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Children’s bed with a wardrobe: how to choose and use in the interior?

Children’s bed with a wardrobe: how to choose and use in the interior?

When choosing children’s furniture, you need to take into account a lot of criteria, especially if you buy a cot. And if you want to save space and get a place to store things, then consider a model with a cabinet. Find out how to choose and use it when decorating the interior of the room.

Features of a bed with wardrobe

A children’s bed with a built-in wardrobe is an excellent, and sometimes the only right decision when designing the interior of a child’s room, especially if it has a small area. In fact, the law of such work, you can perform two tasks at once: provide a full-fledged sleeping place and make room for storing things. Moreover, this item will occupy a minimum of the floor space, the rest of the young owner can use at his discretion, which is very important at this age.

Undoubtedly, a children’s bed with a built-in wardrobe has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Space saving. Instead of two pieces of furniture, you get one that performs two functions. A baby bed with a wardrobe will not take up much space, especially if it is correct. And some models are transformed and folded, which allows you to free the area.
  • Practicality and convenience, and not only for parents, but also for the child himself. So, he can at any time gain access to his belongings, not moving away from the bed and not crossing the room every time. Everything you need will be at hand.
  • Relative savings of money. Although such models in furniture stores are not cheap, in fact, such prices are fully justified, because you get two items at once, even if they are connected to one.
  • Ergonomic. Such a requirement is important, especially for parents of contemporary children. It is important for the current generation to have maximum opportunities with minimal power and time costs, as well as a mechanism to ensure quick access to all functions.
  • Multifunctional. This criterion is especially important when it comes to a child’s room, because it is important for a child as a developing personality to be able to quickly perform various actions, sometimes at the same time.
  • Interesting design. Some models on sale or in catalogs differ not only in a set of numerous functions, practicality and modern ergonomics, but also in an attractive and sometimes original appearance. Surely the young owner of the room will appreciate it.


  • This model will not fit any interior. To agree on how to do this, you must take precautions. Although the way out of the situation can be found even with the design of the room of non-standard forms. Many companies and order furniture to order, and then the bed with the closet fits perfectly into space.
  • Relatively high price. But this drawback is insignificant and, in general, cannot be considered an obvious disadvantage, because it is worth remembering about the provided multifunctionality.
  • Difficulties may arise during the assembly, especially if the model is equipped with a folding, sliding or other mechanism. But usually furniture companies provide assembly service, but for this, of course, you have to pay.
  • If you want to make a rearrangement, it will be quite problematic, since the piece of furniture is massive, bulky and has a non-standard shape. For example, to transfer it to another room, you will have to dismantle some parts and then reassemble.

How to make a choice?

Many people do not even imagine what a crib with built-in wardrobe can look like. And in fact there are several options, so the choice is quite wide and difficult. But if you know and take into account its basic criteria, then it will be much easier to make a successful purchase. Below are the most important points.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the configuration, that is, design features. At the moment there are several options:

  1. Baby bed with a wardrobe located on the side. This option is very convenient, but more cumbersome than the others. But then use a piece of furniture will be comfortable.
  2. Bed with two compartments located on the sides. Such a model would be appropriate if there are a lot of things (for example, a child plays sports and, accordingly, has several sets of forms). Moreover, the compartments may have different configurations. For example, one will be a regular closed cabinet, and the other is a rack with several shelves.
  3. Baby bed with a wardrobe located behind the bed: either to the side of it or at the head of the bed. This option is more suitable for small children, as a teenager’s wide berth will restrict access to storage compartments, so neither the parents nor the owner himself can quickly and easily get things. But It is worth noting that in this case the cabinet will not be roomy.
  4. Loft bed. This is a great option for arranging a small room. On the first level there will be a closet, and on the second (that is, in the «attic») — a sleeping place to which the stairs will lead. And the bed itself can be almost imperceptible, so there will be a feeling that this is the most ordinary wardrobe.
  5. Model transformer. This is a complex mechanism that involves disguising a bed. That is, it develops and becomes part of the cabinet, merging with its facade. Before going to bed, the bed folds out and turns back into a full-fledged sleeping place. It is very convenient and allows you to save space and in the daytime to use it for active games or creativity. When choosing a suitable option for a child, pay attention to whether he can use the mechanism himself, whether it will not be dangerous for him. In order not to cause difficulties, you should choose a model with a low berth, located in a row to the body (that is, it will fold sideways). A teenager is quite suitable model with a bed, retractable upwards, that is, reclining. In addition, you can choose the option with the remote control.

Before you go to the store, determine where the piece of furniture will be located. Be sure to measure this area, and carefully and preferably several times to avoid errors that may appear after the purchase and become fatal. And it is better to supplement the measurements with the appropriate room layout. This will allow you to choose the perfect model. In addition, the seller, using even a simplified picture, can understand what you need, and which option will be optimal in your case.

Design is also important, especially if the child is in conscious and especially adolescence. First of all, you should pay attention to the color: it can be both calm and classic, and bright and unusual. And his choice will depend on the main range of the interior, as well as on the wishes of the parents and the owner of the room. For example, if the finish is made in light and neutral colors, the furniture can shade it and be more bright. And if the design is catchy, then the tone of the bed-cabinet should be more restrained and calm.

It is worth paying attention to the details, because they also affect the appearance. The first important trifle is accessories, which can be stylish and modern or original. The second part is the edging. She can not just outline the contours of the piece of furniture, but also become a real bright accent.

How to use the bed with a wardrobe in the interior?

In order for a children’s bed with a built-in wardrobe to fit perfectly into the interior, it is important not only to choose a suitable model, but also to find its place in the room and use it rationally. First of all, it is necessary to determine the placement. There are several options:

  1. It is possible to arrange a piece of furniture perpendicular to one of the walls or next to it, thus dividing the space into zones: a bedroom (perhaps combined with a dressing room) and a game or a creative one, which will remain maximum freedom.
  2. If you do not plan to zone the space, then the best option would be the location of one of the walls. And it is desirable to remove a sleeping place from a window so that in the morning the sun’s rays do not interfere with sleep. But the cabinet can and should even be fully illuminated.
  3. If the area is possible, the children’s bed-wardrobe can be located practically in the center of the room. Behind this piece of furniture you can organize a partially enclosed space that can be used for a variety of purposes. So, it will be a great workplace, a creative corner or a recreation area.

The location has been chosen, but that’s not all, because you can beat a piece of furniture and make its use even more comfortable. Interesting options that deserve attention:

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