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Children’s New Year: organizational issues and useful tips

Children’s New Year: organizational issues and useful tips

New Year is practically the most important holiday that children especially love. And how to organize a children’s New Year, to create an atmosphere of fairy tales, fun and miracles? It is necessary to take into account many important points and details.

What to consider when organizing a children’s New Year?

The holiday was a success for the children, and all the kids were satisfied; it is important to consider a lot of important points when organizing the event:

  • Number of guests. Find out how many guests will be on the holiday, from this directly selected menu and the volume of dishes, as well as the script.
  • Children’s age. It will affect, firstly, the time of the celebration and the duration of the event, secondly, the menu, thirdly, the script, so this aspect must be taken into account.
  • Preferences. It is not easy to take into account the tastes of all the guests, but you can take them into account, summarize and choose what you like, if not all, then the majority. To do this, ask the parents or the children themselves about their favorite fairy tales, heroes, cartoons, and games.
  • Parent involvement. Determine in advance whether the parents will take part in the celebration. If yes, then keep this in mind and come up with contests in which tasks and roles for fathers and mothers will be found. If participation is not planned, but parents will be present at the celebration, then you can go through the space to accommodate the adult zone (but it should not intersect with the nursery, so that no one interferes with anyone).

Holiday scenario

You can find a ready-made script and use it, or you can come up with your own unique holiday plan so that it does not look like any other. This may be some kind of a fairy tale, the heroes of which are guests. You can also come up with a fascinating journey through a country that involves overcoming difficulties and completing certain tasks (a certain quest). But such scenarios will be appreciated by older children, and for kids the most important thing is to have fun, so for them you can simply prepare different contests (but active and mobile should alternate with intellectual ones).

New Year Contest Ideas:

  1. Staging a fairy tale. Distribute to all participants of the event, videos and stories, stories, and ask to play a scene. It is very interesting!
  2. Cutting paper snowflakes. First show how and what to do, and then ask the children to improvise and show the fruits of their labors. You can also make Christmas-tree decorations by making a real master class.
  3. Puzzle riddles, among which must prevail, of course, New Year or winter.
  4. Various active mobile contests, for example, mini-relays, tournaments, dances, playing in artificial snowballs.

It is clear that a host is required for the celebration. They can be one of the parents, but if no one has organizational skills and at least minimal acting skills, then it’s better to ask for help from a professional who, by the way, can offer an interesting ready-made script.

Tip: you can give a prize to the winners of the competition. But so that no one was hurt, let there be no winners, and all the participants get surprises.

New Year’s children’s menu

An important part of the event is, of course, a festive dinner. It is worth noting that children are unlikely to sit long at the table and eat fully. The New Year’s table, rather, is designed to satisfy hunger after contests and active games, so all dishes should be free and cooked and served in such a way that it is convenient to take and quickly eat them. But you should also take into account the age of children, because, for example, it is undesirable for small ones to give heavy or excessively hard foods.

Some interesting ideas for appetizers and dishes for the New Year’s table:

  • Sandwiches, for example, with cheese, sausage, vegetables, boiled meat.
  • Light and healthy salads. For their preparation is better to use a variety of vegetables, lean fish or meat (boiled), greens, peas, corn. Instead of mayonnaise for dressing, choose sour cream or natural yogurt. And once you can lay salads in tartlets, then the children will be able to have a quick bite and not get dirty.
  • Sliced ​​fruits that can be easily picked and quickly eaten even on the go during contests.
  • For dessert, instead of the usual cake or cake, you can serve cake pops. These are mini cakes made in the form of small balls placed on sticks. They are much more convenient to eat, and in taste they are not inferior, and sometimes they are superior to other more familiar desserts. But puddings, jellies, smoothies are also suitable.
  • Hot dish can be served in rolls of thin cakes, pancakes or pita bread.

The time of the holiday and its duration

It should be determined at what time the new year’s event will begin and how much will go. In this case, it is worth considering, above all, the age of children. If they are small, then you should start the holiday early (no later than five or six o’clock in the evening) and not stretch it for a long time (two or a maximum of three hours will be enough). If the kids are older, then on New Year’s Eve, they can become adults for a while and go to bed later, and also have a little more fun.

Room preparation

First of all, it is worth choosing a suitable room. The main requirement for it is a sufficient area, because free space is required for competitions and children’s active games. And you need to find a place to install the most important attribute of the holiday — the Christmas tree.

Several options. The first is to use an apartment or house and completely release one of the rooms (preferably the largest). If this is problematic, then you can rent a cottage. The third option is to rent a children’s center. By the way, it is very convenient, because in such a room is comfortable, and also has everything you need for exciting children’s games.

If the room is chosen, you need to think about its decor. Use for this multicolored hot and flashing lights, toys in the form of a symbol, fir branches, cones, Christmas socks and so on. And do not forget to put and decorate the tree, without it in the New Year just can not do.

What a new year without gifts? And kids will certainly wait for them. You can go in several ways:

  • Ask each of the parents to buy a gift for their child. But then all the packaging will need to be signed, so that everyone finds their recipient, and there is no confusion. This option, although it can solve the problem of success, is associated with some difficulties. So, if gifts are very different, or some parents can’t buy what their child wanted, then some kids might be offended.
  • Give everyone a small inexpensive different surprises, for example, small soft toys, puzzles, coloring, clay and so on. But the differences again can be a cause for insults or even quarrels.
  • Give the same mini-surprises. Then no one would be offended, but some might think that Santa Claus did not do well. But gifts can vary, for example, by color.

Useful tips

A few useful recommendations that will help organize a fun children’s New Year:

  1. Do not forget about the music, it is just necessary. And the New Year’s music should sound constantly, but for the duration of the contests and performances of the host or guest artists, it should subside somewhat so that the voices can be heard well. You can choose popular children’s or New Year’s songs, and preferably well-known to all.
  2. Although it may seem that children are easy to entertain, in fact it is not. Therefore, it is worth preparing for the fact that they will not like some contests, and in such cases look for alternative options in advance. If you notice that the kids are bored, offer them a different activity, otherwise they will start to be capricious.
  3. Children’s New Year’s holiday is a grand event, so you need to start preparing for it in advance: at least one or two months before it.
  4. In order not to miss anything important, make notes in a notebook and check them regularly, making amendments and noting what has already been done or just need to be done.

Happy and interesting holiday!

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