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Why hair fall out in the fall

Why hair fall out in the fall

In the courtyard of Indian summer, and a friend pulled a hat.

— What happened? — you ask.

— Fall hair fall! — she sighs.

One can only sympathize: in fact, seasonal hair loss in women occurs both in autumn and in spring. However, it is possible not only to grieve together, but also to find the answer to the currently relevant questions: why the hair falls in the fall, and how to deal with it.

Why does hair fall out

Let’s start with the fact that the process of their fall is quite natural, and you should not be afraid of it. Each hair grows from the so-called follicle, the “bag” of the tissues surrounding the root. Growth comes from the root — it is his cells that divide in the follicular sac. Between the follicles are sebaceous glands. The intensity of their work determines the type of scalp — oily (with the active work of the glands), normal or dry.

Hair goes through three stages of growth:

  1. The first phase is anagenous. It is characterized by active cell division of the root and hair growth. Normally, about 80-90% of hairs are in the growth phase, and it lasts for about 3 years.
  2. The second phase is catagenic, when root cells cease to divide. In the atrophic follicle, the hair root shrinks and «pulls up» to the surface of the scalp. The catagenic phase lasts about a month.
  3. In the third — telogenic phase — the follicle is at rest, the hair in it almost does not hold and can fall out even from a weak effect. From 20 to 40% of hair on the head are in the telogenous phase.

These phases cyclically replace each other. On average, the hair «lives» 25 cycles. Therefore, if 80 to 150 hairs fall out per day, there is nothing to worry about. But if the hair began to shred, the hair noticeably thinned — it’s time to sound the alarm, regardless of whether hair loss occurs in the fall, winter, spring or summer.

Causes of hair loss

If the process is already reminiscent of baldness, you need to start by determining the causes of this scourge. First you should check availability:

  • endocrine diseases;
  • hormonal disruption — for this reason, often begins male / female pattern baldness;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys.

Some medicines cause hair loss as a side effect. It also happens that hair climbs from a lack of minerals and trace elements in the body, from nervous tension and stress.

Than wash your hair

Why still weak hair fall out in the fall? You may not be suitable shampoo, conditioner or mask that you use. If the funds are chosen incorrectly, they will only cause harm. Remember: shampoo is selected according to the type of the scalp, balm-conditioner — according to the type of hair. Remember that conditioners and masks are applied only to the «body» of the hair, stepping a couple of centimeters from the roots. You should not overdo them — it is better to wash it off before the specified exposure time. This approach will avoid the problem of hair, greasy at the roots and dry at the tips.

Hair can react badly to care, not only because the funds are chosen incorrectly. Assess the composition: if you find lauryl sulfates in it, leave the bottle, no matter how much it costs. There is research data that sulfates, penetrating through the scalp, have a toxic effect on the body, accumulate in the kidneys and liver. In addition, many sulfates are carcinogenic and may also cause allergies. Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) is the greatest hazard.

Sulfates are added to shampoos for two reasons: they provide abundant washing foam and are literally cleaned up to “squeak”. But there is nothing good in such purity: the acid-base balance of the skin is disturbed. The scalp dries out and dry dandruff appears. Dry hair becomes brittle and begins to fall out.

Diethanolamine in the composition of the care products is also a dangerous allergic reaction. Another harmful component of shampoos and balsams is parabens. These are preservatives designed to extend the shelf life of products. Another worst enemy of curls in the composition of products for washing, care and styling — silicone. At first glance, everything is fine: after using the product with silicone, the hairstyle gets shine, the hair becomes smooth, easy to comb and keep styling for a long time. The harm is this:

  • silicone is a synthetic substance, which in itself is no longer useful;
  • bonding scales, including those on split ends, silicone eventually accumulates in the body of the hair, making it heavy, and sooner or later your hair will start to fall out;
  • silicone also accumulates around the hair follicle-sac, blocking access of oxygen to it, disrupting blood circulation in the root zone. The skin «does not breathe,» lacks nutrients, which also increases the amount of lost hair.

Do not allow advertising to convince yourself that fashion means will help you to improve your curls and scalp. The so-called “mass market”, that is, popular brands from supermarkets, create only the appearance of strengthening hair, and in fact, over time, lead to serious problems.

