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Children’s Provence style: how to make a design cozy and spacious?

Children’s Provence style: how to make a design cozy and spacious?

The design of the nursery should be such that the child is cozy and comfortable in the room. And to achieve this, you can arrange such a room in the style of Provence.

When such a style would be appropriate?

The room, decorated in the style of Provence, is just perfect for a girl, and, perhaps, of any age. This interior is very romantic, delicate, so that it will definitely appreciate the subtle and dreamy nature. Therefore, if your daughter loves dresses, beads, ruffles and cute accessories, she will definitely like the task.

Now a little about the features of the children’s room. There are no strict limitations, but still some characteristics will be relevant and relevant. For example, it’s great if the room is spacious, in which case all the elements of the interior can easily fit in it. But if the area is small, it is not at all scary. On the contrary, you can visually enlarge it with the help of simple techniques characteristic of such a direction. As for lighting, it is desirable that it be sufficient. But its shortage you can easily compensate with a few spotlights. The room can be any, but to emphasize the romance of Provence style, you can take to arrange the children’s attic or the second floor (if the child is old enough).

Main features

To better learn the romantic and at the same time simple and unfriendly French Provence, study its main features:

  • Some aged. It may seem that the objects will serve their owner faithfully for several decades, but at the same time they are well preserved and look quite solid and neat.
  • Light, gentle and quiet shades. They create a special atmosphere of home comfort, as if soaked with tenderness.
  • Lovely and romantic accessories. Without them, just can not do if you decide to design a children’s room in the style of Provence.
  • The predominance of natural materials. In this room, you just can not find plastic and other synthetic surfaces and parts. But there is a lot of wood, ceramics, textiles, glass, sometimes there are elements of forging.
  • The room must be bright, it is important!
  • Use romantic and calm drawings. Forget about aggressive animalistic and abstract prints, in the nursery, the more decorated in the style of Provence, they are definitely irrelevant.

What colors are used for decoration?

As it was already above, for the design of a child in the style of Provence, it is desirable to use calm and light shades that will complement the design and emphasize its tenderness and lightness, as well as visually expand the boundaries of the room. And pastel colors, for example, pink, lavender, lilac, pale yellow, and blue look especially harmonious. White is also actively used, sometimes it is used as a basis. And so that the room does not seem too boring, it is desirable to dilute this color with others. In any case, overly saturated and bright tones just have to give up.

Monochrome surfaces can and should be diluted with patterns, but at the same time remember that not all will work. Romantic flowers will be appropriate, and preferably not bright and catchy, but noticeable, lovely, calm and neutral. Also fit into the design in the style of the Provence and the classic strip, but not contrasting, but barely perceptible. And such a print, by the way, makes it possible to hide the defects of the room a little. Thus, the horizontal strip will stretch the wall, and the vertical will visually lift the ceilings.

Finishing work

Before you start finishing work, remember, firstly, about the main features of the direction, and secondly, that the child will live in the room. And given this, choose the most appropriate materials.

For wall decoration, you can use plain or decorated non-stripe or stripe wallpaper, and preferably paper, their texture is simpler and softer. If desired, you can cover the entire surface with paint or fine-grained plaster. Another option is lining. And it is better to buy made of wood and cover it with one coat of paint.

The floor can be finished and also treated with a stain, or painted with paint (but preferably with a single layer so that the natural texture of the wood remains noticeable). But it is also quite suitable light-colored parquet or laminate.

It is desirable to make the ceiling light, best of all white. You can either whiten it or paint it. And so that it does not seem too boring, decorate it with wooden beams, but not contrasting, and also white, or painted in some pastel color. By the way, such elements can be used for an interesting decor.

Choosing the right furniture

The furniture should be simple, competitive from natural materials.

You can equip a comfortable children’s room with the help of the following interior items:

  • Bed. It can be competitive of light wood and covered with a single layer of paint. A teenage girl will certainly appreciate the wrought-iron bed.
  • Dressing table with a mirror. His owner can use the room for school fees or fitting outfits. Next, put a comfortable soft pouf.
  • Chest of legs. It will store children’s items.
  • A wardrobe with legs, covered with paint and possibly peeling or rubbed in some places.
  • A child can rest on a chair or sofa (guests can fit in it).

In the center of the room you can hang a chandelier with a simple fabric shade. But it will definitely not be enough, so use spotlights, for example, wall sconces in the form of candlesticks, floor lamps, table lamps.

The window, first of all, should have only a wooden frame. It can be covered with a layer of varnish, treated with antifungal or painted (try to keep the natural wood texture as much as possible). And it is best to block the window with translucent light curtains made from natural fabrics such as chintz or cotton. Not only will they not cause allergies, but they will also let in sunlight well. They can show off patterns such as peas, flowers or stripes.


Accessories are necessary and important, they will complement the design in the style of Provence and will help to create a romantic and light atmosphere of the French countryside.

  • Flowers But remember that the room will belong to the child, and if it is still small, then flowers are desirable in inaccessible places. So, the pots can be fixed with special pendants under the ceiling on balls. The latter can also be used to place artificial flowers. For example, you can decorate a beam with twisting sprigs.
  • Pictures and photos on the walls. Frames can be both wooden and painted, and forged. You can also hang out children’s drawings.
  • Textiles, and in large quantities. This covers with lace or ruffles, and cute small pillows on the bed, and a rug on the floor (it can be used to arrange a comfortable playing area), and napkins.
  • Stuffed toys, and preferably tissue, for example, the so-called Tilda dolls. If desired, they can be made by hand.

The interior of the nursery will be cozy, spacious and bright, if you design the design of this room in the style of Provence.

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