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Children’s furniture for girls — 50 photos

Children’s furniture for girls — 50 photos

Functional children’s furniture for a girl should not just meet the safety requirements, but also please the child. When arranging a room for a little princess, it is important to consider age and temperament. Arrangement of a child’s room is an important factor in the harmonious development of a child. Parents are faced with the task of creating a comfortable and safe space that will give children a sense of security and home comfort. Choosing furniture for a girl is not an easy task, as it may seem at first glance.

Features of furniture for the girl’s room

Updating the interior of the room for the daughter is important to consider a large number of factors. Modern children’s furniture for the girl has characteristic differences. This is the form of individual elements, color designs, functional purpose. When choosing an important child, personal preferences and temperament. Do not forget about the possibilities of the room, area, height of ceilings and so on.

General recommendations to parents on the choice of furniture in the nursery:

  • the tastes of children change as they get older, and therefore the selection of thematic furniture should be coordinated with the child;
  • on the surface there should be no sharp corners and protrusions. Items made of glass are not allowed;
  • before buying, you should learn about the material that was used for the manufacture of children’s furniture, you should abandon products whose quality is in doubt;
  • for installed in children’s furniture should be easy and quick to care for;
  • he should like the child and be in harmony with the interior of the room.

We select the range of colors

About the owner of the room says, first of all color. Choose a scale depending on the characteristics of the child. It can be both bright accents and muted colors. Use all sorts of murals on the walls, wallpaper, hang pictures. Furniture should be combined with selected floor and wall decoration, selected textiles.

Functionality in every detail

Parents should pay attention to the functionality of the furniture in the bedroom of the little daughter. On the market they produce modular children’s beds with built-in bedside tables, spacious wardrobes mounted in the wall. Folding soft corners are no less popular. All kinds of cabinets, pencil cases, chests, shelves and dressers are suitable for the girl. They will serve to store clothes, books, toys and other small things. The dimensions of the containers should fit easily under the bed or table.

Only high quality and safe materials.

Before buying it is important to make sure that the products offered in the store meet the standards of GOST. It is better to choose furniture for a nursery for the girl from a natural tree. Natural material has an attractive appearance and will last a long time.
Affordable alternatives are products from:

  • thick cardboard from 1 cm;
  • MDF;
  • ldsp;
  • DSP;
  • plywood

We arrange the room for the newborn

Parents need to choose the style of the room so that in the future it will remain relevant for the grown-up daughter. Manufacturers sets, sustained in a single theme. Popular for newborn princesses classic solutions and style Provence.

In the room must be wardrobes and dressers for things baby. Do not do without a sofa, where parents can relax, and changing table. An essential attribute is a cradle with large sides. Furniture must have rounded corners or be equipped with special protective soft cases. It is necessary to give preference to products from solid wood.

Choice for a little girl

As soon as the baby grows up, the cradle will replace the cot. Large selection of design designs will add a little magic to the room. Parents can pick up items in the form of a carriage, or a castle for the princess.

Who said baby furniture for girls should be pink? Today, light green, mauve, ivory and blue are popular. Interiors in white design should be diluted with a few bright details.

It is important to foresee a place for a functional table that is suitable for practicing creativity. It is convenient to make crafts from plasticine, draw or assemble puzzles.

Among the modern solutions is to provide special transforming furniture. Often it is presented in the form of bright geometric shapes that easily turn into a chair or a small sofa. With it, you can create functional playgrounds for games.

We listen to the wishes of a teenage girl

Choosing furniture in the nursery for girls of school age, it is important to consider the opinion. By this time, a vision of the style of design. Teen furniture becomes practical and functional. The bed can already be exchanged for an adult version. It will take an older girl and a dressing table with a mirror. Colors can be chosen unusual and bright, helping to emphasize the individual style of the child.

Choice of furniture for choleric girls

For girls who love movement and excitement, pick up furniture in a calm color range. The furniture should be light with a small number of bright spots. This may be pictures on the curbstones or cabinet doors. In the room you need to think about space for games. Parents need to pay attention to the modular folding furniture, hinged shelves.

Cheerful sanguines

Spacious room sanguine should be bright. It is necessary in advance to abandon the cluttering and massive furniture. The colors are preferably saturated and juicy. If the design of the walls is made in a neutral shade, you should buy variegated furniture structures for the room arrangement. Thus, children fit transforming beds, made in a fabulous style. Soft corners with an interesting design. In the center, think about enough space for games with friends.

If baby phlegmatic

Phlegmatic distinguishes enviable calm and ability to observation. For thoughtful girls fit practical solutions in brown and beige shades. The room should be installed a spacious closet with a large number of shelves. Do not do a creative child without a functional desk.

Melancholic princesses

Girls of melancholic type are vulnerable and can worry for any reason. For them it is important to create a comfortable corner where they will feel calm. Purchased children’s furniture for a teenager girl can have floral motifs, be simple and unpretentious. The colors should prevail calm colors: beige, light yellow, pale blue.

Treat the arrangement of the children’s room with all responsibility. Only parents can help the girl to feel like a princess from a fairy tale. Let the baby participate in the selection of furniture with you.

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