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Anti wrinkle diet

In youth, the skin is smooth and taut thanks to natural collagen and elastin, substances that provide tissue strength. But, unfortunately, over the years, these ...

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Ducan’s diet

«Of the two facts known to every doctor that monotonous food dulls the feeling of hunger, and protein foods last longer to maintain the effect ...

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Dr. Atkins Diet

You can eat meat, fish, poultry, sausage, stew, pies, cheeses, seafood, eggs, mushrooms, butter. And all this is called a diet. The Atkins diet is ...

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Breast Diet

Our grandmothers, in response to the complaints of granddaughters that the breast does not grow well, usually categorically asserted: "Eat little cabbage!" It is the ...

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Ballet dancers diet

Such sophisticated and fragile ballerinas charm their graceful figure. To observe the ideal weight for them is one of the direct professional duties. Therefore, if ...

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