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Whitening face masks at home: quick effect and benefits

Whitening face masks at home: quick, effortless effect

Today, natural natural skin color and even some aristocratic pallor are in fashion, and mischievous freckles and other features of appearance have long since lost their relevance. In pursuit of a perfectly smooth matte skin and impeccable tone of the face of a woman, they spend a lot of effort, time and money, buy all sorts of cosmetics and attend expensive and sometimes unsafe procedures. But in fact, to achieve the desired result can be at home, using natural masks for face whitening from natural ingredients.

How do face whitening products work?

Homemade face masks, designed to whiten the skin, are recommended first of all to those of the fair sex who dream of bringing out numerous bright freckles, getting rid of noticeable pigment spots and hateful dark circles under the eyes. These tools will also help eliminate the effects of unsuccessful tanning or cosmetic procedures, leaving behind themselves irregularities in the tone of the skin. In addition, they are well removed dark traces that appear because of acne.

Whitening face masks at home really help to even out skin color, intensively affecting the deep layers of the epidermis and acting in several directions at once. Lightening compositions based on natural ingredients can enhance the production of collagen, clean the pores and saturate the dermis with vitamins and trace elements. Due to the complex action of such a mask, the skin tone is smoothed, the face looks fresh and rested, minor defects of the skin are eliminated. The whitening effect of the natural components that make up the product helps to significantly lighten freckles, completely remove post acne and reduce the number and size of age spots. A nice “bonus” will be a light lifting effect: most of the mask’s ingredients also have tightening and toning properties.

7 rules for effective face whitening

If you use whitening face masks, then at home, quick effect can be obtained only if the preparation and use of these funds will be carried out according to all the rules. To get the desired result and do not harm the sensitive skin of the face, follow these guidelines:

  1. Apply a mask no more than 1 time per week. Brightening facial formulations contain components with active biological substances, which, if frequently used, can damage the cells of the epidermis, cause irritation, dryness and flaking.
  2. Lightening of the skin should be carried out with courses — a maximum of 10 procedures, and then be sure to take a break for 2-3 weeks. After a course of therapy can be repeated if the need arises.
  3. It is necessary to carry out the bleaching procedure in the evening. This will protect the skin from exposure to sunlight, which, after applying the mask, can damage the skin. If you regularly brighten your face in this way, you must use sunscreen — regardless of the time of year.
  4. Using a mask to lighten the skin of the face for the first time, be sure to check if you are allergic to herbal ingredients. To do this, a small part of the finished composition must be applied to the inner portion of the elbow or the back of the wrist and wait a few minutes. If there is no itching, redness or burning, the mask can be safely applied to the face.
  5. In order for the tool to work evenly, before applying the mask, you need to clean the face with a tonic or milk, and then remove the dead cells with a scrub. After the mask is washed off, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with a nourishing moisturizer.
  6. Owners of the dry type of the dermis should be especially careful to use lightening agents, as they can dry the skin. To avoid this, you need to choose only those types of masks that, at the same time as bleaching, will moisten the skin well.
  7. Avoid whitening treatments if you suffer from acne and other skin diseases. It is also not recommended to use home brightening compositions, if the face has wounds, cracks, cuts.

Even the best masks will be ineffective if used correctly. But a woman who adheres to the recommendations on the preparation and use of homemade skin whitening products will begin to notice positive changes in her appearance after 2-3 procedures, and the full course will allow her to permanently fix the result.

How and from what to make the agent for skin whitening

Whitening face mask at home is prepared from simple and affordable components that can be found on the shelves of any hostess. They may include fruits, vegetables, berries, medicinal plants, and even cereals. Choosing a recipe for lightening means, you need to remember another important rule: the mask must necessarily fit your skin type, otherwise the effect of whitening may be much lower.

Summer is the most favorable time for lovers of such procedures. At this time, the easiest to get quality fresh ingredients for whitening skin. Many of them grow on the summer cottage: for example, the most effective brightening masks are tools made from garden strawberries, parsley, cucumber.

To make a lightening composition of strawberries, you only need to collect the fruits, wash and clean them from the stalks, and then mash with a fork and apply on the skin for 10-15 minutes. A huge plus of such a mask is that it is suitable for any type of epidermis, but remember that with these berries you need to be careful: they can cause skin irritation in people prone to allergic reactions. Instead of strawberries, you can also use currants.

Parsley also has excellent whitening properties. If you have oily or combination skin of your face, prepare a mask according to the following recipe: chop a bunch of parsley and to 1 tbsp. l herbs add 1 tsp. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. l small oatmeal and some pure boiled water at room temperature to form a thick gruel. The mixture is massaged in the face, avoiding the eye area, and left for 15 minutes.

The fair sex with normal or dry skin will suit a parsley decoction mask. To make it, you need to chop the parsley, pour a small amount of water and bring the composition to a boil, then cool and strain. In the resulting liquid, moisten a clean cloth with a cloth and apply the cloth on your face for 10-15 minutes, and then wash with warm water.

Cucumber is an excellent means of complex exposure. Masks from this vegetable not only remove age spots and improve the color of the skin, but also rejuvenate the skin, eliminating wrinkles and tightening the shape of the face. The most effective is a mixture of cucumber and honey. For its preparation will need 2 tbsp. l chopped vegetables and 1 tbsp. l nectar Lightening composition is perfect for any type of dermis, but will be especially useful for dry skin. Equally effective in whitening skin cucumber mask with lemon. For her, too, you need to take 2 tbsp. l grated cucumber, to the mass you need to add 1 tsp. citrus juice. The tool is best used by owners of oily skin.

To achieve the perfect complexion and get rid of the small flaws of the skin, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money and attend unsafe cosmetic procedures. The nature itself offers effective and harmless components for skin whitening, and the woman can only use them correctly to get the desired result.

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