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Yellow nails on the hands: the causes of the phenomenon, methods of dealing with the problem

Causes of yellow nails on hand: how to deal with the problem

Any woman dreams of attractive nails. Their health and beauty are affected by the state of the whole body and regular hand care. In the normal state, the nail bed has a uniform pink color without grooves and specks of dark or light shade. The free edge is painted white, which brightens to the end.

Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of such an immaculate state of the plates. Sometimes the nails turn yellow, losing their attractiveness. It is important to understand in time why this cosmetic defect occurs.

Causes of yellowness on the nails

So, why did the nails on the hands turn yellow? There are several sources that provoke the development of such effects. Among them are external factors, as well as diseases of a cosmetic nature and ailments associated with the functioning of internal organs.

Impact of external factors

These include the following.

  • Diet. This reason can be attributed to the most simple and easily fixed. It occurs in connection with the staining of the nail plates with pigments that make up the plant products. For example, when consuming a large amount of carrots, the nails acquire a yellow-orange shade, which eventually disappears on its own.
  • Household chemicals. The components that make up the cleaning products are able to penetrate deep into the nail plate, changing its color. To prevent this effect, it is enough to use gloves when washing dishes, windows, washing clothes. Before cleaning, it is worth applying a cream on your hands that will protect the nails, although not very reliable.
  • Smoking. The porous structure of the nail plate easily passes nicotine resins, which change its color. This habit is harmful to the whole body, not only to the hands, therefore, the only useful way out of the situation will be to give up tobacco.
  • Decorative varnish. The fair sex, who noticed the yellowness on the nails, should pay attention to their varnish. Perhaps the tool is of poor quality and should be changed. Before applying the coloring composition should use the basic framework. It not only provides a smooth coating that lasts longer, but also protects the nails from the negative effects of pigments. Experts recommend the use of tools for removing nail polish without acetone. This substance can harm the nails and the whole body.

  • Medications. Yellowness is sometimes manifested in connection with the long-term use of antibiotics belonging to the tetracycline series. This drug accumulates in the teeth and nails, painting them yellow.
  • UV rays. In some cases, negative effects occur due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Exactly the same symptoms occur when drinking tea or coffee excessively. Drinks contain a small amount of coloring components.
  • Unhealthy food. An unbalanced diet leads to a deficiency of beneficial vitamins and microelements, which adversely affects the body and nails. Especially important element is calcium, which is a building element, without which the nail plate becomes brittle and thin.

«Cosmetic» diseases

This category should include fungal diseases. Without proper treatment, the bacteria multiply rapidly, destroying the structure of the nail and changing its color. In addition, the disease leads to uneven color, change in shape, thickness, delamination of plates.

The fungus is not a serious disease. Conducting therapy in the early stages of the development of the disease will help restore the original condition and color of the nails.

Diseases of internal organs

Yellow fingernails can be a signal of the development of serious pathologies of the liver, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and others. Only a qualified doctor can accurately identify the causes of this symptom. If yellowness is detected, it is worth contacting the medical facility for examination.

The nail can change its color and thickness in the presence of diabetes.

Methods for determining the cause of yellowing nails

To make an accurate diagnosis, the patient must undergo a comprehensive examination, which consists of the following points:

  • examination by a dermatologist with the study of the features of the nails under the microscope; it helps to identify the spread of the fungus and its species, as well as to determine the sensitivity of bacteria to drugs;
  • blood test to determine the amount of glucose;
  • the study of blood taken from a vein in liver tests;
  • if pulmonary diseases are suspected, x-rays are taken;
  • finding out the amount of hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland, if there is a likelihood of problems in the work of this organ;
  • MRI of the brain — a study is being conducted to determine the signs of multiple sclerosis or to clarify the causes of the development of acromegaly.

Methods for whitening nail plates

After finding out why the nails on the hands turn yellow, and eliminating the causes of this phenomenon, it is worth using additional procedures that will help eliminate the aesthetic deficiency. There are many ways that are suitable for use at home. It is not often to use folk recipes: once a week or a month.

The number of procedures will depend on how much the yellowed nail has changed its color. Regular use of recipes will help the plates to return a healthy color and appearance. Consider the most effective methods.

  • Trays with lemon juice

Lemon is characterized by high whitening properties, and this is due to its wide distribution in the field of cosmetology. To prepare the bath, you need to take a small convenient container and squeeze the juice out of one fruit. Here you should also pour a glass of pre-boiled and cooled water. The tips of the fingers are lowered into the resulting composition for 15 minutes.

Accelerate the desired result by wiping your hands with slices of lemon and zest. After completing the procedure, it is worth washing them with warm water.

Regular baking soda, which is always found in the house, as well as lemon juice, is characterized by whitening properties. In addition, the product is completely safe for the human body. In a bowl made of glass, it is worth mixing soda with water in the calculation of 1: 1. The result is a thick paste that should be applied on the nails for half an hour. After that the tool is washed off.

  • A mixture of baking powder and citric acid

In a small container it is necessary to mix both of these components. Powder will require 1 tbsp. l., citric acid — ¼ spoon, after which a couple of spoons of pure water is added to the mixture. The composition is again gently mixed, and then with the help of a paper napkin spreads through the nails. Try not to let the funds on the skin. After 10 minutes, wash your hands.

This summer berry is very healthy and tasty. Often it is used for various cosmetic procedures, including nails. To do this, wash fresh strawberries, rub it through a sieve and apply the resulting puree on the nail plate and on the skin of the hands. After 15 minutes, the composition is washed off. One of the advantages of this method is the possibility of its frequent use. During the ripening of the berries, marigolds can be treated every day.

Rub a mixture of honey, olive oil and grape seed oil into the nail plates. Hold for 20 minutes and rinse. This tool will not only make the nail color smooth and beautiful, but also to strengthen them, to prevent the problem of delamination.

Initially, it is necessary to clearly determine whether the problem of the yellow nails on the hands and the causes of this phenomenon really take place, and only then choose the correct treatment. To avoid such troubles, you should give up habits that are harmful to human health, regularly eat healthy foods, and comply with hygiene standards. Enrich the ration with cereals, vegetables, fruits and other foods that are rich in beneficial vitamins. This will allow you to have not only beautiful nails, but also thick, strong hair, clean skin.

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