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Balcony design — 100 interior photos

Balcony design — 100 interior photos

To use loggias and beautiful balconies in the form of a traditional warehouse, pantry, place for smoking or drying clothes, everyone has long been tired of. Let’s turn these precious 2-5m² squares into a cozy corner, into a beautiful design of balconies, which will be the pride of the owners and the object of admiration of the guests.

Make it easy. The main thing is to choose a common concept and develop an action plan. To begin the design of balconies and loggias outside, you can use the management of two approaches:

  • decorative (if the balcony remains open);
  • constructive (if the balcony or loggia will have to be glazed and insulated).

Registration of an open balcony

Lovers on the air, without leaving the apartment, the options for a change not too much. As a rule, this is the creation of the original fencing and decoration with living plants.

On the facades of modern buildings, a durable metal frame with inserts of transparent, translucent plastic of various shades looks spectacular as a balcony parapet. Do not forget about forged balconies photos below, giving individual charm.

If we are talking about an old building that has its own “architectural face”, it is better to stop at the wrought-iron grille, made to order. It is important that the ornament, scale and color of the fence should not be dissonant with the general style characteristic of the building.

A wonderful addition in this case will be a lively floral decor. To maximize space and leave space for furniture for rest, use the standard methods of placing containers with plants:

  • along the side railings
  • at the base of the fence
  • cascade (step) arrangement in the end,
  • on shallow racks along the walls (for climbing plants, fasten lightweight grids to the wall near the door).

Alas, the decorative approach is a seasonal event. Let us dwell in more detail on the solutions of closed balcony areas.

The main stages of work

So, it was decided to turn the “external” component of the apartment into an “internal” one, I would like to get additional living space, and there is an idea to organize a room for a specific purpose. In this case, waiting for you:

  • Preliminary assessment of the state of the slab and fencing
  • Glazing
  • Warming and waterproofing
  • Possible dismantling of the balcony block
  • Electric installation work
  • Leveling walls and floor
  • Finishing and facing
  • Furniture installation
  • Decor


If the space of the balcony remains separate, and there is no question of global warming, use the so-called. «Cold» glazing (its task is to protect against dust, wind and precipitation). Here will be relevant:

  • Frameless designs (elegant invisible barrier without vertical racks, consisting of separate canvases, sliding along horizontal guides).
  • Swing doors (usually wooden).
  • Swivel-folding or sliding systems made of plastic or aluminum.

In the case of «warm» glazing (if you need to create material heat and sound insulation), plastic windows are the best option.

Excellent solution insignificant, but still expanding the space serve as a remote frame. 20-30 cm. Taking out the front of the plane gives a feeling of spaciousness and gives the owners a chic window sill, and, as a matter of fact, another work surface.

Do not forget about stained glass and tinted glasses. Depending on the overall design, they can be applied both as a whole and fragmentary.

Warming and waterproofing

Not paying enough attention to this problem was solved. Poor hydro and thermal insulation can lead to damage to the decorative lining, and all work will be required again. Therefore, strictly, step by step, according to technology, taking into account the initial design features and not too saving on materials, we strictly follow the sequence: walls, floor, ceiling!

Remember: insulation (foam plastic for the floor, polystyrene foam, technoplex for walls and ceilings), is put only after all the cracks are thoroughly sealed and processed. As a vapor barrier, it is better to use a layer of foamed polyethylene (shiny side inwards). Only after that you can mount the crate for interior decoration.

It should be decided on the additional heating of the loggia. Ideal — «warm floor» (the most economical — infrared film).


If the repair of the apartment and the loggia is not carried out in the complex, but separately — do not complicate the life with wiring. Restrict yourself to a simple extension (the required cross-section pre-calculated, taking into account the possible maximum load: lamps, heated floor, etc.).

The plug is connected to the nearest outlet, the cable is imperceptibly pulled through the internal channel under the baseboard, and already in the place (on the loggia) to install the junction box, where all the points will be powered.

The choice of method and materials depends on the general idea of ​​the room. But whatever you create: a recreation area, a home workshop, a study, a playroom (including for adults — darts, billiards …), a gym, a miniature bar, a library, a photo gallery, a mini-museum, a greenhouse , winter garden, oriental tent with hookah, etc ..

The undisputed leaders of the finish, left wood, MDF and PVC panels, drywall (certainly waterproof), decorative plaster, decorative trim stone, cork coating, painting or a combination of several types of finishes (plaster-cork, painting-stone, painting-plaster and t .d.)

As a flooring suitable any modern material: ceramic tile, laminate flooring, parquet, linoleum, carpet.

Furniture and decor

You can change the space not only by “operative intervention”, but also visually. Want a large balcony area?

  • Look for light tones to trim.
  • For the floor and ceiling, choose a pattern where there are more transverse, not longitudinal lines.
  • Release the floor as much as possible (choose folding chairs, folding tables, hanging flower pots).
  • Do not miss the opportunity to make one of the planes mirror.

Problems of construction and «paper»

Finishing balconies and loggias is sometimes unthinkable without official permits and approvals. Especially when it comes to facade work, partial redevelopment or arrangement of too “daring” in function and difficult for the technical equipment of the premises (sauna, summer kitchen, etc.).

To avoid fines at best, and tragedies at worst, consult with a specialist, assess the complexity and number of all actions, obtain the necessary documents and then get to work.

The exception is the dismantling of the balcony block. It does not require special documents, if the integrity of the supporting structure does not suffer. By the way, sometimes it is not necessary to completely get rid of a low partition, on the previous one there was a window. Having a little increased height, it is easier to turn it into a small table or an effective bar counter.

And the last. To the issue of repair and design of even the smallest room, come up competently, responsibly and consistently. Then every corner of your home will be cozy, functional, original and safe.

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