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Wrinkles around the eyes or crow’s feet — their causes; prevention and control

Wrinkles around the eyes or crow’s feet — their causes; prevention and control of them (massage, as well as methods of struggle in cosmetology)

Wrinkles around the eyes — a problem that almost every woman faces. And this problem should be fought, fought by all known methods! After all, women always strive to look beautiful. Of course, it is possible to say to all the emerging signs of skin fading: “I am not getting old, I am growing up.” But it is much more pleasant to grow up when you have smooth elastic skin, sparkling eyes and a wonderful complexion, along with a perfect figure. And in order to show off such wealth, it is necessary to make maximum efforts. So, according to the methods of warfare of all known commanders, the enemy should first be carefully studied, and therefore we will learn what the wrinkles around the eyes are and what causes them.

The so-called “crow’s feet” are small skin folds that form around the eyes. Most often, they become the very first heralds of the oncoming skin wilting due to the fact that the epidermis is the thinnest here and has absolutely no sebaceous glands, which give the skin elasticity and resistance to external influences.

The most common causes wrinkles around the eyes are:

  • Mimic wrinkles — such a problem can comprehend even a very young person, because these “enemies” appear because of the actions of various facial muscles. If you have the habits of actively expressing emotions with the help of facial expressions, active movement by different parts of the face, and you have dry, delicate skin, then you are at risk of having the first wrinkles at a very immature age. In addition, such a problem may occur if you are a fan of intense weight loss, because this process causes the skin to lose elasticity, as a result of which there are treacherous rays in the corners of the eyes. Also pay attention to your pillow and head position during sleep: too high a pillow causes the eye muscles to contract incorrectly, stretch and form grooves.
  • Past illnesses — infectious, gastrointestinal, female diseases, disorders of the endocrine and nervous systems have a very strong effect on the condition of the skin, which does not have the strength to restore and restore elasticity.
  • Abuse of makeup — or, alternatively, the use of poor-quality decorative cosmetics. Very often, girls, even with beautiful skin, themselves spoil the treasure they have inherited. How many times have we forgotten in our youth, having returned from a tumultuous party, forgetting to wash the makeup off our face? And how often do we, in an effort to save the budget, buy our own shadows or a regular black pencil, without asking about the quality of the purchase? This all reflects on the state of our skin. But not only poor-quality cosmetics provoke the formation of wrinkles around the eyes. Even ordinary powder can drain this problem area.
  • External influence — wind, rain, snow, cold adversely affect the delicate and delicate skin around the eyes. And how often do we sunbathe without taking care of eye protection in the form of sunglasses and tools? But the sun and its rays can be very harmful, they dehydrate the epidermis to its deepest layers, causing premature aging.
  • Age factor — the skin with the acquisition of «experience» loses its fat layer, it becomes thinner, and therefore loses its density and elasticity. In addition, the process of cell regeneration is noticeably slowed down; elastic fibers become thinner, then they begin to completely disappear. All this affects the external condition of the skin in general, and the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in particular.

Examine carefully the condition of your own skin, find out the reasons for the appearance of wrinkles, and only then begin the study of possible methods of dealing with the enemy, cunningly hiding in the corners of your eyes.

Timely prevention of wrinkles around the eyes in fact, is the most effective method of dealing with this problem.

In order to prevent the appearance of “crow’s feet” in the future, you should start caring for the skin around the eyes from an early age. And then the following steps will be helpful:

