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What causes dandruff and how to fight it

What usually causes dandruff

Dandruff is a problem that many people have encountered and face. Unfortunately, the unpleasantness of this phenomenon most often boils down to dissatisfaction with the disturbed aesthetics of hair, rather than worrying about problems inside the body. In fact, unwanted “snow” on the hair is a clear sign of health problems. So, from what appears dandruff, is there a panacea for dealing with it, are there proven methods of prevention — consider next.

Symptoms of the presence of this phenomenon

The fact that dandruff has appeared on the head is usually indicated by certain factors.

  • Formation of noticeable white scales on clothes in the shoulder area, on a hairbrush or on a massage brush, or on a headdress. These elements are exfoliated skin particles.
  • The occurrence of itching and severe irritation on the scalp.
  • The deterioration of the general condition of the hair, the manifestation of dullness and brittleness.
  • The appearance of red spots, large-sized scales and yellowish crusts on the scalp. Usually, these symptoms occur when the disease lasts a long time, or it progresses.

It is important to know why dandruff appears on the head in order to correctly select a therapeutic complex for eliminating the disease and improving the general condition of the hair.

Causative factors for dandruff

There are several provocative phenomena that cause the appearance of white “snow” on the head. The causes of dandruff can be very different.

  • Dry skin is a known causal factor in the formation of dandruff, especially when it comes to the winter season. It is during the winter that people neglect the use of a sufficient amount of liquid and often use devices for heating.
  • Fungi are common causes of dandruff. Yeast-like elements «settle» in the area of ​​the scalp and are found in almost all people. But sometimes their rapid reproduction occurs, causing irritation of the scalp.
  • Changes in the hormonal background entail the appearance of dandruff. Changes in the age type have a significant effect on the overall functioning of the sebaceous glands, therefore dandruff is often formed in adolescents and pregnant women.
  • The presence of seborrhea disease associated with the problems of impaired function of fat in the scalp. When the function is strengthened, sebum begins to be actively produced by the glands and dandruff appears.

So, we examined what dandruff is, and what factors usually entail its occurrence. But in the formation of this disease, it is necessary to pay attention to several other circumstances that may also lead to the appearance of a white “cap”.

Alternative causes of the problem

  • The use of water of increased hardness for washing hair;
  • the use of cosmetics, improperly selected by type;
  • overly staining or perm;
  • the use of a hair dryer for drying hair prone to dryness, breakage;
  • the use of thermal hair styling and hair styling;
  • insufficient amount of minerals and vitamins obtained by the body;
  • increased stress and depression;
  • the presence of associated diseases — eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis;
  • the presence in the body of hereditary diseases of the immune system.

Now I understand why dandruff usually occurs, and how it happens. It remains to determine the effective methods of its elimination, which will increase your self-esteem and make the hair condition much better.


Based on the characteristics of the allocation of fat, dandruff is oily and dry. The first type of seborrhea occurs with oily hair, and the second is excreted by dry strands.

Dry dandruff

Usually it occurs and does not pass for a long time due to reduced sebum secretion and excessive dryness of the integument. The scales in this case are small and the ability to easily move away. A small powder effect is created on the hair. The location of the elements is carried out on the entire scalp, mostly parietal areas are “affected”.

Greasy dandruff

It is formed in case of increased secretion of fat, when the scalp is too oily. The scales of such skin particles are rather large in size and are impregnated with the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Because of this, the phenomenon is accompanied by their bonding to each other, a strong attachment to the hairs and difficulties in peeling.

As a result, the hair becomes sharply greasy, constantly shining, a person may experience a sensation of an itch in connection with the clogging of fat excretory ducts.

Dead cells become noticeable in the event of gluing. In fact, one small plate has 500 corneous cells, usually this phenomenon occurs in the case of increased keratinization of the skin. Seborrhea can also appear in a situation where excessive dryness of the scalp is observed, as well as its vulnerability to irritation due to the use of low-quality shampoos. Appearing ailment in this case is usually eliminated on its own when calming irritation.

Ways to remedy the situation

Often failures in trying to get rid of the problem are due to the fact that there is no comprehensive solution method. Many naively believe that by changing the shampoo, they can overcome the problem. And someone takes a more «radical» decision and buys pills in the hope of getting a beautiful scalp. In fact, only the nutrition of the body from the inside and the adoption of comprehensive measures to eliminate the problem will be able to assist in eliminating seborrhea. Therefore, so that she could not appear again and disturb you, it is necessary to undergo special procedures.

Providing quality nutrition

It is important to deliver large amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to the cells and tissues of the body. There is no need to buy synthetic substances, it is enough to establish a proper nutrition mode, equipping it with vegetables, fruits, cereals. Eliminating from the diet of alcohol and tobacco, minimizing the consumption of flour, fat, spicy, sweet and smoked products, you can achieve amazing results.

Selection of hair care products

To seborrhea could not be formed, the impact on it of external factors also plays an important role. To do this, you must use special shampoos, creams and lotions designed to provide a competent and balanced care.

Acquire soft products that do not contain sulphates and dyes, they must contain anti-fungal substances and antibacterial agents.

The tool must be selected by skin type. The use of auxiliary compositions in the form of folk masks and compresses will speed up the process, dandruff will disappear suddenly, will not form again.

Respect for personal hygiene

Sometimes dandruff can be contagious, so you must follow the rules and principles of personal hygiene. There is a possibility of transmission of this disease through combs, scallops and other similar devices. Do not assume that getting rid of dandruff involves only a solution to an aesthetic problem. After all, a neglected state can be one of the reasons why hair falls out and baldness occurs. Only following this rule will allow you to make your hair exquisitely beautiful, and your scalp — incredibly healthy.

Features of the use of folk remedies

Instead of advertised new-fangled drugs, it is sometimes recommended to use folk remedies that are more effective and safe. According to statistics, only 5% of people suffering from this disease turn to specialists. The remaining 95% of «patients» prefer to be treated with folk remedies. If they are chosen correctly, the result will be satisfactory, and you will get the effect after a couple of applications.

Nettle dandruff

This weed plant contributes to the rapid renewal of the cell composition in the epidermis, since it contains a large amount of organic acids and useful vitamins. Also in the nettle there is carotene, minerals, tanning elements and volatile production, making it an indispensable tool for the beauty of the strands. To eliminate seborrhea is used indelible infusion of nettle.

The use of onions

A common natural antibiotic — onions — serves as a folk healer and allows you to overcome a large number of diseases. In addition to dandruff, it eliminates other injuries and diseases — dullness, breakage, loss. To use the mask, it is necessary to chop the bulbs in a mush, and then gently distribute it over the entire skin of the head. A cellophane cap is put on top.

Use of burdock

This remedy of natural origin is present in a large number of healing compositions for hair. Burdock has a powerful antiseptic effect due to the presence in the composition of tannins and regenerating properties. For therapy, a traditional root infusion or a special prescription emulsion is used. It is necessary to take the crushed root in the amount of a spoon and pour 200 ml of untreated vegetable oil. After two weeks of infusion in the refrigerator, the emulsion is used for rubbing into the scalp.

So, we looked at what dandruff is and how to get rid of it quickly, in order not only to solve the problem, but also to make your hair as beautiful and healthy as possible.

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