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Yellow circles under the eyes: the causes of cosmetic and medical nature

The path to healthy skin — the causes and treatment of yellow circles under the eyes

Lack of sleep and exposure to adverse external factors significantly affect the appearance of the skin. In most cases, they provoke the occurrence of dark circles under the eyes, from which it is easy to get rid of, having rested for several days and making special masks. However, what to do if you notice yellow spots under the eyes? This problem is definitely necessary to fight, because even the most professional make-up will not be able to hide an unhealthy skin tone.

Why appear yellow skin around the eyes

Our skin is a real mirror, which reflects all diseases, well-being, lifestyle. If you have yellow noticeable circles under the eyes, then the reasons should be studied in a timely manner and very carefully.

The most common cause of yellow circles and a general change in skin tone is an increase in bilirubin values ​​in the blood. This component causes physiological jaundice. An increase in bilirubin can be triggered by the painful condition of the gallbladder and liver. The main symptom of such diseases is a yellowish shade of the mucous membranes, sclera of the eyes and skin. Often this process is accompanied by painful sensations in the liver, nausea and general malaise. That is why at the first signs carefully examine the whites of the eyes, if they change color, then immediately go to the doctor.

In addition to such a hard cause, yellow circles under the eyes are often caused by other factors. Pseudo-yellowing occurs with an excess of yellow pimenta in food products entering the body. Such conditions can occur during dieting, when losing weight in excessive amounts consume carrots or oranges. At the same time, the palms, face and body skin may turn yellow, but the whites of the eyes do not change color, and the deterioration of well-being is not visible. To show such yellowness, you need to eat at least 2-3 kilograms of brightly colored foods per day.

Women balzakovskogo age is often worried about yellowness around the eyes with a brown tint. Such problems may occur due to circulatory disorders. Poor blood flow does not allow timely cleansing of blood from toxins, which are beginning to accumulate in sensitive skin areas.

Yellowness is rarely genetically determined. Such yellow circles under the eyes are not due to physiological and painful causes. This feature of the skin is noticeable from early childhood and does not bother the owner.

If the circles under the eyes have a brownish or bluish tinge, then this can be regarded as an SOS signal from the body. Such changes are provoked by an unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, not everyone can change the daily routine with one click of the fingers: it is impossible to prevent a baby from crying at night so that you get enough sleep, it is not always easy to change jobs and housing to conditions close to the greenhouse. But even in the presence of such and more complex problems, you can try to reduce the adverse load by going to bed an hour earlier, taking daily walks, cutting bad habits and adding health benefits.

Yellow Circle Plan

When choosing tactics to eliminate yellow circles, you should consider the reasons for their appearance. A visit to a doctor and testing will allow you to exclude the causes of diseases of internal organs from the list. After that, you can take up the study and testing of cosmetics.

First of all, analyze your own lifestyle, possibly yellow circles under the eyes provoked by smoking or chronic sleep deprivation. So the initial plan is:

  • try to go to bed until 12 o’clock at night — scientists have proved that during these hours sleep allows us to fully relax, at this time there is an active restoration of cells that are necessary to maintain beauty;
  • get rid of bad habits — by smoking just one cigarette, you lose a thin layer of cells, the skin around your eyes begins to fade and peel off. In addition, the body stops the production of collagen and elastin cells, which are responsible for skin turgor;
  • do not get carried away with tanning — excessive exposure to UV rays on the delicate skin under the eyes can cause yellowing in this area. This effect is especially noticeable when the tan starts to go off, and on dry skin around the eyes the color disappears much more slowly;
  • plan a healthy diet — any dietary restriction aimed at losing weight leads to imbalance. Of course, within reasonable limits, with the proper formulation of the diet, restrictions can be extremely beneficial, so a balanced diet is much preferable to strict diets;
  • walk more — oxygen starvation can also lead to yellowing under the eyes. This problem is particularly relevant in large cities with dense buildings, so choose a place to walk away from the gas-filled streets and spend more time there.

In addition to these measures, you can use emergency home remedies to restore the color of the skin around the eyes. A great way to increase blood circulation in the skin is a contrast wash. In the morning, perform alternate rinsing with warm and cool water. Repeat the procedure 5-7 times, then do not wipe your face.

Homemade parsley masks very effectively combat unwanted pigmentation, have a calming and anti-edema effect. Compresses with the juice of potatoes, cucumber masks for eyelids soften the skin and restore healthy skin color.

If you do not have time to prepare masks, then you can use a proven express recipe: chilled tea bags. Put them on the area for about 10 minutes, after which you will look at the world with a completely different look.

How to hide yellow circles

To disguise the yellow circles under the eyes, you will need the following cosmetics:

  • concealer;
  • concealer;
  • loose powder;
  • shadows with reflective particles.

Apply concealer gently to the skin and blend it with your fingers or sponge. For the fight against yellow circles, a concealer with a lavender shade is suitable.

When fixing the tonal framework and corrector, use loose powder. When applying the shadows do not affect the lower eyelid.

To refresh your makeup during the day, use sprays with mineral water. Moisturize sensitive skin will help high-quality makeup base, which does not allow to dry out the skin and clog pores. Of course, cosmetics very effectively helps to hide the yellow circles around the eyes, but only self-love and timely rest will make your eyes shining.

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