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Bathroom in oriental style (39 photos): how to arrange a room in the Chinese, Egyptian manner

Bathroom in oriental style (39 photos) — the original solution

As you know, the east is a delicate matter. The people of the east and bathing are treated with special trepidation, and the bathroom for them is a kind of sacred place for cleansing the body and soul. The oriental-style bathroom looks natural, since natural materials are used in the decoration of the ceiling, walls, floor, furniture, as well as the rich colors of warm colors, the simplicity of lines and the minimum number of accessories are inherent in this style.

This style is based on space, but not on things, therefore unnecessary decorative elements are not provided.

The Oriental-style bath is the bright colors of oriental ornaments, small tiles (mosaic) that complement the character and atmosphere of the east, as well as various unusual accessories, furniture with all sorts of curls, aromatic lamps. All this creates an appropriate mood of this style.

Black and white oriental style bath design

Tip: Equipping your bathroom in an oriental style, you do not need to comply with it in everything; just some individual parts and accessories will be enough.

Oriental style has absorbed the traditions of such countries as:

The character and customs of the peoples of these countries, their frequent mysteriousness and simplicity have always attracted Europeans, who even nowadays accurately recreate the interiors of an oriental-style bathroom. The most common are Chinese and Egyptian styles.

Chinese style

The Chinese-style bathroom is grounded by minimalism. It is relevant not only for spacious rooms, but also perfectly suited for creating the comfort of small rooms.

The main focus is on decorating the bathroom in the form of drawings of dragons, but this is not entirely correct, because you should still focus on a certain philosophy of space called Feng Shui, because this is the discovery of the Chinese.

A special place is also given to bright hues, among which red predominates.

In addition to it, you can use other saturated and bold colors, for example:

Chinese style provides a lot of light, so wide windows are welcome through which sunlight passes through. Finishing materials are mainly natural, for example, ceramics, glass, wood.

The bath should be of simple shape and large, it is desirable to stand in the center of the room on the podium in which it can be embedded. Chinese designers believe that empty corners in the room are a sign of poor tone, so they try to close them with furniture or screens.

Spacious Chinese-style bathroom

Egyptian style

The bath in the Egyptian style looks very unusual and impressive, which gives the interior a solemn and even royal look. When you design a bathroom in this style will suit all shades of sand and yellow color, which will resemble a sunny country — Egypt.

In the interior of the bathroom you can make some elements as close as possible to the east:

  • arch;
  • false columns;
  • niche;
  • borders in the form of scrolls of paper, etc.

The frescoes depicting antique cats are perfectly emphasized on the walls and the bath itself, the furniture will be decorated with carved legs in the shape of animal paws. All this can be supplemented with various figurines and figurines of mythical creatures. Actually will look lamps and vases with reed stalks.

Egyptian style bathroom is a bold design solution that will complement your life with bright colors.

Egyptian style — spectacular bathroom

Please note: If you decide to design a bathroom in an oriental style, this does not necessarily oblige you to decorate the whole apartment in this style. Let a piece of the east is only in one room.

Clear geometric forms in combination with rich deep shades will pacify the most demanding natures. The oriental-style bathroom will take you to that distant mysterious time of the reign of great people and bring you unforgettable impressions.

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