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Why the hair turns gray: the main causes of early graying

Why does the hair of young people and even teenagers turn gray?

Many people believe that gray hair is a sign of wisdom, intelligence, and rich life experience. As a rule, in men, the first gray hairs may appear after 35 years, and in women — after 40 years. However, the appearance of gray hair at a young age is also quite common among both sexes.

In the modern world, gray in 30 years is quite a frequent occurrence. But still, gray hair in youth is not a pleasant phenomenon, so many people want to get rid of this problem. Are you interested in why your hair turns white at an early age? What makes it so that some gray hairs appear at age 25, and other people who may be much older do not have a single gray hair on their head? Let’s understand this.

What is gray hair?

In order to study the phenomenon of early graying hair, you need to begin to understand what constitutes gray hair. Why do people get their hair gray?

Gray hair is a physiological process and a manifestation of biological functions that occur in the body with age. The hair color is completely dependent on the pigment melanin. With age or due to external factors, this pigment ceases to be produced in sufficient quantities, and the cells inside the hair begin to secrete tiny particles of hydrogen peroxide, which discolor the hair from the inside. It is after this that the gray begins to appear.

If in men and women the hair begins to turn gray before the age of 35 (provided that all the hair turns gray, one gray hair does not count), then this is called premature graying. In the case when a person has gray hair at the age of 20 or earlier, this indicates the need for an urgent medical examination.

Early graying

Now let’s identify 10 factors of why young hairs turn gray:

  1. Strong stress. The loss of a loved one, problems at work or school, betrayal — all such situations can provoke the occurrence of gray hair already in thirty (or even less) years. Proved that frequent sadness and depression can reduce the production of melanin.
  2. Heredity is one of the most common factors of early gray hair. Its presence suggests that a person may appear gray in the same year in which she appeared with his older relatives.
  3. Disease. When it comes to gray hair at an early age, various causes of heart, liver, kidney problems, impaired stable functioning of the thyroid gland, hormonal disruptions, as well as atherosclerosis cannot be recorded in the causes of their formation. Despite the fact that adolescent or adolescent body tolerates such ailments not so hard as the old one, their consequences can greatly affect hair color.
  4. Avitaminosis. Not everyone knows, but a lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body can adversely affect the condition of the hair follicles and affect the natural processes associated with pigmentation. If this problem is diagnosed in time, then it can be cured and subsequently return the natural pigment to the hair.
  5. Hard diets. A poor diet during a diet will not only benefit, but also greatly damage the locks. Too moderate consumption or complete abandonment of products with the necessary vitamins, iron, iodine are also the reason why the hair turns gray in 30 years and earlier.
  6. Smoking. Because of nicotine, the cells of the whole body do not receive a sufficient amount of oxygen, which is why many people get gray hair even at 30 years old.
  7. Frequent use of hot water while washing hair. Because of it, the process of pigment production can be disturbed and graying begins.
  8. Regular consumption of coffee or foods high in salt.
  9. The action of drugs.
  10. Poor blood circulation.

How to avoid problems

You have already familiarized yourself with the information and understood why the hair on your head turns gray when you are 30 years old for those who should start turning gray much later. Now you are probably wondering if it is possible to prevent early graying. Yes, it is possible, but only if it is not incorporated into genetics. You just need to understand that it is impossible to completely prevent gray hair, but you can easily postpone its appearance, for example, for a 20-year period if you follow these simple rules:

  • Balanced diet. Food should be rich in vitamins and minerals. In the diet you need to add more vegetables, fruits, fresh berries, legumes, nuts, as well as foods that are rich in iodine, calcium, copper and zinc.
  • Water balance. A sufficient amount of water is essential for the stable functioning of the hair follicles.
  • Lack of stress. Take care of your nerves and try to control emotions. If you are not able to keep yourself under control, you are prone to stressful situations and cannot do anything about it, then do not hesitate to contact a psychologist for help.
  • Rejection of addictions. It has been scientifically proven that, due to smoking and alcohol abuse, the human body is aging several times faster. It is necessary to exclude nicotine and alcoholic beverages from your life.
  • Full sleep. A deep 8-hour sleep will not only prevent early gray hair, but will generally have a positive effect on health.

As you can see, the reasons why hair turns gray early are quite obvious. In order not to expose your hair to early gray hair, it is enough to adjust your lifestyle. There is nothing supernatural in the councils above. All of the above rules are simple truths.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, people forget about them, which subsequently leads to a sad result. And now we are talking not only about early gray hair, but about the deterioration of health in general. Enter these rules into your daily life, and it will definitely improve. Remember that everything in this life depends on you.

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