  • Mimicry — should carefully monitor the expression of their own emotions with the help of facial muscles. Learn to control your feelings. This does not mean that you should walk with a straight face and not laugh. Just start the fight with the phenomenon of squinting. To do this, take the following rule as truth: wear sunglasses not only in the summer in bright sunshine. So in winter the sun can shine no less strongly, and the rays reflected from the snow still intensify this light. Therefore, sunglasses with sun protection should be a mandatory attribute of your daily image. Also try to get rid of the child’s habit of rubbing your eyes — it also leads to injury and stretching of the delicate layer of the epidermis near the eyes.
  • Nutrition — after a certain time, the skin stops synthesizing collagen in the proportions that it needs to maintain tone and elasticity. Therefore, your task should be a complete, balanced diet that can fully nourish the epidermis with essential nutrients. Increase in the daily menu the number of products containing carotene: carrots, spinach. Fruits and vegetables of red color, as well as fresh juices from them will also be faithful helpers in your war with the premature signs of aging. And be sure to use a variety of unrefined oils as food additives. It is they who can make your skin elastic, but only when you fill them with salads from fresh vegetables and fruits, and not to fry pies on it.
  • Healthy lifestyle — Of course, there are no exercises that would help you to build eye muscles. But with constant physical exertion, your blood is better and faster saturated with oxygen, which does not allow the fluid to stagnate near the eyes, improves the body’s metabolism, cleanses the pores of the skin and increases the flow of nutrients to the epidermis. But smoking and drinking alcohol can greatly slow down the metabolic processes in the body, moreover, when using nicotine and alcohol, the skin loses its ability to actively regenerate, which means it will most likely undergo aging processes.
  • Use of cosmetics — this in no way means that at the slightest sign of the appearance of eye wrinkles, you should start using a strong action anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes designed to care for mature skin. So you can do her even more harm. But the daily care of this area of ​​the face must include three steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Choose the right cosmetics for your age and skin type. Then you will need more serious cosmetics and procedures much later.

Massage, designed to fight wrinkles around the eyes — is one of the most effective, and last but not least, a pleasant way to fight this enemy. Massage procedures can be carried out both at home and in the salon. Salon massage will be even more effective, because together with it various oils, creams and ointments against wrinkles around the eyes will be used, which will only enhance the impact of this procedure. But this does not mean that home massage will be useless. Absolutely not! Its beneficial effect will also be enormous.

The effectiveness of the massage can be easily explained:

  • exchange processes in this zone are improved, the blood moves more actively and better transfers nutrients and oxygen;
  • the muscles in this area are strengthened;
  • collagen by improving metabolism is produced many times better;
  • swelling disappears.

In order to correctly perform the massage and not cause even more harm to your skin, you need to know for sure location and direction of facial massage lines:

  • from the center point of the chin to the ear lobes;
  • from the notch under the center of the lower lip to the ear lobes;
  • from the notch above the upper lip to the temples;
  • from the labial corners to the center of the auricle;
  • from the middle of the forehead to the temples;
  • from the outer corner of the eye to the inner along the lower eyelid;
  • from the outer corner of the eye to the inner upper eyelid.

Before the start of the massage, massage your face well, clean it and use a good massage tool that causes only positive emotions from texture and smell. You can carry out a massage both yourself and someone, for example, a beautician in the salon. A professional cosmetologist can also offer you variations on the theme of massage — for example, massage with the Darsonval apparatus, Ayurvedic facial massage, massage in which ice is used against wrinkles around the eyes.

Modern achievements of science in the field of cosmetology have achieved remarkable results in our time. And it would be completely wrong to be afraid to use them for the benefit of their own beauty. Methods of modern science of beauty and cosmetic procedures, directly aimed at solving the problem of wrinkles around the eyes can be divided into four categories:

The use of cosmetics. Means, both for house, and for salon use are made. But in any case, which method you would not choose, consultation with a specialist will be necessary. A good specialist will surely tell you that both methods are good, and in combination they will work several times more efficiently. At home, there are two tools, the effectiveness of which is proved in practice — a cream and a mask. A huge number of manufacturers offer you their products.

This and collagen creams, and masks based on the extract of red and black caviar, and coenzyme means, which are so beautifully sung in commercials, flashed daily before our eyes. And you can very easily believe the sweet-sounding commercials, get confused, and choose a completely inappropriate product. Therefore, the use of these tools must be recommended by your beautician. He will also give you treatments in the salon or beauty parlor, such as skin peeling, collagen care, algae-based treatments and much more. This method allows you to prevent the appearance and get rid of shallow and medium wrinkles.

