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A classic-style bathroom (53 photos): how to decorate a room in a classic

Classic style bathroom (53 photos): design features

A classic-style bathroom is seen by us as a bright and sunny room for relaxing and relaxing, in which a luxurious snow-white bath takes center stage.

Thanks to the support of certain design solutions, the bathroom in this style evokes thoughts of times gone by, when such interiors served as luxurious decorations for the scene of bathing kings or pampered beauties.

The theme of the classics in the interior has always been popular. And in our age of information, when everyday fuss is especially tiring and exhausting, a classic-style bathroom can become a corner of peace and tranquility, a place where you can even distance yourself from the outside world for a while and feel the dimension and tranquility inspired by the atmosphere of the past century .

To equip such a room in your home will help the use of composite tools inherent in the classical style:

  • color gamut is defined;
  • forms and materials of plumbing and furniture;
  • finishing materials for walls, ceiling and floor;
  • matching the style of accessories.

Classic bathroom: color, plumbing, furniture

Most often, classic bathrooms are decorated using various combinations of dark and light colors. It is also possible to use contrasting color combinations. Each is given ample opportunity to choose the color environment to your taste: it will be a combination of black and white, or saturated blue with delicate translucent blue, terracotta with cream or chocolate brown with delicate beige.

Excellent classic style is possible thanks to its elegance and beauty, which are combined with good quality and individual design solutions.

A classic bath has the appearance of a large massive oval font. It can have a raised headboard, stand on a massive base, or gracefully curved legs. Due to its impressive size bath classic work with their flows and a large window.

Spacious room with a window in the classic style bathroom

Such attributes make the bathrooms classic light, light and airy.

The use of elegant and at the same time good-quality furniture of laconic forms makes the bathrooms in classic style easily recognizable. It is hard to imagine such an interior without a beautiful dressing table with a massive marble worktop and exquisite fittings, as well as a mirror in a gilded frame.

It’s nice to go to the toilet, it is convenient to hide behind a table on a soft leather pouf or wicker chair.

The central place in the room is, of course, a bath in a classic style. Most often, these baths are made of brass or cast iron — materials that have heat conductivity.

Due to this characteristic, the water in the bath keeps the temperature for a long time. Baths of these materials also differ in their durability. And still remember that they are quite heavy.

Before using such a bath, you should check the reliability of the floor and, if necessary, strengthen it.

Classic style bathroom faucets can attract the attention of elegant simplicity, or have the appearance of handmade products. They are covered with gold, copper or bronze.

Many believe that draping walls in the bathroom eliminates the use of showers. However, it is not. For example, Italian manufacturers, solutions, solutions that can be used for use in various fields. You can also plan the construction of a separate module for the shower area.

Of course, the classic bathroom does not allow the use of high-tech soul cabins with an abundance of control buttons. A distinctive feature of the classical style is the rigor and conciseness of the forms, the lack of pretentiousness.

This requirement applies to plumbing, sanitary ware bathroom classic style. Do not forget about this, choosing a toilet, sink, washbasin, shower tray or bidet.

Features of the walls, ceiling and floor

Creating a classic-style bathroom interior, use a special finish on the walls, ceiling and floor.

Drapery walls in the bathroom

For wall decoration can:

  • glossy or grainy plaster;
  • ceramic tile;
  • wallpaper;
  • paint in tone baths.

In the interior is allowed the use of stone, wooden lanes, heavy portieres. The presence of drapes on the windows and a canopy above the bath create a special atmosphere of softness and intima.

Cornices, frames of mirrors and paintings are often decorated with stucco and light gilding.

To make the room slim and for zoning the space allowed the use of decorative columns.

At registration of a ceiling use of options is possible:

  • dyeing it in light colors to increase the visual space;
  • draping the ceiling with a fabric to match the overall color of the room, to give the palace a luxurious bathroom.

When finishing the floor can be used:

  • small or large tiles;
  • parquet;
  • bulk floor;
  • marble or marble imitation tile.

As for the doors, they prefer paneled or glass products. The fittings are copper, bronze or gold.

Choosing bathroom accessories

Accessories in a classic bathroom

Antiques such as a candelabrum, a lamp, a vase, curtains, a canopy, an unusual box for linen will fit perfectly into the interior of such a room.

Having a soft, fluffy bath mat on the floor in the bathroom will increase the feeling of comfort and coziness. Houseplants placed on the floor, on the walls, on the bathroom table will also contribute to this.

Pictures, a crystal chandelier will perfectly fit into such an interior.

Now, having bought everything you need, you can try to draw up a design plan and get to work. Armed with the necessary information, you can achieve the desired result: your bathroom — a classic, made with your own hands.

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