To avoid this, choose products based on natural ingredients. Such shampoos and balms will not be on the shelves of large stores. As a rule, they can be bought online, in the departments of eco-products or from the skilled workers who make handmade cosmetics.

How to wash your hair

They say that daily washing is harmful, but it is more a myth than the truth. Hair should be washed as it is polluted, otherwise greasy scalp will react very quickly with the appearance of “oily” dandruff. Sebum clogs the follicles, preventing normal metabolism and nutrition of the root, and as a result, the hair becomes thinner and begins to fall out. So wash your hair as needed.

It is very good to wash your head with a special brush — plastic with a rubber «bristle». Soft teeth will not only massage the scalp, causing blood flow, but also help to cleanse it from dead cells. The skin will begin to breathe better, the flow of nutrients to the roots will noticeably improve, and autumn hair loss will stop. After washing it is good to use a decoction of nettle or water with lemon juice to shine hair. The main oil is an assistant in the fight for a thick braid — burdock. The castor also “works” perfectly: with regular use, the quality of hair is noticeably improved and their growth is accelerated. But keep in mind that thick castor oil is washed off only from the second or third wash.

Causes of autumn hair problems

So, we conducted a revision on a shelf in the bathroom, mastered a brush for washing the head and picked up recipes for natural masks. We now turn to seasonal causes of hair loss. Without consulting a trichologist, there are several reasons why the hair falls out very strongly in the fall.

The first reason — a small amount of sunlight

Under the influence of sunlight in the body produces vitamin D, without which calcium is not absorbed. And calcium is necessary for hair, therefore we include leafy herbs and green vegetables in the diet: parsley, sorrel, broccoli. Vigorously gnaw nuts and seeds. Beans, peas and barley are also good.

The second reason — the lack of one or several vitamins.

In the autumn, the body spends more energy heating the body and supporting immunity, so resources may be scarce. As a rule, hair falls out due to lack of vitamins A, B5, B6, C, E. Of course, it is better to determine by analysis which particular vitamins you lack, and to replenish the reserve purposefully. If this is not possible, then vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (PP, nicotinamide, nicotinic acid), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin H (biotin) are the most useful and effective in solving the problem of seasonal thinning of hair. ), folic acid, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E. Hair also suffers from a lack of trace elements, including calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium.

Here are the substances that should be «treated» curls in the fall:

  • Group B vitamins provide cereals, potatoes, spinach, seeds and nuts, which, by the way, contain selenium;
  • Vitamins A and E are present in apricots, tomatoes, sweet red pepper. But it is not necessary to subject these products to long-term heat treatment — vitamin A does not like it;
  • Calcium in easily digestible form contains, for example, sesame — an excellent salad dressing;
  • look for iron in red products: apples, beets, pomegranates. Persimmon and buckwheat should also be on the table. It is advisable to use at the same time products containing vitamin C: in his company, iron is absorbed better.
  • Selenium can boast of garlic, wheat bran, any nuts. He is in mushrooms and tangerines. Add to this list products containing vitamin E (Bulgarian pepper, sunflower oil): they will help the body absorb the maximum selenium.
  • sources of magnesium are walnuts, almonds, oatmeal, and legumes.

The third reason is dry indoor air.

It becomes so because of the central heating and heating devices, and also because in the fall we do not air out the apartments and offices too often. What to do? Humidify the air! You can buy a special device or arrange around the house or office any containers with water: vases of flowers or glass beads, jugs for watering plants, and finally, ordinary bowls. By moisturizing the air, you also care about the skin: tightening or peeling no longer threatens you.

Reason Four — walks without a hat

On the street, the head is overcooled, so the vessels, including the skin, are narrowed. Hair stops getting the necessary nutrition from the bloodstream. Cold makes the hair dry: narrowing the pores of the scalp, it does not allow the sebaceous glands to fully function. Hair starts to break and fall out. So the hat in the autumn is a true friend of the curls!

The fifth reason — a violation of immunity

And sore throats, and viral diseases, and seasonal depression require additional forces from the body to fight and recovery. Hair loss may be due to medication or nervous strain. Soothing herbal teas and vitamin fruit decoctions will help to cope with this.

So, in order not to hide under a scarf or beret pretty thinning curls by the spring, we build a hair care plan: choose the right shampoos and masks, wear a hat, serve vitamins to the table and pour sleep to maintain healthy hair. And healthy hair is beautiful hair!

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