Injection cosmetology. In the modern world there are two directions of injection cosmetology:

  • Mesotherapy — this technique is the use of subcutaneous injections, designed to deliver the missing nutrients to the deep layers of the skin. A distinctive feature of this method is that the solutions of the necessary substances are delivered directly to the right place, which means that they penetrate much deeper than ordinary cosmetics, and they begin to work much faster. These solutions are compiled by the beautician himself, depending on the individual problems and peculiarities of the client’s skin, most often their components are vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nucleic acids. They begin their action in the dermis, stimulating cell regeneration, collagen synthesis and other processes necessary for elastic skin. Mesotherapy is considered one of the safest methods of dealing with age-related changes in the epidermis due to the fact that it activates the body’s own powers.
  • Contour plastic, Which has a completely different technology. It represents the filling of wrinkles, irregularities and folds of the skin with the help of synthetic fillers. These fillers are solutions based on hyaluronic acid, acrylic, silicone and others. Hyaluronic acid injections have a temporary effect, due to the fact that this substance is natural to our body, and after a certain time it is processed and excreted by it. The remaining injections act on a permanent basis. Their action is aimed at aligning the contours of the face by filling irregularities. This procedure has a number of contraindications, so you should contact an experienced and well-established specialist for its implementation.

Botulinum toxin injections. That is exactly the name of the so-called lately drug bottox, the name of which constantly flashes on the pages of glamor editions under photos of suddenly rejuvenated celebrities. In fact, effective and long-term effect of the drug will be only on mimic wrinkles. Botox injections are administered intramuscularly to the required area. And there he begins to act. The action of this drug is to block the nerve impulses in this area, due to which the muscles relax and smooth out. The procedure lasts an average of five to six months, after which the muscles return to their original state. That is why it is recommended to carry out several procedures of Botox injections, in order to prolong the effect of them.

Photorejuvenation. Recently, the photo-rejuvenation procedure using laser equipment has become increasingly popular. This type of effect on aging skin goes to a whole section of cosmetology, called laser cosmetology. The meaning of this procedure is a light polychrome effect on certain areas of the skin, in this case wrinkles around the eyes. Light waves of various lengths and intensities that are selected by the specialist conducting the procedure affect the deep layers of the epidermis, activating them and forcing them to independently produce collagen and other components necessary for rejuvenation. The most lasting result is observed after several sessions. The advantage of this method can be considered the complete absence of physical contact with the skin, and therefore the exact absence of scars and scars. And of course one more advantage can be considered as good tolerance by patients of this procedure and the almost complete absence of contraindications.

But it is not necessary to rush at random into all beauty salons at the sight of the emerging rays near the eyes. Only a consultation of a dermatologist and a cosmetologist can choose the necessary procedure for you or their complex, so that you look young and beautiful.

Surgical way to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

Aging is an absolutely natural process of development of any organism. Unfortunately, this process leaves its traces first on the face, in the eye area in the form of a wrinkle net. One of the ways to combat this phenomenon is probably the most cardinal blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty — This is a plastic surgery performed by surgical intervention, allowing to solve the problem of the appearance of “crow’s feet”.

In modern surgery, there are two types of operations:

  • Blepharoplasty upper eyelids
  • Blepharoplasty lower eyelids.

Simply put — it is a eyelid lift, after which the person takes a more positive expression, rested appearance and a few dropped years. Plastic surgery, of course, implies the presence of anesthesia and still quite a long period of rehabilitation with the removal of stitches.

Before you decide on such a cardinal decision, try to weigh the pros and cons. Because modern science of self-care has already quite great achievements, and you can try to apply less painful and safer methods of returning youth. Well, if you still decide on surgical intervention, then choose only well-reputable specialists.

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