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Why do acne appear on the face and how to get rid of it?

Why do acne appear on the face and how to deal with it?

Acne, blackheads and comedones are one of the most common skin problems. And if acne was once considered the lot of adolescents, today even those who are well over 20 suffer from this disease. Anyway, the appearance of acne is unpleasant at any age, and in order to be able to get rid of acne, you must find out the possible causes and treatment of this cosmetic defect.

What causes juvenile acne

For the first time, pimples begin to jump on the skin of the face even at a transitional age — from 11 to 17 years. The main reason why acne appears on the face during this period is natural hormonal changes: at puberty, the production of steroid hormones — androgens — increases in the human body. This process is observed in both girls and boys.

Androgens have an impact on many biochemical reactions that occur in the body of a teenager, including those that are associated with the work of the skin.

Hormonal restructuring leads to the fact that the work of the sebaceous glands increases and the formation of sebum increases many times. If normally this substance has a watery consistency, then with hypersecretion it becomes thick and viscous, clogging the pores and forming a greasy plug. Because of this, the products of the work of fatty glands can not go outside and provoke inflammation, which causes acne on the face.

It should be borne in mind that the transitional age is almost never complete without acne, but the severity of acne may be different: in some adolescents acne constantly and in large quantities, while others only occasionally have a single character. It depends on many factors: on the characteristics of the organism, on nutrition, on the state of the internal organs, and on how carefully a person cares for his skin. Despite the fact that the occurrence of acne in adolescence is a completely natural process, you should definitely not look at it through your fingers: if a child begins to have too many acne on his face, this indicates that his body has disorders that need to be addressed . In such a situation, it is imperative to find out why acne is popping up, and try to eliminate the source of the problem in time, otherwise serious complications of acne rash may occur, after which deep scars will remain on the skin.

Acne in adults: what is the reason?

If a teenager has acne, in most cases they disappear by the age of 18-19. But sometimes the “uninvited guests” linger much longer and continue to “climb” on one or the other parts of the face, even among young people and girls at the age of 20-30, delivering them enormous discomfort. Of course, this can no longer be attributed to the norm variants, so it is very important to find out why acne appears in an adult person who has long passed the transition period. Acne appears for the following reasons:

  1. Hormonal changes. As a rule, this refers to the representatives of the weaker sex, as their body very sensitively reacts even to the slightest changes in the hormonal background. Often, a failure is reflected in changes in appearance, including the appearance of acne on the skin. Pregnancy, lactation and menstruation can be provoking factors.
  2. Diseases of the internal organs. Doctors believe that the eel that has jumped out on the face may indicate problems with this or that organ. For example, in diseases of the female reproductive system, acne occurs in the chin area and near the lips, in the case of abnormal liver function, in the area between the eyebrows, and in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lesions can jump on the forehead, the area under the eyes and cheekbones.
  3. Medication. If a person takes potent drugs, then the answer to the question of what causes acne, most likely lies in this. Some medications can cause allergies, which is manifested by skin inflammations, others significantly impair the functioning of the digestive organs and thereby provoke acne on the face, and still others change hormones (for example, oral contraceptives).
  4. Unhealthy food. Here again, the relationship with the work of the gastrointestinal tract is traced: the more harmful the products used, the worse the digestive system functions, and the more often acne begins to crawl out. If you think about what may be acne on your face, be sure to take a closer look at your diet — if there is too much salty, spicy, fatty foods, smoked meats, sweets, caffeine, carcinogenic foods from the category of fast food, then it is quite possible that the reason the occurrence of acne lies precisely in this.
  5. Wrong skin care. These include such common mistakes as the constant squeezing of acne, the use of improper cleansers and poor-quality make-up cosmetics, failure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene. At the same time, too frequent washing can also lead to the development of acne, as it dries the skin and reduces its natural protection.
  6. Frequent stress. Often, excessive emotional overload is exactly what causes acne on the face of people after 25 years. Under stress, the adrenal glands intensively produce hormones that trigger the onset of acne.
  7. Infection with parasites. Acne can come to the surface due to skin lesions — Demodex. A pimple that appears during demodicosis usually has a pinkish hue, accompanied by dryness, itching, peeling and reddening of the affected skin.

Listing the things that cause acne, it is impossible not to recall the hereditary factor and the influence of the environment, although these causes are less common than all of the above.

If small pimples appear on the face occasionally, then it’s not worth worrying about it — most likely, the source of the problem lies in the wrong face care or nutritional errors.

But if you have long overstepped the line of transitional age, and a rash appeared — it is acne on the face or severe acne — you should definitely get tested and find out what is the reason for multiple inflammations on the skin.

How to get rid of acne rashes

“I have no acne at all, what should I do?” This question has become relevant today not only for teenagers, but also for older people. It should be understood that eliminating acne does not work out overnight, and in some cases it may take several months to completely get rid of acne — everything will depend on how badly the skin is affected and whether the treatment is correct.

To effectively combat acne requires an integrated approach. This means that it is necessary to apply not only external cosmetics, but also, if necessary, to eliminate the main cause of acne.

So, with the appearance of abundant rashes, it is necessary to first examine the gastrointestinal tract and the endocrine system, and women should exclude diseases of the reproductive system.

Compulsory addition to the main treatment should be a diet. Even if the appearance of acne is not related to nutrition, the correction of the daily diet will still have some positive effect: healthy products can regulate sebum production and thus prevent the development of the inflammatory process. It is necessary to include in the diet as much as possible of fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, at the same time it is required to exclude too fatty and spicy foods, limit the consumption of flour and sweet and completely abandon alcohol.

Use any medications to combat acne is possible only after consulting a doctor, as the incorrect use of drugs in this case can cause deterioration of the skin.

Caring for problem skin

Proper care of the skin — the key to successful treatment of acne. First of all, it is necessary to use special cleansers for problematic skin, which remove excess sebum, dirt and cosmetics residues well. By the way, about cosmetics: a favorite way to mask a pimple that has appeared by «smearing» with foundation or powder only worsens the situation, clogging up the pores even more, so you should make an effort and refuse to use such cosmetic tricks.

1 time in 10-14 days it is recommended to carry out manual face peel. You can do it at home, but only with strict adherence to technology:

  • Step number 1. The face must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dead skin cells using a soft peeling.
  • Step number 2. Steam skin with a steam bath. To do this, boil water in a saucepan and, covered with a towel, stand over a capacity of 8-10 minutes. For better effect, it is allowed to add dry herbs to the boiling water — chamomile, calendula, wormwood.
  • Step number 3. Wait until the skin dries. Wash hands with soap, fingers wrap with a sterile bandage and light pressure from 2 sides to remove pustules and black spots on the face.
  • Step number 4. To prevent dirt from entering the open pores, it is necessary to wipe the face with tonic or water acidified with lemon juice.
  • Step number 5. Apply to the skin a nourishing mask with a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect (for example, based on cucumber, oatmeal or medicinal clay).

An excellent tool in the treatment of acne will be folk remedies. You can wipe the inflamed areas with fresh aloe juice or infusion of calendula, prepared from 1 tbsp. l dry flowers of the plant and 250 ml of boiling water. In the absence of contraindications, it is recommended to take herbs and inside. A decoction of nettle or burdock is best.

Nobody is insured from the fact that acne can jump out on the face. But it is quite possible for everyone to prevent their occurrence — for this it is necessary to observe simple preventive measures — to eat right, to care for the skin of the face carefully and to eliminate the diseases of the internal organs in time.

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