On the contrary, accessories look stylish in the photo and in life, especially if you find the right options and skillfully use them.

Some interesting ideas:

  • Graffiti will look stylish and bright in the teen’s room. And the boy himself can create it, including together with his friends. The process itself will give a lot of pleasant emotions, and the decor will be unique and bold.
  • Vinyl stickers. Particularly interesting they look on plain walls and provided that the image will contrast with the main color of the surface.
  • The role of a full-fledged accessory can play a stylish watch, made in the form of a ship, map, ball or some other object.
  • You can use the globe. He will play the role of a stylish accessory, as well as help in studying.
  • Unusual lamps of complex shapes or in the form of any items.
  • You can also use photos for decoration, especially in bright frames.
  • On the wall you can hang a large map of the world. First, it will be actively used during classes. Secondly, in the future, the owner can mark on it the places he would like to visit or have already visited.
  • For the decor, you can use the flag.
  • Seemingly simple things will look unusual and interesting, but usually not used for interior decoration: tools, car parts, road signs, an anchor.
  • Bright youth posters and posters.
  • Pictures Actual bright and unusual images.
  • A special place in the room of a teenager can take his sports awards: cups, medals, diplomas and so on.
  • As an accessory can be used a mirror in a bright frame or an unusual form.


Some useful tips:

  1. Thinking through the design of a teenage boy, it is important to take into account his preferences and requirements. Yes, they do not always coincide with the thoughts of their parents, and sometimes they are irrational, but they are definitely not worth it at the level or to impose their own opinion. If you disagree with something, or the child’s ideas are close to crazy, then try gently, unobtrusively and almost imperceptibly directing thoughts in the right direction, or suggest several other equally interesting and vivid options.
  2. If you, as well as the owner of the room, can not choose the appropriate style and think over the design of the bedroom, then study the photos of different interiors. Perhaps you will find something worthwhile, interesting and suitable.
  3. One of the most important requirements for any teenager’s room is its functionality, because the child spends most of his time in the bedroom. In addition, the room will be combined several zones at once, which means that each piece of furniture must have its own purpose and a certain place.
  4. Choose an apartment to be at any time, to remain in constant search the teenager was able to make a permutation. That is, buying, for example, a table, choose a compact model of simple shapes that will fit not only in a particular part of the bedroom, but also in any other place of it.
  5. It is advisable to choose cheap finishing materials, as a teenager may soon want to change everything in his bedroom and make cosmetic repairs. And this is quite normal, because the views and tastes in transitional age change quite often and dramatically.

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