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Cast iron bath: dimensions and dimensions of standard products

Cast iron bath: sizes for every taste

Despite the fact that all sorts of baths are practically not suitable, they can be used in all bathrooms.

More about cast iron baths

Cast iron baths — one of the most long-used types of baths. Their main advantages are mechanical strength, reliability and durability. With proper care, a cast-iron bath can last you indefinitely — and only once every few decades will it be necessary to renew and restore the enamel coating of the bath.

However, the low ductility of cast iron is a factor that limits the variety of shapes and sizes of cast iron baths. Most often, baths made of cast iron are made in a standard rectangular shape with rounded corners, and the dimensional mesh of such baths is much smaller than that of acrylic or steel baths.

And yet, the modern market of plumbing offers you a fairly extensive line of cast-iron baths of various sizes, so that problems with the selection of baths should not arise.

Cast iron baths represented on the modern market can be divided into three categories:

  • Small baths
  • Bathtubs in standard sizes
  • Large baths

Below we look at the baths from each category separately.

Small cast iron baths

As a rule, small cast-iron baths are installed along the short wall in the bathrooms — this arrangement saves space and makes the bathroom more spacious.

To small cast-iron baths include bath sizes:

Baths of this size are not easy to find, but still, if you decide to do it for free.

Naturally, in small cast-iron baths (especially — if your height is more than the average 165-170 cm), you will not be able to lie down and stretch out, so you will have to sit in a bath. Therefore, if you prefer to take a bath with great comfort — we recommend that you pay attention to the baths in the following category.

Standard Cast Iron Baths

Standard size baths made of cast iron are the most common type of cast iron bath. These baths are suitable for installation along a long wall in most bathrooms of typical houses — that is why it is easy for you to find a standard cast-iron bath for sale.

The standard category includes cast iron baths in size:

Both of these species are used very widely, and they are the most sought after. In bathrooms of 150×70 cm in size, the average person is able to stay in a reclining position — that is, such a bath provides the necessary properties of us a level of comfort.

In addition, baths in this category, as the most demanded, are produced in a sufficient variety of forms, so among them it is much easier to find a bath of the desired configuration and does not suit labor how to choose a cast-iron bath.

Large cast iron baths

All models of baths, the dimensions of which exceed the standard, attributed to the category of large bathtubs of cast iron. Such baths provide a more comfortable position of the body, but such a bath will not enter every bathroom, and their mass exceeds the mass of standard variants.

Large baths include cast iron baths such as:

The latest model of installation is exclusively in non-standard bathrooms, as well as in a private room.

Naturally, the larger the bath, the more comfortable it is. However, large baths are quite problematic to install, not only because of the large linear dimensions, but also because of a very solid mass (cast iron is by no means the lightest material). And yet, if you have the opportunity — do not deny yourself the pleasure to lie in a really big bath.

Thus, if for installation in your bathroom in a panel house or privately your choice fell on cast-iron baths, the dimensions will allow you to choose a bath depending on your needs. And it does not matter if you choose a standard model, or try to fit a bigger bath — the main thing is that you feel as comfortable as possible in this bath!

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