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Wormwood: useful properties, rules of use, contraindications

Wormwood and its beneficial properties

The Latin name for wormwood — “Artemisia” — means “healthy”. About the healing properties of the plant has been known since antiquity, since ancient times. One of the legends says that the goddess Artemis discovered his healing qualities, after which she was named.

In the people, the attitude towards wormwood was ambiguous, primarily because of its bitterness. They frightened off evil spirits, made a love potion out of her and rubbed them to seduce men, the travelers put her leaves in shoes for fatigue. It was believed that the plant adds strength, heals wounds, pulls pus from them. They also used weed in household needs: they fought against pests at home and in the garden, painted fabrics.

Today, wormwood is used in medicine — both in folk and in traditional. However, you should not use a plant without knowledge and skills — some of its species are poisonous. In total, there are more than 400 varieties of weed.

What is wormwood?

  • Pure wormwood is poisonous in its pure form. In the history of cases of mass mortality of livestock that have eaten this grass. Nevertheless, on the basis of extracts from the plant, medicines are prepared for bronchitis, rheumatism, and pneumonia.
  • Wormwood paniculata is also not recommended to use just like that. Experts use it in the means of urolithiasis.
  • The healing properties of wormwood tsitvarnoy consist in the ability to kill parasites, especially round worms. In the process of the study, the toxic properties of the plant extract were revealed, which adversely affect the body, so today weed is used only in veterinary medicine. However, its essential oil helps to soothe the pain, fights bacteria, reduces inflammation.
  • Medicinal wormwood (or God’s tree) has a pleasant lemon scent. Currently, it is not only a medicine, but also a culinary seasoning.
  • Tarragon is also wormwood, only devoid of bitterness. It is actively used in the preparation of various dishes and drinks, especially in the Caucasus.
  • Wormwood and common wormwood are most popular in medicine and in everyday life. Their healing qualities are similar.

For the treatment of various diseases, almost all parts of the grass are used: roots and leaves, seeds and inflorescences. Lactones are responsible for the special bitter taste. In the composition there are tannins, acids of organic origin, essential oil, carotene, some vitamins and a lot of trace elements, including potassium and zinc, magnesium and bromine, molybdenum and aluminum, nickel and boron.

The beneficial properties of wormwood spread to various systems and organs of the human body.

  • The plant helps to establish digestion, regular stool, is a diuretic.
  • Grass treats disorders in the gallbladder of a different nature: violation of the outflow of bile itself, the presence of stones, inflammation. An important point in the application of decoction or wormwood tea is a ban on the addition of sugar. Yes, wormwood has a bitter taste, but it is this that gives you the opportunity to get rid of ailments. Sweetness reduces the effectiveness of exposure.
  • The benefits of wormwood is to help the stomach. It regulates its acidity, relieves inflammation, reduces bloating, pain, improves the digestive processes.
  • Wormwood has a unique effect on the nervous system. If a person is agitated, irritated, stressed or suffering from insomnia, she calms. On the contrary, in the depressed state, depression and apathy, the plant tones and charges with vigor.
  • The plant is able to relieve fever, pain and cramps, actively promote immunity while eliminating various inflammations.
  • It also has wormwood useful properties, due to which it is a good anthelmintic. She is drunk as a preventive measure for the reproduction of parasites in the body and its cleansing, especially in the spring.
  • Herbal benefits women with their specific diseases. Douches, as well as compresses with a decoction of wormwood are widely used for gynecological ailments.
  • The plant can contribute to weight loss and gain slenderness, as it starts the metabolism at the desired speed and in the required amount. To do this, infusion of wormwood (2 teaspoons per cup of hot water) take a few sips before meals.

Wormwood is also effective for men to normalize their sexual sphere. It is necessary to drink a glass of broth from the seeds of a plant for the day.

How to take wormwood from parasites?

