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Arch design in the living room: many design options

Arch design in the living room: many design options

The arched passage is an elegant element of the interior that can refresh and transform the room. There are many different options for the design of arches in the living room, and each of them should be reviewed.

Why precisely arch?

Why should you prefer the arch more familiar rectangular passage?

  • First, such an element practically does not limit or violate space, preserves its visual integrity and gives a sense of freedom.
  • Secondly, the arch elegantly and elegantly transforms the interior, brings into it some discreet chic. Such a passage can be used for zoning, for example, to separate the living room and kitchen areas, if these two rooms are combined.
  • Thirdly, the arch fully performs its functions, namely, in any case, into the room, or some of its sections. In addition, it can act as a self-sufficient and original decor.
  • Fourth, the arched opening will fit into almost any interior style, because there are many different design options.
  • Fifth, this element will probably never go out of fashion: it appeared many centuries ago and continues to be popular and relevant.
  • And finally, the design of the arch in the living room can be almost anything, the choice is limited only by the size of the aperture, your preferences and imagination.

Arch options

Most often the arch serves as an entrance and replaces the usual rectangular aperture. The absence of the door allows you to not limit the space, leave it free. And this is more than appropriate, because, firstly, it is not necessary to isolate the living room, as, for example, a bedroom. Secondly, the arch opens the view of the room, it is possible to visually increase its size and certainly does not “steal” precious square meters.

Another option for using the arch in the living room is zoning. It is appropriate if the room in question is connected to a group (this solution is very popular). The arched passage will preserve the unity of space, but will designate a conditional border, moreover gracefully and elegantly.

There is another option. Arches can occupy dedicated areas, for example, a television area, a mini-office, a rest corner, and so on.

Form variations

Many people think of the arch as a rounded top. But in fact, this form is just one of the options. There are other, more interesting, and sometimes simply unimaginable.

So, what could be the arch? Options:

  • The Roman or classical arch is a traditional variant. The passage has the shape of a vault, and the diameter of the rounding corresponds to the width of the opening. This passage looks restrained, the poet is ideal for the design of an elegant classic or English living room.
  • Slavic arch has a practically rectangular shape, but the upper corners are rounded. This option can be considered universal, as it does not have bright features, and all lines are simple, but smoothed.
  • Arch in modern style. Its arch is somewhat extended due to the truncation of the radius. The arc is straight and not so pronounced, but the corners remain rounded. This opening looks original and is ideal for accessing a small area with low ceilings.
  • Persian arch. The vault has the shape of a half ellipse. In order to mirror all that you could do:
  • East or Moroccan arch. Its vault is shaped like a horseshoe or the dome of the Sultan’s castle. The peak can be sharp pointed or multiple smooth and rounded. Such an opening looks original, so in most cases it does not need additional decoration and is itself a decoration of the interior. If the living room is sustained in a colorful Oriental style, then this arch will be the best solution.
  • The gothic arch has a characteristic lancet form. It differs from the one described above in that the arch has practically no expansion, it consists of two arcs interconnected in the upper part. This option will perfectly fit into the Gothic style, Empire, Rococo.
  • The arch «tudor» resembles the previous one, but differs from it in that the arches forming the arch are crossed not at an acute angle, but under a blunt one. The side parts remain vertical.
  • The Thai arch has only one rounded oblique side of the arch. The other part of the aperture is completely vertical and ends with a curb with an arc forming a sharp or rectangular angle.
  • You can find completely round arches, and this version is original, but it is suitable only for spacious living rooms, since the opening will take up a lot of space (probably a large part of the wall), which is not always possible.
  • If you want something unusual and exclusive, then make a fantasy arch that has intricate shapes. Although it is difficult to organize such a passage, and it takes up a lot of space, still, if space allows, then try to implement such a bold technique.

Variety of materials

It is believed that the material from which the arch is made does not affect the design, but this is not quite so. In some cases, it is crucial, and sometimes performs the function of the final design, that is, does not require additional decoration.

The arches are made of the following materials:

  • Drywall is the most popular material, as it is practical and easy to use, and can also produce arches of different shapes.
  • Brick. The main advantage is that the finished door does not require additional decoration. But the opening will have a spring, it is worth considering.
  • Artificial or natural stone. As a rule, stone arches are sold in ready-made form or are made to order. Such an opening looks majestically, but has considerable dimensions and great weight.
  • Wood is a noble material, distinguished by environmental friendliness. And since different breeds are used for the manufacture of arches, the design can fit into any style of interior design.
  • Plastic is light, relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain and practical, and the arches can have any shape. But you can not call it environmentally friendly.
  • Metal. With its help, you can organize an aperture or complex shapes, but, in fact, you get a metal frame that needs to be decorated.

The decisive role played by the arch decor, because it is he who determines the appearance of the opening. There are many design options:

  • Tree. The easiest way to design — the use of wooden slats. In this case, the arch will look classically reserved. But you can use a more original solution — thread.
  • The side parts of the opening can be made using plaster: it will make the surface more textured.
  • The moldings will allow you to imitate stucco and make the arch exquisite, resembling the entrance to a Greek medieval castle. And to use such decorative elements is extremely simple, in addition, many design options and colors are available.
  • Use paint. Moreover, they can cover not only the inner part of the arch, but also the area of ​​its contour. And the more contrasting color you choose, the brighter the opening will be.
  • Brick or stone decorative masonry — a very popular way to design arches. Such materials organically fit into most modern interiors and allow you to view the opening in space, as well as complement the interior.
  • It is quite possible to decorate the eastern arch with a mosaic, it is easy to replace it with almost improvised materials — pieces of glass or broken ceramic tiles. The method is time consuming and requires imagination, but the result will definitely please and make the arch colorful.
  • In the living room, decorated in styles such as Gothic or Empire, will be the appropriate elements of forging.
  • Make the arch mirror. And if the wall is wide, then the side parts fly over to carry the functional load and be used as full-fledged mirrors.
  • Instead of mirrors, you can use glass, for example, the usual transparent glossy, color, frosted, tinted or even stained glass. But such a bright decor will not fit into any style.
  • An interesting solution will be the backlight. And you can organize it in different ways. The first is the use of LED strips. The second is local spotlights, which can be installed in a plasterboard construction. The third way is a garland giving a mom and a festive look. This design will not only be an interesting trick, but will also provide additional lighting for the living room, which will come in handy.


Finally, useful tips:

  1. Remember that the arch should fit into the interior and match the style used for decoration.
  2. The stylized arch can be supplemented with other elements of the interior, for example, a lamp, a picture or another accessory located above the aperture.
  3. If you do not plan to isolate the living room, the arch can occupy almost the entire wall in which there is an opening.
  4. In principle, you can make an arch with your own hands, armed with the necessary equipment and having studied in detail all the stages of work. But if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to trust the professionals, otherwise the arched opening may turn out to be unreliable, uneven and unattractive.

Equipping the original arch in the living room, you will be able to interestingly arrange the passage and transform the room.

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