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Why lashes fall out: natural causes and external factors

We understand why lashes fall out

Only the feminine look can be remembered immediately and forever. Particularly impressive is its expressiveness and attractiveness, which often depends on the beauty of the eyelashes. Some of the beauties of nature endowed with long, thick and dark eyelashes, while others only dream of such beauty …

Do you know the loss of eyelashes? If yes, then read the article to the end, in it we will tell how to help the cilia to become strong, beautiful, long and silky. And all this is not with the help of building up or using the most up-to-date carcass, but thanks only to natural and natural means.

A little bit about cilia

First you need to understand why lashes fall out. Physiologically it is arranged that the life cycle of each cilium is on average 90–150 days. This period is divided into 4 phases.

In the first phase, a new bulb (follicle) is born, and the hair begins to actively grow. This happens for 30 days. Then a small transitional phase occurs when the follicle shrinks. After this begins the longest phase — the rest phase. It lasts up to 100 days and ends with complete rejection of a hair. And a new circle begins.

Thus, the loss of eyelashes — it is absolutely normal. It is believed that normally falls about 5 hairs per day. But if the number of eyelashes per day is much larger, then this is cause for alarm.

Thickness, length, color and thickness of eyelashes depend on heredity. It is impossible to make hairs longer and thicker than your next of kin. The reason for this is the genetic code.

It is noticed that brunettes are owners of long eyelashes, but for blondes the hairs are much shorter and thinner. Color depends on how much melanin is in a hair. The larger this pigment, the darker the cilium. Also, it is not at all necessary that the hair color is fully consistent with the color of the eyelashes. Most often there are differences on a couple of tones.

Causes of Fallout

To establish the exact cause of loss of eyelashes (and hair), you need to go around a lot of specialists and pass tests. However, the most common reasons are:

  • The loss of eyelashes can provoke various causes, such as ophthalmic pathologies (chronic blepharitis, bacterial infections, sebaceous gland disorders), dermatological (eczema, psoriasis, various dermatitis, baldness), hormonal disorders, thyroid disease, menopause.
  • Very often, the loss can be affected by taking medications (treatment with blood-thinning or pressure-lowering drugs, the use of statins, thyroid hormones, etc.). As soon as they stop taking these medicines, the eyelashes resume their growth.
  • Nervous strain. First of all, you need to listen to your body. In pursuit of material benefits and career, a woman receives daily stress. She ceases to cope with it, there are various diseases that affect the beauty.

Now, knowing why lashes fall out in women, you can think about how to fix the situation.

Many useful cosmetologists came up with in this area. They can recommend dyeing with permanent chemical dyeing, building up, curling to bend, lamination for shine and silkiness, etc.

But all these methods can not only turn the dream into reality for a while, but also do much harm. Unfortunately, the modern cosmetic industry does not produce harmless products, and the skill of many “specialists” in beauty salons leaves much to be desired.

So what should you do if lashes fall out? If these diseases are absent, then you can begin to study gentle ways that are able to restore the growth of eyelashes and regain lost beauty.

Natural coloring

To give the eyelashes a deep dark color, you can use natural henna or usma juice. Both of these dyes are completely harmless, in addition, they have high healing properties, which helps to treat hairs.

Henna perfectly nourishes and strengthens the follicles, prevents the loss of eyelashes. Filling each hair dye, henna visually with each coloring increases it in volume. Bleached tips also stain well. This creates the effect of density and maximum length. It is very convenient that this care procedure can be performed at home on your own. And if you want — every day.

Even used for staining juice or leaf powder usmy. This natural remedy makes the hairs darker by 1-2 tones, at the same time gives shine and density to the cilia and eyebrows, stimulates their growth.

What we eat and how we live

No less important is nutrition and lifestyle. If hair and eyelashes intensively fall out, then strict diets can be the cause. When a sharp weight loss occurs in a very short period of time, a serious hormonal failure and metabolic disorder occur in the body. It affects the condition of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.

The best treatment in this case is a complete healthy diet. It is very useful and to include green vegetables (greens, broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach), legumes (beans, lentils, peas), nuts, whole grains, tomatoes and carrots in the diet.

In addition, it is necessary to do daily morning gymnastics, do jogging in the fresh air and walk more. Due to periodic physical exertion, metabolism begins to function properly, which has a good effect on immunity.

That’s how all the systems of the body will gradually adjust the coordinated work, which will significantly slow down and stop the loss of eyelashes and hair.

Evening hygiene

If eyelashes fall out on one eye, it is a reason to think about whether hygiene and care is performed correctly. Make-up should be removed using a special cleanser or vegetable oil (your choice). Micellar water is very popular. It helps to clean the eyelids without friction, which does not hurt the eyelashes at all.

Then it is important to wash with cool water. Before applying the night nourishing cream can be pampered cilia oils.

Miraculous oils

Oils have long been considered the easiest and most effective way to strengthen hair and eyelashes. The treatment usually occurs externally (applied to the eyelashes).

The best eyelash oils are castor, almond and peach. They do not give an allergic reaction even on very sensitive skin. Oils can be applied directly to the skin after cleansing. And you can make compresses, this is also a good treatment that will help not only accelerate the growth of new cilia, but also make them velvety.

When using oils, regularity is important. Only with daily full care can you achieve high results.

So, if your eyelashes fall out, what you need to do in this case is now known. You need to be able to distinguish pathology from the normal physiological process, use natural cosmetics, properly care for your face and eyelids, eat right, live peacefully. All these factors will give good health in some time, and the beauty of eyelashes will come with it.

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