The body is cleaned with dry grass powder. This is explained by the fact that in this form the plant reaches the most remote parts of the intestine, destroying the worms. 100 grams of the funds taken with a glass of clean non-carbonated water. During the first three days, it is consumed about 5-6 times, then you can reduce the number of receptions to three. The benefit of bitter wormwood from the parasites will be doubled if you daily douching and enema with the filtered decoction of the plant.

A common and effective recipe is the «Russian triad». These are wormwood, tansy and clove. They are good to use in the complex, as they destroy different types of parasites — tape, round, their larvae and eggs, as well as fungi. The composition is effective against echinococcus, Giardia, Trichomonas, herpes virus of various nature and candida, which cause thrush.

Wormwood with alcoholism

The people have long been noted ability of grass in one way or another to relieve craving for alcohol. This is facilitated by bitterness and special active substances included in its composition. You can make or infusion, or decoction. To do this, take a tablespoon of dry powder of wormwood and a glass of purified water. Water needs to be heated to a boil, pour the grass. The infusion is kept warm for 2 hours, and the broth is languished for 20 minutes over low heat.

Wormwood for respiratory organs

In viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the plant is used in several ways.

You can do inhalation, dripping a couple of drops of essential oil into the hot water and, with a towel covered, breathe. This is effective both in coughing and in the common cold: the benefits consist in expectorant, bactericidal, immune-strengthening effect.

The second option is the treatment of rhinitis with wormwood. Some people add ether to the oil drops from the common cold, but they can be made independently. To do this, take a little good virgin olive oil and a pinch of dry wormwood. In a closed bubble, the grass is drawn onto the oil in a dark place during the week and is used for its intended purpose.

Wormwood during menstruation

Sometimes women have a broken cycle or bleeding is too painful. This is due to heredity and various disorders. What is useful wormwood in these cases?

If the cycle is lost, and menstruation does not start for a long time, half a cup of wormwood is drunk half a glass three times a day. In the case of painful menstruation, it is replaced by ordinary wormwood.

Beauty Recipes

The plant has not only a pronounced therapeutic effect. In some cases, it is able to preserve the beauty of a woman.

  • Wormwood with greasy hair

Fresh grass is poured with boiling water (2.5 liters), insist a couple of hours and rinsed with her head after washing in the usual way. The plant tightens pores, reduces sebum production, prevents dandruff and prevents hair from getting dirty quickly.

  • Wormwood from aging skin

If a strained bitter plant infusion is added to the bath (250 grams per liter of boiling water), this will tighten the epidermis, give it a tone and activate the processes of developing the necessary substances, in particular, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Take this bath should be about an hour before bedtime. In addition to rejuvenating properties, it will relax, calm and help you fall asleep and have a good rest.

In a regular bottle (it is better to take a glass one), about a third of the sunflower seeds are poured. Add to them 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 4 — dry bitter plants, shake. After that, for two weeks the mixture is infused, shaking every day. After this time, you need to strain the oil and use it for anti-cellulite massage. It is good to use a special roller or washcloth in the complex and pre-steam the skin in a bath or in the shower.


Bitter wormwood is an incredibly active plant. Even official medicine recognizes its effect on the body, tinctures and ointments based on it are made at pharmaceutical factories. However, some properties of the herb can harm the body. Therefore, there are clear rules and contraindications, wormwood under which is strictly prohibited.

  • Pregnancy. Bitter grass — abortive means. In the early stages, it can cause a miscarriage, in the later stages, contractions and premature labor. Even the smell of wormwood can be dangerous for a woman in a position, so the use of essential oil, for example, in inhalation, is also contraindicated.
  • Lactation. There are two reasons why wormwood cannot be used during this period. First, the bitter taste can be transmitted to the milk, which the child will refuse. Secondly, the plant is quite allergic, which can also affect the health of the baby.
  • Reduced acidity of the digestive tract.
  • Acute form of gastric and intestinal diseases.
  • Allergic reaction.

Useful properties and contraindications must be correlated with the fact that hallucinations, convulsions, vomiting and nervous disorders of various kinds can occur from prolonged use. The course of treatment should not exceed one week.

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