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Bath combined with toilet (42 photos): how to make a joint bathroom repair with toilet

Bath combined with a toilet (42 photos): when necessary and when not to do so

This article will discuss the Bath, with which you can combine, the main reasons for this combination, its main advantages and disadvantages, as well as the possibility of performing the combination and its coordination.

For some people, combining the toilet and bath is a tribute to fashion, and part of it breaks the partition between two small rooms with a toilet and a bath because of necessity. In any case, you should first think about whether such a combination is necessary.

When combining a bathroom is advisable

In the case of miniature bathrooms and toilets, which is the most common situation in the case of apartments in typical houses, the bathroom area is 2-3 m 2, and the toilet area does not exceed 1 m 2.

As a result of the dismantling of the partition, you get a bathroom combined with a toilet, which has a much larger amount of available space.

The area of ​​such a combined room increases slightly, mainly by a value equal to the wave of the broken partition. But at the same time, a joint bath with a toilet allows for a more rational placement of sanitary ware, furniture, and it is even possible to install a full-size washing machine.

The combination is also advisable when there are several risers in the apartment.

The combination of bathroom and toilet

Toilet water and the bathroom makes sense to combine modern houses with a free layout, often providing for two risers, which allows you to equip a separate host and guest bathrooms:

  1. Guest bathroom usually includes a toilet and a miniature sink, sometimes there is also a shower.
  2. The master’s bathroom is most often a suspended toilet-bidet.
    Here, in addition to the toilet and the bath can be a bidet, shower, various furniture, etc.

In the case of a large bathroom, which may be several, the question may also arise: whether to combine the bathroom or leave the bathroom as it is.

The bathroom combined with the reception is more efficient to use a larger area: for example, the only bathroom sink in a space of 30 m 2 will look rather illogical, in addition, an additional storage space such as a closet or dressing room can be equipped in the former bathroom.

It is useful: at present they can be picked up anywhere, which allows you to use the space freed up when combining the bathroom, almost as you like.

When it is undesirable to perform the combination of the bathroom

Combination bath and toilet

Combining a bathroom and a toilet is not recommended in the following cases:

  • A large number of people of different ages living in an apartment will cause a queue in the bathroom unit;
  • For older people, a complex bathroom can be considered undervalued and cause some inconvenience;
  • If there is a kitchen behind the wall of the combined bathroom, unpleasant odors from the toilet will surely penetrate, against which ventilation systems and air fresheners will not help.
    In addition, if you have a fairly difficult to achieve acceptable sound insulation, and therefore during lunch can give out the sounds of the operation of the cistern.

It is useful: many of the elite sanitary ware collections are designed for large bathrooms and quite often, when fitting or renovating a bathroom combined with a toilet, such sanitary ware cannot be used.

Nuances of combining the bathroom

If the riser interferes with the unification of the toilet and the bathroom, you should decide in advance on the location of the sewer and water distribution pipes in the bathroom, because during the demolition of the partition, communication usually hinders communication.

In this case, the installation system can help, with the help of all network engineering piping and fasteners mounted on a special frame, and pipes are also brought to it.

If the repair of the combined bathroom is made so that the riser is located in the next room, it is possible to install a suspended toilet, but it may be difficult to reconcile such redevelopment of the bathroom in a panel or private house.

It should be borne in mind whether the overlap can withstand such a load. The hardest thing is to coordinate the redevelopment of the bathroom in the case of apartments in old houses with wood floors that are unable to bear the weight of modern plumbing.

Important: before making a decision on redevelopment, you should take into account the technical provision on the condition of the supporting structures of the house.

Approval of the combination of the bathroom

Such works as redevelopment of the bathroom or its re-equipment in the form of dismantling the partition or joining the corridor to the bathroom, must be agreed in Zhilinspektsii:

  • The law requires Protecting BTI even when replacing plumbing and installing new appliances, such as installing a sanitary shower or replacing a bath with a shower stall.
  • It is also important to remember that the work carried out should not impede access to various utilities — the sanitary cupboard should remain in the same place;
  • In addition, the strength of the supporting structures should not decrease, since, for example, raising the floor to install a shower drain will increase the load on the floor.
  • It also categorically prohibits an increase in the area of ​​the bathroom at the expense of living space.

Summarizing the above, I would like to repeat that when making a decision on combining a bathroom, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons. If a positive decision is made, the first step is to obtain all the necessary permissions in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

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