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Art Deco bathroom (38 photos): room interior design features

Art Deco Bathroom (38 Photos) — Blending Empire, Indian Exotics and Egyptian Art

The jazz modernist style of the beginning of the 20th century embodied in an optimistic art deco style, elegantly combining monumentality and lightness, the progress of megalopolises and African exoticism.

Constantly accompanying comfort and durability make the room festive, modern and cozy. And the Art Deco bathroom assumes an abundance of steel, marble, glass in it.

Room decoration

  • The walls are preferably glossy, ivory-colored with ethnic black or brown zigzags, leopard patterns or under snake skin — ceramics most suitable for this material. It can be embossed and depict abstract, but repetitive patterns.
    Colored plastic is an acceptable cost-effective replacement of ceramic tiles. Marble walls are also spectacular. The mosaic is asymmetric, mysterious, perfectly fit into this style.

Decorating the bathroom in Art Deco style

Art Deco Bath with Spectacular Runway

Bathroom equipment

Art Deco Plumbing

Of course, the Art Deco bathroom should be equipped with special sanitary ware and its main requirement is convenience and modern innovations of progress.

  • A massive, streamlined, with curved lines bath made of steel or acrylic — the best option.
  • To match her bathroom sink with comfortable rounded corners.
  • The octahedral shape of a bidet or toilet bowl is a significant difference in style.
  • Faucets, faucets, shower hose should ideally be stainless or chrome steel.

Mixers effectively emphasize the style

Bathroom furniture

A real Art Deco bathroom presupposes the presence of monumental furniture, but it is elegant due to the abundance of glass and metal.

  • Shiny steel shelves — sophisticated bathroom decoration
  • A good closet, striking in its width or height — this is as the size of the room will allow. But minimalism and luxury steel finish are required. Its color is dark or the same ivory: it all depends on the wishes of the owner.

Huge mirrors in elegant chrome frame — the right indicator of style


A few, but impressive accessories shade style well.

  • The fountain or its imitation is an exclusive and striking detail of the bathroom interior.
  • A small abstract sculpture looks spectacular in such a bathroom.
  • A bright photo of a skyscraper will refresh the decor.

Toothbrushes, combs, creams do not need to be kept in sight, only two or three shiny glass bottles can stand on an open shelf.

The lamp for the bathroom in this style

This is a decisive stroke in the creation of Art Deco, the light should be a lot to resemble the lights of the metropolis.

  • Luxurious, but commensurate hindrance sparkling chandelier in the metal decorate the ceiling.
  • Wall lamps of geometric shapes achieve fantastic brightness only thanks to the materials, texture.
  • The ornament on them reflects the connection with ancient civilizations.

Note! The ornament in the form of geometric shapes, pyramids, leaves of tropical plants, mythological creatures is very — the main difference of this style.

All the bathrooms in the style of Art-decor to lift the spirit and instill optimism and faith in success. And the style itself perfectly embodies the American dream of a better future.

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